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Dynamic Vocal Microphone

The Blue enCORE 200 is a Dynamic Vocal Microphone with a .

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Name Audix OM11 Elegance BundleHeil Sound The Fin Black/BlueAKG D5 CSSamson Q4Audix F50SHeil Sound The Fin BlueSennheiser E 935 Elegance BundleBlue enCORE 100Heil Sound The Fin Black/WhiteTelefunken M80 Oak
Description Audix OM11Dynamic Vocals MicrophoneDynamic Vocal MicrophoneDynamic Handheld MicrophoneSpeech and vocal microphoneDynamic Vocal MicrophoneSennheiser E 935Dynamic Vocal MicrophoneVocals microphoneDynamic Microphone
Weight370 g-320 g----400 g-387 g
On/Off Switch
Polar PatternHypercardioidCardioidCardioidSupercardioidCardioidCardioidCardioidCardioidCardioidSupercardioid
CableNoNoNo NoNoNoNoNo
Directional characteristic-CardioidCardioid--Cardioid----
Frequency range-50 - 18,000 Hz20 - 17000 Hz-50 - 16,000 Hz50 Hz - 18 kHz40 – 18,000 Hz50 Hz - 15 kHz50 - 18,000 Hz50 - 18,000 Hz
Impedance-600 Ohm600 Ohm-250 Ohm600 Ω--600 Ohm325 Ohm
Sensitivity--2.6 mV/Pa---2.8 mV/Pa at 1 kHz = -51 dB (0 dB = 1V/Pa)1.55 mV/PA--
Polar pattern----Cardioid--CardioidCardioid-
Peak SPL-----142 dB-147 dB SPL--

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Blue Encore 200 Professional Active Dynamic Handheld Vocal Microphone
  • EnCORE 200 gives you the edge to cut through dense live mixes. Stop compromising your live sound with ordinary mics. enCORE 200 is built with the strictest quality standards. It features a unique, durable finish and specially designed grille that ensures your mic will be left standing after ferocious live sets and brutal tour schedules.
  • Item location: LEIGH, GB
Blue Encore 200 Microphone Cardioid Active Dynamic Vocal Mic FOR PARTS REPAIR
  • Blue Encore 200 Active Vocal Mic. Might be a short in the wiring. Ring on microphone has separated. FOR PARTS OR REPAIR.
  • Item location: Lincoln, US
  • ENCORE 200. ACTIVE DYNAMIC MICROPHONE. BUT GOOD CONDITION OVERALL. Loans & Jewelry. We take multiple accurate pictures of every item listed.
  • Item location: Escondido, US
Blue enCore 200 Dynamic Vocal Microphone
  • Microphone Type: Active Dynamic (requires phantom power). Color: Black (gold grille also included). Polar Pattern: Cardioid. Weight: 0.88 lbs. Tech Specs.
  • Item location: Racine, US
RENAULT SUPER/5 11 ENCORE 19/I/Chamade/II/Mk/Cabriolet CLIO wheel bearing set
  • RENAULT 19 I Chamade (L53_) 1.9 D (L534, L53J) 1989-10 1992-04 1870. RENAULT 19 � Chamade (L53_) 1.9 D (L534, L53J) 1989-10 1992-04 1870. RENAULT 19 II Chamade (L53_) 1.9 D (L53J) 1992-04 1995-12 1870.
  • Item location: , LT

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The Blue enCORE 200 is a Dynamic Vocal Microphone with a . The retail price is 52.61 £. Buy Blue enCORE 200 at Thomann UK.


Polar patternCardioid
Frequency range50 Hz - 16 kHz
Sensitivity2.25 mV/PA
Output impedance25 Ohm
Peak SPL147 dB SPL
Dimensions185 mm length and 28 mm diameter (50 mm max.)
On/Off SwitchNo
Polar PatternCardioid

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