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1" Driver

The B&C DE 45 is a 1" Driver with a 80W continuous program, 8 Ohm & 106dB (W/m).

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Name B&C DE500-16 OhmEighteensound ND1020Eighteensound ND1070Monacor MRD-160Celestion CDX1-1446Celestion CDX1-1745 8 OhmCelestion CDX1-1745 16 OhmCelestion CDX1-1425Eminence EPSD2002B-16the box ED 3401 Replacement Driver
Description 1” High End Driver1" Neodymium driver1" Neodymium DriverDriver1" Driver1" Driver1" Driver1" Driver
Frequency range1000 - 18,000 Hz-------1.2 kHz - 20 kHz-
Impedance16 Ohms8 Ohms8 Ohms8 Ohms8 Ohms8 Ohms16 Ohms8 Ohms16 Ohms8 Ohms
Load Capacity100 W30 W50 W60 W20 W40 W40 W25 W80 W20 W
Weight-1.1 kg-1.75 kg-2.3 kg----
Power rating---RMS 60 W-40 watts40 watts-80W AES-
SPL (sound pressure level)---109 dB (1W / 1m)--110 dB---
Transmission range-----1.2 - 20 kHz1.2 - 20 kHz---

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The B&C DE 45 is a 1" Driver with a 80W continuous program, 8 Ohm & 106dB (W/m). The retail price is 126.4 £.


Impedance8 Ohms
Load Capacity60 W

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