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Electric Guitar Combo Amp

The Blackstar ID30 TVP is an Electric Guitar Combo Amp with a 128 User storable patches, 6 Voices, EQ with patented ISF controls, Manual mode, Master volume,...

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Name Peavey Vypyr VIP 2Blackstar ID30 TVPLine6 Spider Jam BundleMooer Hornet Modelling Combo WHHarley Benton HB-15GXD JamBoxPeavey Vypyr VIP 3Vox VX50GTVPeavey Vypyr VIP 1Mooer Hornet Modelling ComboFender Tone Master Deluxe Reverb
Description Electric Guitar ComboElectric Guitar Combo AmpLine6 Spider JamCompact digital electric guitar comboElectric Guitar ComboElectric Guitar ComboElectric Guitar ComboModeling Guitar Combo with BluetoothDigital Combo Amplifier For An Electric Guitar
Power40 W30 W75 W15 W15 W100 W50 W20 W15 W100 W
Speaker1x 12"1x 12"1x 12"1x 6.5"1x 5"1x 12"1 x 8"1x 8"1x 6.5"1x 12"
Memory slots16128369-4002169-
Effects Processor
External FX Loop
Line input
Recording Output
MIDI Interface
Connection for External Speaker
Headphone Output
Footswitch connection
Incl. footswitch
Equipped with-1x12" Speaker------Custom 6.5" speaker-
Weight in kg---2,9 kg4,7 kg-4,1 kg-2,9 kg-
Weight----4.7 kg-4.1 kg-2.9 kg11.3 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D)------354 x 208 x 313 mm-290 x 255 x 173 mm-

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Blackstar ID:30 TVP Great Condition
  • Blackstar ID30 TVP Guitar Amp in great condition, just used for small gigs. A great amp for practice or pub gigs and the emulated out strait into the desk give a great stereo sound on the effects.
  • Item location: STROUD, GB
Blackstar ID30 TVP Guitar Combo Amplifier - excellent condition
  • Blackstar ID30 TVP Guitar Combo Amplifier. Condition is Used. Selling due to university. Needs to be gone by mid September.
  • Item location: BERKHAMSTED, GB
Blackstar ID:30 TVP 1x12 Combo Amp - Black Vinyl Cover w/Piping Option (blac026)
  • This is a quality heavy duty vinyl protective cover for a Blackstar ID:30 TVP 1x12 Combo Amp. The picture of the Combo Amp shows what Combo Amp this cover is made for. The Combo Amp is not included.
  • Item location: Rochester, US
ROQSOLID Cover Fits Blackstar ID30TVP Combo Cover H=44 W=50 D=25
  • Hi - I'm Bryn Towns of ROQSOLID. Okay, let's do a quick comparison between the cheap vinyl covers most manufacturers provide, Roqsolid PowerCovers and flight cases Bryn, Lee & The ROQSOLID Team. The outer is a woven, man-made polypropylene which has a waterproof coating.
  • Item location: BATLEY, GB

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Blackstar ID:30 TVP


The Blackstar ID30 TVP is an Electric Guitar Combo Amp with a 128 User storable patches, 6 Voices, EQ with patented ISF controls, Manual mode, Master volume, USB connector (edit-record and re-amp audio), MP3/Line input, Speaker emulated output, Built-in tuner & GUI software. The retail price is 325.75 £.


Power30 W
Equipped with1x12" Speaker
Multi effects4x modulation, 4x delays and 4x reverbs
Compatible foot switchArt. 304879 (not included)
Speaker1x 12"
Memory slots128
Effects ProcessorYes
External FX LoopNo
Line inputYes
Recording OutputYes
MIDI InterfaceNo
Connection for External SpeakerNo
Headphone OutputYes
Footswitch connectionYes
Incl. footswitchNo

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