Chicken Picks Shredder 3,5mm Pick review: specs & price

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Guitar Plectrum

The Chicken Picks Shredder 3,5mm Pick is a Guitar Plectrum with a Extremely hard plastic.

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Name Planet Waves Pick Rite 1RBK4-5RV-Picks DuetV-Picks Large Lite RoundedIbanez PPA1M-WH Round Shape Pick SetHense Plecs Happy Turtle OW Signature PickIbanez Elastomer Picks BEL14ST12V-Picks Shredder LiteV-Picks ShredderPlanet Waves JSCD-01V-Picks Freakishly Rounded
Description Training PicksPlectrumPickPlectrumPlectrum SetNew-type PickNovel PlectrumJoe Satriani Signature Pick SetPicks
StrengthSet1,80 mmHeavy0,751,51,2 mm1,50 mmHeavyMediumHeavy
Included in Delivery5116131141
Thickness-1.8 mm---1.2 mm1.5 mm, symmetrical, smooth edge cutting--2.75 mm

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CHICKENPICKS Shredder 3,5mm, 2er Pack
  • It is above all the material that makes a ChickenPicks® unique. This is a high-quality and highly resilient thermoset. It is an extremely hard substance - hard enough to make the ChickenPicks® durable even after years of intensive use. But he's smooth too... so smooth that a ChickenPicks® eliminates annoying and unwanted overtones while playing. After all, it's plastic! The density of the material gives the ChickenPicks® a greater mass. This bulk, combined with a precisely angled edge, makes a ChickenPicks® the perfect tool to enhance your sound and ease your playing. The precisely angled edge of the ChickenPicks® is crucial for the right tone and the perfect attack. Years of development has given the makers of ChickenPicks® the know-how needed to ensure that each ChickenPicks® is crafted.
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The Chicken Picks Shredder 3,5mm Pick is a Guitar Plectrum with a Extremely hard plastic. The retail price is 4.88 £.


Thickness3.5 mm
FormSmall jazz
Included in Delivery1

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