Allparts Semi-Hollow Wiring Kit review: specs & price

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Wiring Kit for Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

The Allparts Semi-Hollow Wiring Kit is a Wiring Kit for Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar with a CRL (Centralab), CTS, Switchcraft and Sprague are original parts...

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Name Allparts Semi-Hollow Wiring KitEvh Custom High Friction 250 PotiFishman Fluence Standard PotSeymour Duncan Liberator Solderless 250KShadow SH124-250 Kill PotGöldo Push/Pull Pot 500KO SC A-logEvh Custom Low Friction 250 PotiGibson Poti 300kO Linear Taper ShortEMG 25K Split Tone (Solderless)EMG 25K Push/Pull Pot LS (Solderl)
Description Wiring Kit for Semi-Hollow Electric GuitarPotentiometerPotentiometers for guitar and bassPotentiometerPotentiometerPush/Pull PotentiometerOriginal potentiometer for Wolfgang GuitarsPotentiometerTone Potentiometer25kOhm Push/Pull Potentiometer
DesignNormal-Push PullSolderlessKillswitchPush Pull-VolumeToneVolume
Resistance Value500 kOhms250 kOhms25 kOhms250 kOhms250 kOhms500 kOhms250 kOhms300 kOhms25 kOhms25 kOhms
Characteristic CurveLogarithmic---LogarithmicLogarithmic-LinearLinearLogarithmic
Shaft (Length)9,5 mm-9,5 mm--20,0 mm----
Tandem Poti
Push/Push Push/Pull KillswitchPush/Pull Push/Pull
Shaft typeGroovedSmoothGroovedGroovedGroovedGroovedSmoothGroovedGroovedGrooved
Resistance--25 kOhm--500 kOhm (A-log.)-300 kOhm linear--

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The Allparts Semi-Hollow Wiring Kit is a Wiring Kit for Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar with a CRL (Centralab), CTS, Switchcraft and Sprague are original parts for many sought-after vintage US guitars., 1x Switchcraft long jack socket, 2x CTS 500 kOhm split shaft audio potentiometers, 2x CTS 500 kOhm linear tone potentiometers, 2x Sprague Orange Drop .022mfd capacitors, Fabric covered stranded wire, 61 cm (2 feet) long & ES-335 wiring diagram (English). The retail price is 47.65 £. Buy Allparts Semi-Hollow Wiring Kit at Thomann UK.


Resistance Value500 kOhms
Characteristic CurveLogarithmic
Shaft (Length)9,5 mm
Tandem PotiNo
Shaft typeGrooved

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Allparts Semi-Hollow Wiring Kit

Wiring Kit for Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

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