Arturia DrumBrute Creation Edition

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Analog drum machine

The Arturia DrumBrute Creation Edition is an Analog drum machine with a Limited special edition in black-gold finish with shadowy imprint of Michelangelo's...

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Name Teenage Engineering PO-24 officeTwisted Electrons deton8Elektron Model:Samples Cover BundleVermona Kick LancetArturia DrumBrute Decksaver SetKorg Rhythm KR MiniMFB 301 ProArturia DrumBrute Creation EditionElektron Model:Samples Bag BundleRoland TR-08 Bag Bundle
Description Noise percussion drum machine and sequencer8-Voice Hybrid Sampler / Drum SynthesizerElektron Model:SamplesAnalog desktop kick drum synthesizerArturia DrumBruteCompact Rhythm MachineAnalog Drum ComputerAnalog drum machineBundle offer comprising:Roland TR-08
Sound SynthesisFM SynthesisSample-basedDigitalAnalogueAnalogueDigitalAnalogueAnalogueDigitalModeling
Number of analog outputs112113111321
Headphone Connector
Mains Operation
Battery Operation
Dimensions-140 x 40 x 90 mm-210 x 145 x 55 mm (W x D x H)---418 x 276 x 40 mm--
Weight-0.6 kgApprox. 0.814 kg600 g---2.58 kg--
Dimensions (W x D x H)--270 x 180 x 40 mm (including buttons and rubber feet)------308 x 130 x 51 mm
Synchronization options----Internal, USB, MIDI, Clock (1 step, 2 ppq [Korg], 24 ppq, 48 ppq)--Internal, USB, MIDI, Clock (1 step, 2 ppq [Korg], 24 ppq, 48 ppq)--

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The Arturia DrumBrute Creation Edition is an Analog drum machine with a Limited special edition in black-gold finish with shadowy imprint of Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam", 17 Analog drumsounds (2 separate kicks, snare, clap, hihat 1, hihat 2, Conga hi, conong lo, tom hi, tom lo, maracas, rimshot, clave, tambourine, cymbal, zap and reverse cymbal), Steiner-Parker filter with two modes (highpass and lowpass) and direct bypass button, Own controller for each drum instrument, Up to 64 steps and 64 patterns programmable, Song mode for chaining function, USB, MIDI In / Out, Mix output 6.3 mm Jack & Power connector. The retail price is 315.65 £. Buy Arturia DrumBrute Creation Edition at Thomann UK.


Synchronization optionsInternal, USB, MIDI, Clock (1 step, 2 ppq [Korg], 24 ppq, 48 ppq)
12x Line output3.5 mm Mini jack
Stereo headphone jack6.3 mm jack and 3.5 mm mini jack
Sync In / Out3.5 mm mini Jack
Dimensions418 x 276 x 40 mm
Weight2.58 kg
Sound SynthesisAnalogue
Number of analog outputs13
Headphone ConnectorYes
Mains OperationYes
Battery OperationNo

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