Behringer NX6000D review: specs & price

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Lightweight 2-channel Class D Amplifier with DSP

The Behringer NX6000D is a Lightweight 2-channel Class D Amplifier with DSP with a Security settings.

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Name Crown I-Tech 4x3500HDCrown I-Tech 9000HDMackie MX2500Audac EPA 152Avantone CLA-100dB Technologies HPA3100 LExtron MPA 152 PlusdB Technologies HPA 2800ART SLA-2dB Technologies HPA 1400
Description 4-Channel High-Performance Power Amplifier2-Channel High-Performance Power AmplifierPower AmplifierDigital Power AmplifierStudio power amplifierProfessional 19 " Power AmplifierStereo AmplifierProfessional 19 " Power AmplifierStudio Linear AmplifierProfessional 19" Power Amplifier
InputsAnalog/digital via XLRAnalogue/digital XLRXLRBalanced XLR2x XLR female-RCA, 3.5 mm stereo jack, terminal balanced---
OutputsSpeaker TwistSpeaker twist, binding postsNL4Speaker twist and terminal blocks2x XLR male Link, 2x screw terminals-----
Height2 RU2 RU--------
Installation depth43.1 cm41.1 cm--------
Weight13.2 kg12.7 kg13.8 kg4.34 kg6.7 kg14 kg-21 kg9 kg17 kg
Power (4 Ohms) per Channel2400 W3000 W750 W150 W140 W1200 W15 W1050 W280 W740 W
Rack Units2 U2 U2 U1 U1 U2 U1 U2 U1 U2 U
Amp ClassClass IClass IClass HClass DClass ABClass DClass DClass HClass ABClass H
2 Ohm stable
Convection cooling
Power--500 W continuous power @ 8 Ohm per channel, 750 W continuous power @ 4 Ohm per channel, 1500 W continuous power bridged at 8 Ohm2x 150 W / 4 Ohm, 2x 80 W / 8 Ohm100 W RMS at 8 Ohm-----
Dimensions--483 x 88 x 303 mm482 x 44 x 330 mm-482 x 89 x 402 mm-482 x 89 x 402 mm-482 x 89 x 402 mm
Frequency range---20 - 20000 Hz----10 Hz to 40 kHz +/- 0.5 dB-
Connections-----2x XLR input with 2x XLR parallel out, 2x speaker twist out-2x XLR input with 2x XLR parallel out, 2x speaker twist out--
Format-----19"/ 2 RU-19"/ 2 RU--

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Behringer Power Amplifier Class D 3000 Watts 2ch Impedance Compensation Functio
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Behringer NX6000D Amplifier.... Price and full review

Behringer NX6000 D


The Behringer NX6000D is a Lightweight 2-channel Class D Amplifier with DSP with a Security settings. The retail price is 327.58 £. Buy Behringer NX6000D at Thomann UK.


Power2x 3000 Watt at 4 Ohm, 2x 1600 Watt at 8 Ohm
InputsJack and XLR
DSP FeaturesDelay
Crossover3 Filter types, slope up to 48 dB/octave
Equalizer8 Parametric, 2 dynamic
Dimensions19" / 2 HE
Housing depth320 mm
Weight5.9 kg
Power (4 Ohms) per Channel3000 W
Rack Units2 U
Amp ClassClass D
2 Ohm stableNo
Convection coolingNo

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