Ape Labs ApeLight mini - Set of 1

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LED Spotlight

The Ape Labs ApeLight mini - Set of 1 is a LED Spotlight with a With integrated rechargeable battery and internal radio module, Made in Germany, Can be...

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Name Showtec EventLITE 7/4Ignition Pico Wireless Tourpack 12Ape Labs LightCan - Set of 1Ape Labs ApeLight mini - Set of 1Ape Labs LED Mobilight 4Ape Labs ApeStick 4 - Set of 1Varytec BAT.PAR 144 RGBWADJ Mega QA GOVarytec BAT.Trusslight RGBWVarytec BAT.PAR 3 RGBW
Description Battery operated LED spotlightSet of 12 Battery-Operated Wireless SpotsBattery operated LED spotlightLED SpotlightBattery-operated spotlight with 3 separate LEDsBattery Powered TubeBattery Operated LED SpotlightBattery Operated LED SpotlightLED Trusslight RGBW SpotlightBattery operated LED spotlight
LED TypeSingle color LEDSingle color LEDX-in-1X-in-1X-in-1X-in-1Single color LEDX-in-1X-in-1X-in-1
Power supply100 ~ 240 VAC 50/60 Hz------AC 100-240 V at 50/60 Hz--
Power consumption62 W------28 W--
Weight4.5 kg-0.39 kg (weight incl. battery / batteries not included)--0.5 kg-1.9 kg-1.9 kg
Construction TypeUp-LightUp-LightUp-LightUp-LightUp-LightLED TubeFlat PARFlat PARUp-LightFlat PAR
Number of LEDs7101130144533
Power of the single LED4 W3 W15 W15 W15 W--4 W8 W8 W
Floor housing
Remote controlOptionalNot supportedIncludedIncludedOptionalIncludedIncludedOptionalIncludedIncluded
Wireless DMX
Housing ColorBlackSilverBlackSilverSilverWhiteBlackBlackBlackBlack
Battery life66888844--
Dimensions--136 x 55 mm-197 x 197 x 56 mm--253 x 227 x 140 mm--
Running time with two batteries and full light output------Approx. 5 hours, with single colours the running time is extended.--Approx. 4 hours, with single colours the running time is extended.

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The Ape Labs ApeLight mini - Set of 1 is a LED Spotlight with a With integrated rechargeable battery and internal radio module, Made in Germany, Can be controlled with the Ape Labs 2.4 GHz radio remote control or via 'wireless DMX' with the Ape Labs W-APE wireless DMX transceiver, The 15 W RGBW LED with the built-in 10 degree LED optic allows a variety of applications, such as classic up-lighting or as a decorative element for glasses and bottles, Control via pre-configured programs, colours and speeds, Sound-to-Light mode (via internal microphone that automatically adjusts to any volume), 4 Group management for control via remote control or W-APE, 4 Channels (RGBW 8-bit), 8 Channels (RGBW 16-bit), Built-in battery pack (NiMH), Splash-proof, Insulated electronics to prevent temporary penetration of liquids, Surface load weight of up to 70 kg & Housing made of high-quality stainless steel. The retail price is 162.6 £. Buy Ape Labs ApeLight mini - Set of 1 at Thomann UK.


Suitable effect tube for mountingArticle number 472109 (not included)
Multiple DMX modes3 channels (dimmer, program, speed)
Battery life8
Dimensions per headlight121 x 120 x 47 mm
Weight per headlight0.67 kg
Size of the bracket126 x 116 mm
Construction TypeUp-Light
Number of LEDs1
Power of the single LED15 W
Colour mixingRGBW
LED TypeX-in-1
Floor housingYes
Remote controlIncluded
Wireless DMXYes
Housing ColorSilver

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