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Dynamic microphone

The AKG D 112 MKII is a Dynamic microphone with a Suitable for bass drums, electric bass, tubas & Successor to the D112 but with improved mechanics.

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Name Audio-Technica Pro 25 AXEV ND68Solomon SubKick LoFReQ Daru JonesSolomon SubKick LoFReQ WhiteAudio-Technica ATM 250DEAudio-Technica ATM250SE Electronics V KickSolomon SubKick LoFReQ TrooperAKG Perception Live P2Superlux Pro 218ASennheiser E 902EV PL 33AKG D12 VRSolomon SubKick LoFReQ BlackAudix D4the t.bone BD 300Audix D6Shure Beta 52AAKG D 112 MKII
Description Dynamic MicrophoneDynamic Large Diaphragm Instrumental MicrophoneSubKick MicrophoneSubkick microphoneDual-capsule microphoneDynamic bass drum microphoneDynamic Instrument MicrophoneSubkick microphoneDynamic bass drum and wind instrument microphoneDynamic bass drum microphoneDynamic bass drum microphoneDynamic microphoneDynamic Bass Drum MicrophoneSubkick microphoneSpecial microphoneDynamic bass drum microphoneSpecial microphone for bass drumsDynamic MicrophoneDynamic microphone
Polar patternHypercardioidSupercardioidEight--Hypercardioid----CardioidSuper cardioid------Cardioid
Sensitivity1.9 mV / Pa-----0.2/0.4 mV/Pa---------0.8 mV/Pa @ 1 kHz--
Impedance600 ohms150 ohms150 Ohm150 Ohm50 / 600 Ohm--150 Ohm--350 Ohm150 Ohm-150 Ohm200 Ohm-200 Ohm-210 Ohm
Weight270 g374 g--320g-468 g---440 g364 g----254 g605 g320g
Condenser Microphone
Frequency range-20 - 11000 Hz-25 - 3000 Hz40 - 20,000 Hz-20/19000Hz25 - 3000 Hz20 - 16,000 Hz20 - 10,000 Hz20 - 18,000 Hz20 - 10,000 Hz-25 - 3000 Hz38 - 19,000 Hz-30 - 15,000 Hz-20 - 17,000 Hz
Dimensions-143 x 60.8 x 25.4 mm--------128.5 x 60 mm-125 x 101 x 66 mm-----150 x 70 x 115 mm
Output--Neutrik XLRNeutrik XLR---Neutrik XLR-----Neutrik XLR-----
Colour--Gold SparkleWhite---TrooperBlack--Satin BlackBlackBlack-----
Size---7" x 3.5"---7" x 3.5"-----------
Design---Tolex wrapped fibreboard shell with integrated dynamic 6.5" microphone---Tolex wrapped fibreboard shell with integrated dynamic 6.5" microphone-----------
Directional characteristic---Bi-directional---Bi-directional-----Bi-directional-----

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Akg D112 Mkii

102.50£ 129.0£ 20 02d


The AKG D 112 MKII is a Dynamic microphone with a Suitable for bass drums, electric bass, tubas & Successor to the D112 but with improved mechanics. The retail price is 90.84 £.


Polar patternCardioid
Frequency range20 - 17,000 Hz
Impedance210 Ohm
Dimensions150 x 70 x 115 mm
Condenser MicrophoneNo

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