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Hybrid Synthesizer

The Arturia MicroFreak is a Hybrid Synthesizer with a Touch keyboard with 25 keys, Velocity dynamic with polyphonic aftertouch, Digital oscillator with...

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Name UDO Audio Super 6 BlueKorg NTS-1ARP Odyssey FS Rev.2 ARP SQ1Modal Argon8ASM Hydrasynth KeyboardUDO Audio Super 6 BlackKorg Minilogue XD Pearl WhiteYamaha Montage 7Korg MS-20 mini Headphone BundleDübreq Stylophone BeatboxKorg Monotron DuoClavia Nord Lead A1 Case SetYamaha Reface DX Decksaver SetYamaha Reface YC Decksaver SetYamaha Montage 6 WhiteBehringer DeepMind 12 Case SetYamaha MX49 V2 BlueYamaha Reface CS Decksaver SetYamaha MOXF 6 Case BundleKorg Minilogue PG
Description 12 Voice Polyphonic Analogue Hybrid SynthesiserDigital DIY SynthesizerSynthesiserWavetable SynthesizerDigital Wave-Morphing Synthesizer12-Voice Polyphonic Analog-Hybrid AynthesizerHybrid SynthesizerSynthesiserKorg MS-20 miniStylophone BeatboxAnalogue Ribbon SynthesizerClavia Nord Lead A1Yamaha Reface DXYamaha Reface YCSynthesizerBehringer DeepMind 12SynthesiserYamaha Reface CSYamaha MOXF 6Analog Synthesizer
Stereo headphone output6.3 mm jack3.5 mm Jack---6.3 mm jack--------------
Audio input1x 6.3 mm jack----1 x 6.3 mm jack--------------
Dimensions (W x D x H)830 x 350 x 90 mm129 x 78 x 39 mm---830 x 350 x 90 mm500 x 300 x 85 mm--------822 x 257x 103 mm---500 x 300 x 85 mm
Weight8 kg124 g7.3 kg-10 kg8 kg2.8 kg17 kg4.8 kg-95 g4.85 kg1.9 kg1.9 kg15 kg8.4 kg3.7 kg1.9 kg7.1 kg2.8 kg
ColourBlue----BlackPearl White-------White-Blue---
Number Of Keys49-3737494937763711493737614949376137
Split Zones
Modulation Wheel
Number of simultaneous Voices1211881241281112481281281212881284
Sound EngineDigital Analog HybridDigitalAnalogueDigitalDigitalDigital Analog HybridDigital Analog HybridAWM2 + FM-XAnalogueVirtual AnalogueAnalogueVirtual AnalogueFM SynthesisModelingAWM2 + FM-XAnalogueSamplebasedModelingSamplebasedAnalogue
MIDI interfaceIn, Out, Thru-1x In1x In, 1x Out, USB1x In, 1x Out, 1x ThruIn, Out, ThruMIDI In/Out1x In, 1x Out, 1x Thru1x InNoneNone1x In, 1x Out1x In, 1x Out, USB1x In, 1x Out, USB1x In, 1x Out, 1x Thru1x In, 1x Out, 1x Thru1x In, 1x Out1x In, 1x Out, USB1x In, 1x Out, 1x Thru1x In, 1x Out
Storage MediumInternalNoneNoneInternalNoneInternalInternalInternalNoneNoneNoneUSB to HostInternalNoneInternalInternalUSB to DeviceNoneUSB to DeviceNone
Effects2Multieffect processor0-2Multieffect processorNoneNoneNoneMultieffect processorMultieffect processorMultieffect processorMultieffect processorMultieffect processorMultieffect processorMultieffect processorMultieffect processorDelay
Number of Analog Outputs21122224111412422121
Digital Output
AUX input-3.5 mm Jack----------3.5 mm Mini jack stereo3.5 mm mini jack stereo---3.5 mm mini jack stereo--
Sync input/output-3.5 mm Jack----3.5 mm jack mono-------------
Dimensions--585 x 466 x 163 mm-800 x 350 x 103 mm-----120 x 72 x 28 mm---------
Headphone output------6.3 mm jack stereo-----3.5 mm Mini jack stereo3.5 mm mini stereo stereo---3.5 mm Mini jack stereo--
Dimensions (W x H x D)-------1244 x 131 x 396 mm493 x 257 x 208 mm--802 x 92 x 260 mm530 x 60 x 175 mm530 x 60 x 175 mm1037 x 131 x 396 mm-830 x 91 x 298 mm530 x 60 x 175 mm1030 x 125 x 358 mm-
Connections--------Line output 3.5 mm mini jack, headphone output 3.5 mm mini jack, MIDI in, USB---------2x Line out 6.3 mm jack (L / R)-
2 Line outputs------------6.3 mm Jack, unbalanced6.3 mm jack unbalanced---6.3 mm jack, unbalanced--

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The Arturia MicroFreak is a Hybrid Synthesizer with a Touch keyboard with 25 keys, Velocity dynamic with polyphonic aftertouch, Digital oscillator with synthesis methods like Karplus Strong, Harmonic OSC, Superwave and Texturer, Analog state variable filter (-12 dB/oct.) with selectable lowpass, bandpass and highpass characteristics, LFO with 6 vibration modes, 2 Envelope generators, Modulation matrix with 5 sources and 7 targets, Arpeggiator, Step sequencer with 4 automation tracks and random parameters, Paraphonic mode, OLED display, USB port, Weight 1.02 kg & Includes 12V DC power supply unit. The retail price is 238.01 £.


Line output6.3 mm Jack
CV / Gate / Pressure Outputs3.5 mm Jack
Clock In / Out3.5 mm Handle
MIDI In / Out3.5 mm TRS jack
Dimensions311 x 233 x 55 mm
Number Of Keys25
Split ZonesNo
Modulation WheelNo
Number of simultaneous Voices1
Sound EngineDigital Analog Hybrid
MIDI interfaceMIDI In/Out
Storage MediumInternal
Number of Analog Outputs1
Digital OutputNo

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