Celestion G12T Hot 100 16 Ohm review: specs & price

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12" Guitar Speaker

The Celestion G12T Hot 100 16 Ohm is a 12" Guitar Speaker with a .

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Name Hartke 7-HG00526 SpeakerCelestion VT-Junior 16 OhmsCelestion Ruby 12" 16 OhmCelestion G12T Hot 100 16 OhmTraynor Replacement Woofer for K4Fryette P50E Guitar SpeakerMonacor SPH-100ALJensen Jet Series Tornado 12" 16 OhmsCelestion G12 EVH 8 OhmsCelestion Ten 30 16 Ohms
Description Replacement SpeakerGuitar SpeakerGuitar Speaker12" Guitar SpeakerReplacement SpeakerSpeaker for Electric GuitarHigh-end Midrange DriverSpeaker12" ChassisSpeaker
Size12"10"12"12"12"12" (305 mm)-12 "--
Power rating75 W50 W35 W-300 W-40 W RMS--30 Watt RMS
Impedance16 Ohms16 Ohms8 Ohms16 Ohms4 Ohms16 Ohms8 Ohms16 Ohms8 Ohms16 Ohms
Size of the speaker12"10"12"12"12"12"1"12"12"10"
Power75 W50 W35 W100 W300 W50 W40 W100 W20 W30 W
Frequency response-90 - 5500 Hz------75 Hz - 5 kHz85 - 5500 Hz
Frequency range--75 - 5000 Hz80 Hz - 5 kHz------
Sensitivity--100 dB-----96 dB95 dB
Weight--4.2 kg-----3.6 kg1.6 kg
Power handling-------100 W20 Watt RMS-

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Celestion G12T Hot 100 Guitar Amp Speaker
  • Celestion G12H 30 70th Anniversary Guitar Amp Speaker. Celestion Ruby Alnico Speaker. Frequency range: 80 - 5,000 Hz. These are amplifier parts and once they are used or tampered with they can not be re-sold.
  • Item location: NOTTINGHAM, GB


The Celestion G12T Hot 100 16 Ohm is a 12" Guitar Speaker with a . The retail price is 79.06 £.


Impedance16 Ohms
Power capacity100 Watt
Frequency range80 Hz - 5 kHz
Size of the speaker12"
Power100 W

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