Beyma CP 350-8 Diaphragm

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1" Driver diaphragm

The Beyma CP 350-8 Diaphragm is a 1" Driver diaphragm with a 8 ohms & Aluminium dome.

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Name Beyma CP 380-8 M Diaphragmthe box Diaphragm 44ED25-8BMS 4590MF-16 Ohm DiaphragmJBL D8R 2418EV DH2305 DiaphragmEighteensound Diaphragm HD125-16Radian 1450 ZT-8JBL D8R 2418-1Eighteensound Diaphragm HD125-8Beyma CP 12/15/16
Description 1" Driver diaphragmDiaphragmDiaphragmDiaphragmDiaphragmReplacement DiaphragmDiaphragmDiaphragmReplacement diaphragmDiaphragm

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The Beyma CP 350-8 Diaphragm is a 1" Driver diaphragm with a 8 ohms & Aluminium dome. The retail price is 58.09 £. Buy Beyma CP 350-8 Diaphragm at Thomann UK.

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