Cordial CLS 225/100M WH

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Professional Speaker Cable

The Cordial CLS 225/100M WH is a Professional Speaker Cable with a Cable cross-section 2 x 2.5 mm².

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Name Sommer Cable Elephant SPM525Stairville Speakercable 225 Roll 100mSommer Cable SC Elefant SPM 4025Stairville Speakercable 215 Roll 100mpro snake 54000Cordial CLS 225 TTCordial CLS 225 Black FRNCthe sssnake SSK 215 GRCordial CLS 215 Black FRNCAdam Hall KLS825 Speaker Cable Multicore
Description Speaker Cable, Multi-coreSpeaker cable on coilMulticore Speaker CableSpeaker cable on coilSpeaker cable sold by the metreProfessional Twin Speaker CableSpeaker Cable (Meterware)High Quality Speaker CableProfessional Speaker Cable (Meterware)Speaker Cable
Weight190 g / meter--------179 g/m
Amount Of Conductors5262222228
Core Diameter2,5 mm²2,5 mm²4 mm²1,5 mm²1,5 mm²2,5 mm²2,5 mm²1,5 mm²1,5 mm²2,5 mm²
100m Roll
Length-100 m-100 m------
Strand-50 x 0.25 mm-30 x 0.25 mm------
Conductor class-5-5------
Coat-Black, soft PVC-Black soft PVC------
Wire cross-section-2x 2.5 mm²-2x 1.5 mm²------
Diameter--14 mm--6.9 ± 0.4 mm8.0 mm-6.6 mm-
Weight per metre--380 g---108g-74 g-
Conductor design-----48 x 0.25 mm CU blank50 x 0.25 mm-30 x 0.25 mm-
Conductor resistance-----7.98 Ohm/km---

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The Cordial CLS 225/100M WH is a Professional Speaker Cable with a Cable cross-section 2 x 2.5 mm². The retail price is 140.84 £. Buy Cordial CLS 225/100M WH at Thomann UK.


Including100 m cable reel
Amount Of Conductors2
Core Diameter2,5 mm²
100m RollYes

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