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The Chandler Limited Little Devil EQ is an Equalizer with a In 500 modular construction, English-style EQ consoles similar to the 1081 and 33115 vintage...

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Name JHS Pedals Panther Cub 500JHS Pedals 500 Series Tremolo ModuleZähl IM1Phoenix Audio Gyrator-EQ-500Zähl Rack 500 QuadAPI Audio 565 Filter BankFredenstein Bento 10DSFredenstein F603 AFredenstein Artistic LevelerChandler Limited TG12345 MKIV EQFredenstein F607 Monitor ControllerBurl Audio B1 Mic PreRoger Schult W2377 MK2Fredenstein F602Burl Audio B1D Mic PreIGS Audio Rubber Bands 500Crane Song SyrenSSL 500-Series LMC+Heritage Audio 2264 Jr.Fredenstein F601A Mic Preamp
Description Insert Master Module for 500 RacksEmpty Housing With 4 SlotsFilter Bank10-Slot Rack 19" Rack4-Band 500 Series EQ ModuleOpticalCompressorMono Equalizer in 500 FormatMonitor ControllerMicrophone PreamplifierEQ, 500 ModuleAnalog Tube CompressorMicrophone PreamplifierPassive equalizerTube Microphone Preamplifier500 series - 1-channel dynamic moduleMic Pre & Compressor1-Channel Microphone Preamp 500th Module
48 V Phantom power
Other processors
Power supply--+/- 15 ... 17 V,------+16 V / 110 mA (max.), -16 V / 80 mA (max.)--+/- 16V via api system-------
High-pass filter-----20 to 400 Hz (-12 or -18 dB slope)----------At 90 Hz with 24 dB / octave slope---
Type-----500 Module19" / 3 HE-500 module---500 module-------
Model-------Module 500th-----Module 500-----Module 500
Construction-----------API Series 500 Rack Format--API Series 500 Rack Format--API Series 500 format, requires a 500 slot--
Frequency range------------------20 Hz to 20 kHz20 Hz - 20,000 Hz

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The Chandler Limited Little Devil EQ is an Equalizer with a In 500 modular construction, English-style EQ consoles similar to the 1081 and 33115 vintage devices, Treble and bass shelf, Treble is set at 12k, while Bass allows you to choose between 50 and 100 Hz, Hi and Lo Mid +/- 18 db with Hi and Lo "Q" switching per band, Inductor based English style with 7 choices per band, Three positions for filters 47, 82 and 150 Hz & "hardwire" bypass. The retail price is 1228.68 £.


ConstructionAPI Series 500 Rack Format
48 V Phantom powerNo
Other processorsNo

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