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Semi-modular Analogue Synthesiser

The Behringer Crave is a Semi-modular Analogue Synthesiser with a VCO based on CEM3340, Sawtooth and pulse waveforms with pulse width modulation, Noise...

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Name Twisted Electrons Acid 8 MKIIStudio Electronics Boomstar SE80 MKIIAnalogue Solutions TreadstoneHypersynth XenophoneASM Hydrasynth DesktopSonicsmith Modulor A1Twisted Electrons AY3 MKIIVermona DRM 1 MKIII S/B Sides Case SetAnalogue Solutions Leipzig-SKetron Klavi Pro Piano-Expander
Description Hybrid Digital / Analog Acid Synth EngineMonophonic SynthesizerAnalog synthesizerMonophonic SynthesizerDigital Wavemorphing SynthesiserSemi-Modular Analog SynthesizerChip Tune SynthesizerVermona DRM 1 MKIII Silver/BlackMonophonic Analog Synthesizer with Step SequencerKlavi Pro Piano-Expander
Dimensions210 x 100 x 45 mm-134 x 125 x 52 mm328 x 167 x 50 mm440 x 223 x 70 mm100 x 60 x 90 mm140 x 100 x 45 mm---
Weight400 g-420 g1.3 kg3.6 kg350 g300 g--0.6 kg
DesignDesktopDesktopDesktopDesktopDesktopFootpedalDesktop19" / 5UExpanderDesktop
Sound GenerationDigitalAnalogueAnalogueAnalogueDigitalAnalogueDigitalAnalogueAnalogueSample Based
MIDI interface1x In, 1x Out1x In, 1x Out-1x In, 1x Out1x In, 1x Out, 1x Thru 1x In1x In, 1x Thru1x In, 1x Out, 1x Thru1x In, 1x Thru
Storage MediumInternalNoneNoneComputer, InternNoneNoneInternalNoneNoneNone
Number of Analog Outputs11122121012
Digital Output

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Crave Analogue Semi-modular Synthesizer and Sequencer Behringer
  • The Behringer Crave Synthesizer is an excellent introduction to semi-modular and analog synthesis with legendary synthesizer design and classic analog sound. And an even better addition to your set-up if you're a synth veteran.
  • Item location: BRIGHTON, GB
Crave Analogue Semi-modular Synthesizer and Sequencer Behringer
  • Lovely warm analogue sound with tons of patching possibilities.
  • Item location: DONCASTER, GB
2 Tier Behringer Crave Edge TD-3 RD-6 Stand
  • 2 Tier Behringer Crave Edge TD-3 RD-6 desktop synth and drum machine stand. 3D Printed double stand for the above semi modular synthesisers, may fit others also. Off set design allows easy power and midi connection access.
  • Item location: LEICESTER, GB
Behringer Crave Semi-modular Eurorack Synthesizer and Sequencer + Custom Stand
  • Complete with great quality custom made 3D printed stand (see 2nd photo).
  • Item location: PONTEFRACT, GB
Behringer Ultrapatch Px1000 - Multi Functional 48-point Balanced Patch Bay
  • BEHRINGER ULTRAPATCH PX1000. Maintaining order in the studio is so much easier when your cables are organized. This 48-point patchbay features high-quality, fully-balanced 1/4" TRS jacks.
  • Item location: NOTTINGHAM, GB
Behringer Crave Solid Oak Dual Angle Stand
  • Precision Machined Solid Oak End Cheeks for the Behringer Crave Synth. These cheeks allow you to have your Crave at 2 different working angles depending on your studio, to install these just remove the original end cheeks and replace using the original screws, takes 2 minutes to transform your Crave into a much more user friendly synth whilst adding a touch of class.
  • Item location: WHITBY, GB
 UNIWAVE Behringer Crave / Arturia Keystep Dark VALCHROMAT HDF Dual Stand
  • UNIWAVE Behringer CRAVE / Arturia KEYSTEP Grey Valchromat. This custom stand can hold a Behringer Crave on the upper tier & an Arturia Keystep on the lower tier.It is lightweight & easy to assemble.Every stand has been assembled & tested with shown units so may show slight signs of pre-assembly.
  • Item location: WORTHING, GB
Behringer Crave tilted stand/end Cheeks. Acrylic
  • These end cheeks tilt the crave to a much more user friendly angle for creating patches on the Crave. They're extremely easy to fit, simply unscrew the 4 screws that hold the existing end cheeks, then remove and replace with your new end cheeks, now screw them in using the existing screws. The whole process takes less than a minute. They're etched with the Crave logo, please message if you would prefer WITHOUT the logo. Please note, you are buying the end cheeks, NOT the synth. Many thanks.
  • Item location: HEBDEN BRIDGE, GB
 UNIWAVE Behringer Crave / Boog Model D Dark VALCHROMAT HDF Dual Stand
  • UNIWAVE Behringer CRAVE / Boog Model D Dark Grey Valchromat. HDF Dual Stand. This custom stand can hold a Behringer Crave on the upper tier & Behringer Model D on the lower tier. It is lightweight & easy to assemble.
  • Item location: WORTHING, GB
Dual Tier Stand for Behringer Crave & Arturia microfreak 2 - 3 dstudiofurniture
  • 3d Studio Furniture Dual Tier stand for Behringer Crave and Arturia Microfreak 2020 Black.
  • Item location: Sinalunga, IT
Acrylic stand for Behringer Crave (or Edge) plus one Eurorack Behringer synth.
  • A stand for the Behringer Crave (or Edge) synthesiser, that also supports a Behringer desktop style synthesiser on the lower tier. This makes them convenient to patch between the two, and also puts the lower synthesiser at a more convenient angle for use.
  • Item location: FARNBOROUGH, GB
Behringer analog semi-modular synthesizer CRAVE
  • Analog semi-modular synthesizer with 3340 VCO, classic ladder filter, 32-step sequencer, and 16-voice polychain. You can achieve great sound by freely setting the cutoff frequency, resonance, and modulation of this filter.
  • Item location: , JP

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The Behringer Crave is a Semi-modular Analogue Synthesiser with a VCO based on CEM3340, Sawtooth and pulse waveforms with pulse width modulation, Noise generator, 24 DB ladder filter with resonance, switchable between low pass and high pass, ADSR envelope, Analogue LFO with triangular and rectangular waveforms, Step sequencer with 32 steps and 64 memory slots, Arpeggiator, Jack matrix with 18 inputs, 14 outputs for enhanced sound and connectivity with other modular synthesisers & sequencers, Audio input for sound processing external sources, Poly-chain up to 16 devices, 3.5 mm jack headphone output, MIDI In/Out, USB-B port & Power adapter (12 V DC) and 6 patch cables included. The retail price is 141.19 £. Buy Behringer Crave at Thomann UK.


Dimensions (W x D x H)320 x 164 x 47 mm
Weight1.5 kg
Suitable protective coverArticle no. 477464 (not included)
Sound GenerationAnalogue
Storage MediumInternal
Number of Analog Outputs1
Digital OutputNo

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