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Hanging microphone

The Audix ADX 40 is a Hanging microphone with a Max. SPL:130 db, 9-52 V Phantom power required, Incl. Cable 9.1 m (mini XLR - XLR), Phantom power...

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Name Audix ADX 40 WhiteMXL 603SAudix ADX 40beyerdynamic MC-930Superlux E524/DEV PL 37Neumann KM185 mtAudio-Technica AT4041Oktava MK 012 MSP6 Matched Pair BlackAudio-Technica Pro45
Description Hanging microphoneHanging microphoneCondenser MicrophoneCondenser stereo microphone with XY combinationSmall condenser microphoneCondenser microphoneMicrophone stereo pairCondenser hanging microphone
Polar patternCardioid-Cardioid---Hyper Cardioid---
Frequency range40 - 20,000 Hz-40 - 20,000 Hz-------
Battery Powered
Stereo Pair

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Audix ADX40 Condenser Cable Professional Microphone
  • This is a new Audix ADX40 Hanging Overhead Microphone. Product's pickup pattern is cardioid.
  • Item location: Racine, US
Audix Adx40 Negro Microfoni Da Studio - Permutiamo Il Tuo Usato
  • 9 -52 V fantasma richiesto. PERMUTIAMO IL TUO USATO ANCHE A DISTANZA!
  • Item location: Rende, IT
ADX Series Mini Overhead Condenser (Cardioid)
  • The ADX40 is a miniaturized condenser microphone designed to hang from an overhead position for applications such as group vocals, choir, theatrical production and room ambience. With a wide frequency range of 40 Hz - 20 kHz, the ADX40 provides natural sound with exceptional transient response.The ADX40 is supplied with an attached 30’ cable, external windscreen, wire hanger for positioning, and phantom power adapter.
  • Item location: Madison, US

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The Audix ADX 40 is a Hanging microphone with a Max. SPL:130 db, 9-52 V Phantom power required, Incl. Cable 9.1 m (mini XLR - XLR), Phantom power converter/electronics (APS910, mini XLR - XLR to XLR male), Wire hanger MC40 for the positioning of the suspended microphone, Wind shield WS20 & Transport box. The retail price is 198.06 £.


Polar patternCardioid
Frequency range40 - 20,000 Hz
Battery PoweredNo
Stereo PairNo

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