Blackstar SA-1 Super FLY Adapter review: specs & price

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Name the box Wheel for CL 112,115 SubBlackstar SA-1 Super FLY AdapterMarshall MRPACK00024Gallien Krueger Caster for RB CombosMarshall MRPACK00003Bugera FSB102 Fußschalter 1990DV Mark Rack Mount for Little 250GH/MFender Amplifier Jewel PurpleFender Red LensEngl Z16 Sound Wizard Module
Description Replacement CastorProtective Corners For SpeakersRoller4 Pack of recessed attachments (caster cups)2-Way FootswitchRack AdapterLight DisplayLight DisplayOptional Extension For The Engl Invader 2

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. The retail price is 11.88 £.


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the box Wheel for CL 112,115 Sub

Replacement Castor

Blackstar SA-1 Super FLY Adapter

Marshall MRPACK00024

Protective Corners For Speakers

Gallien Krueger Caster for RB Combos


Marshall MRPACK00003

4 Pack of recessed attachments (caster cups)

Bugera FSB102 Fußschalter 1990

2-Way Footswitch

DV Mark Rack Mount for Little 250GH/M

Rack Adapter

Fender Amplifier Jewel Purple

Light Display

Fender Red Lens

Light Display

Engl Z16 Sound Wizard Module

Optional Extension For The Engl Invader 2