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Bell Tree

The Asian Sound Bell Tree BT-S is a Bell Tree with a Small version, With handle & Includes mallets.

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Name Gewa Alpine Bell d'''Meinl JG1R Jingle Stick RedThomann JS-WH Jingle Stick WhiteSonor GHB S Hand BellsSchlagwerk Jingle Stick Rapid BrassSchlagwerk SRT41Meinl JG1M-WH Jingle Stick WhiteLP LP477 Cajon Jingle ClickSchlagwerk Jingle Stick Rapid Carb. SteelGewa Alpine Bell f'''
Description Alpine BellJingle Guiro StickJingle StickSleigh BellsJingle StickClamp-Holder for Frame DrumsJingle StickJingle Add-On for CajonJingle StickAlpine Bell
ArtAlpenglockenJingle StickJingle StickHand BellsJingle StickJingle Bars For Frame DrumsJingle StickJinglesJingle StickAlpenglocken
Length--31.5 cm-35.5 cm---35.5 cm-

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Bell Tree

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The Asian Sound Bell Tree BT-S is a Bell Tree with a Small version, With handle & Includes mallets. The retail price is 119.49 £.


ArtBell Tree

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