Bugera V55HD-PC review: specs & price

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The Bugera V55HD-PC is a Cover with a For Bugera V55HD Infinium.

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Name Marshall Amp Cover C41Tech 21 Nylon Cover for B-112Tech 21 Gigbag for TM30Vox AC 30CCH CoverThomann Cover Line6 Spider IV 75Marshall Amp Cover C46Thomann Cover Line6 Spider IV 15Orange Gig Bag Dark Terror, JRT HeadBugera V55HD-PCBugera T5-PC
Description Protective CoverProtective coverBagProtective coverCoverProtective Cover for Combo AmplifierProtective Cover for AmplifierCarry BagCoverCover
MaterialImitation leatherNylon---Vinyl----
ColourBlack----BlackBlackBlack with embroidered orange logo--
Dimensions----26.5 x 51 x 46 cm74 x 58 x 28 cm----

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The Bugera V55HD-PC is a Cover with a For Bugera V55HD Infinium. The retail price is 14.39 £.


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