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Octavator Caps

The Boomwhackers OC-8G is an Octavator Caps with a For Boomwhackers & Set of 8 pieces.

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Name Boomwhackers BW-PGBoomwhackers BW-EG Soprano Expansion SetBoomwhackers OC-8GBoomwhackers BW-KGBoomwhackers BW-XTS BoomophoneBoomwhackers BW-CGBoomwhackers BW-JGBoomwhackers BW Set 03 in Concert SetBoomwhackers MG-BW Set 1 Move&Groove BagBoomwhackers MG-BW-Bag Move&Groove Bag
Description Pentatonic Scale SetSoprano Expansion SetOctavator CapsChromatic Bass Set BoomwhackersBoomophone Whack PackExpansion SetBoomwhackersTube SetBoomwhackers Set with 25 Tubes and BagSet comprises:Boomwhackers Bag

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The Boomwhackers OC-8G is an Octavator Caps with a For Boomwhackers & Set of 8 pieces. The retail price is 11.62 £.


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