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Analog Desktop Synthesizer with Classic Design

The Behringer Model D is an Analog Desktop Synthesizer with Classic Design with a Analogue signal path (VCO mixer VCF-VCA), 3 VCOs with 5 waveforms, 24 dB...

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Name Expert Sleepers General CVRoland System-500 510Malekko Manther GrowlRadikal Technologies Delta CEP ADoepfer A-111-6Erica Synths BasslineMake Noise tELHARMONIC1010music synthboxErica Synths Pico System III ModuleMutable Instruments Elements
Description Eurorack ModuleEurorack ModuleEurorack moduleEurorack ModuleEurorack Synthesiser VoiceEurorack ModuleEurorack Module4-Note Polyphonic Synthesizer for Eurorack SystemsEurorack modular systemEurorack Module
Power requirement91 mA at + 12Vl, 27 mA at -12V75 mA (+12 V) / 60 mA (-12 V)-140 mA (+12 V) / 50 mA (-12 V)-110 mA (+12 V) / 70 mA (-12 V)----
Dimensions (W x D)12 HP / HP x 50 mm-----14 hp x 30 mm---
Width12 TE / HP20 TE /HP26 TE / HP68 TE / HP10 TE / HP14 TE / HP14 TE / HP26 TE / HP42 TE / HP34 TE / HP
Current consumption--300 mA (+12 V) / 200 mA (-12 V)---139mA @ + 12V, 10mA @ -12V-175 mA (+12 V) / 112 mA (-12 V)-
Depth-------Compatible with Skiff cases-25 mm
Power requirements-------+ 350MA (+ 12V)/-0mA (-12V)-+130 mA (+12 V) / -10 mA (-12 V)

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The Behringer Model D is an Analog Desktop Synthesizer with Classic Design with a Analogue signal path (VCO mixer VCF-VCA), 3 VCOs with 5 waveforms, 24 dB Ladder filter with resonance, High pass / low pass modes, Analogue LFO with rectangle / triangle waveforms, Monophonic tone generation with polychain capability for up to 16 voices, Noise generator, Overdrive, Semi-modular with 13 patch points, 49 Controls for direct access, 3.5 mm Audio input for sound processing from external sources, 2 Line outputs (6.3 mm) with different levels, 3.5 mm Headphone output, MIDI In / Thru and USB-MIDI & Includes power supply (12 VDC, 1000 mA). The retail price is 260.65 £.


Can be used as a complete Eurorack synthesizer voice (width70 TE)
Dimensions90 x 374 x 136 mm
Weight1.7 kg
Width70 TE / HP

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