Casio CDP-S100 Deluxe Bundle review: specs & price

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Casio CDP-S100

The Casio CDP-S100 Deluxe Bundle is a Casio CDP-S100 with a Digital Piano, 88 Keys with scaled hammer action (Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II hammer...

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Name Thomann DP-33 B Music2me BundleThomann DP-33 WH Music2me BundleThomann DP-33 B Skoove BundleCasio PX-870 BN Privia SetCasio PX-S1000 RDCasio PX-870 BN PriviaCasio PX-770 BN Privia SetRoland FP-30 WH Case SetYamaha YDP-S34 WA SetCasio PX-770 BN Privia
Description Bundle offer comprising:Bundle offer comprising:Thomann DP-33 BCasio PX-870 BN PriviaDigital PianoDigital PianoCasio PX-770 BN PriviaRoland FP-30 WHYamaha YDP-S34 WA AriusDigital Piano
DesignBlackWhiteBlackBrownRedBrownBrownWhiteWhite AshBrown
Wooden Keyboard
Ivory Feel Keyboard - -
Storage typeUSB MIDIUSB MIDIUSB MIDIUSB to Device, USB to HostUSB to DeviceUSB to Device, USB to HostUSB to HostUSB to Device USB to Host
Weight--37 kg34.3 kg11.2 kg34.3 kg-14.1 kg35.9 kg-
Colour--BlackBrown matteRedBrown matteBrown matteWhiteWhite ash matteBrown matte
Speaker---20W + 20W-20W + 20W2x 8 watts--2x 8 watts
Dimensions including stand (W x D x H)---1393 x 299 x 801 mm-1393 x 299 x 801 mm1391 x 299 x 798 mm--1391 x 299 x 798 mm
Dimensions (W x D x H)----1322 x 232 x 102 mm--130 x 28.4 x 15 cm--
Weight including stand------31.5 kg--31.5 kg

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The Casio CDP-S100 Deluxe Bundle is a Casio CDP-S100 with a Digital Piano, 88 Keys with scaled hammer action (Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II hammer action), 64 Voices polyphonic, 10 Sounds, Layer function, App function (Chordana Play for Piano), Transposer function, Metronomes, Reverb and chorus, 2 Demo songs, USB to Host, Headphone jack, Pedal connection, Audio In & Includes SP-3 pedal and AD-A12150LW mains adapter. The retail price is 419.48 £. Buy Casio CDP-S100 Deluxe Bundle at Thomann UK.


Loudspeaker2x 8 Watt
Dimensions (W x D x H)1322 x 232 x 99 mm
Weight10,5 kg
Wooden KeyboardNo
Ivory Feel KeyboardNo
Storage typeUSB to Host

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