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Condenser Large Diaphragm Microphone

The AKG C414 XLII is a Condenser Large Diaphragm Microphone with a Successor to the C 414B-TLII, Now with 9 switchable polar patterns (cardioid,...

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Name Mojave MA-1000 MicrophoneJZ Microphones BH3Violet Vin12SE Electronics RNTSE Electronics T2 Pop Screen BundleViolet The JuniorCharterOak SA538BJZ Microphones BH1Ehrlund Microphones EHR-M1Peluso 22 251JZ Microphones Vintage 12Brauner Phanthera VOktava Mk 102 MSP2 Silver Stereo PairGolden Age Premier GA-251Avantone BV-12Oktava MK 102 BlackOktava MK 101 SilverAudio-Technica AT4050STEhrlund Microphones EHR-MBrauner Phantom V
Description Large diaphragm condenser tube microphoneLarge-Diaphragm Condenser MicrophoneCondenser Microphone CapsuleLarge-Diaphragm Condenser Tube MicrophoneSE Electronics T2Large Diaphragm MicrophoneLarge-diaphragm studio microphoneLarge Diaphragm Condenser MicrophonesHigh End Studio Condenser MicrophoneStudio tube large-diaphragm microLarge-diaphragm condenser microphoneLarge Diaphragm MicrophoneStereo pair of Large Diaphragm Condenser MicrophonesLarge Diaphragm Tube MicrophoneLarge capsule tube condenser microphoneLarge Diaphragm Condenser MicrophoneLarge-diaphragm condenser microphoneLarge Diaphragm True Condenser MicrophoneHigh End Studio Condenser MicrophoneLarge Diaphragm Microphone
Switchable polar patternOmni, figure eight, cardioid----------Spherical, cardioid, bi-directional-Cardioid / omnidirectional------
Frequency response20 - 20,000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)---20 Hz-20 kHz20 Hz to 20 kHz--------20 Hz - 20 kHz----20 - 22,000 Hz
Boundary sound pressure level120 dB with pad off, 135 dB with pad on--------144 dB----------
Dimensions194 x 51 mm203 x 51 x 28 mm---210 mm height, 48 mm diameter-203 x 51 x 28 mm53 x 95 mm52 x 225 mm----237 x 46 mm---60 x 155 mm-
Weight0.45 kg----440 g--185 g620 g----800 g230 g260 g-340 g-
Switchable Polar Pattern
Low Cut
Shockmount included
USB Microphone
Diaphragm-27 mm-----2 x 27 mm--25 mm---------
Frequency range-20 Hz - 20 kHz-20 - 20,000 Hz--25 - 20,000 Hz20 Hz - 20 kHz7 - 87,000 Hz-20 Hz - 20 kHz20 Hz - 22 KHz-20 - 20000 Hz--20 - 20,000 Hz20 - 18,000 Hz7 - 87,000 Hz-
Polar pattern-CardioidCardioid-Omnidirectional, cardioid, super cardioid, figure-8Cardioid--Cardioid-------Cardioid-Cardioid-
Output impedance-50 ohms-----50 ohms, S / N Ratio DIN / IEC 651--50 Ohm-150 Ohm--150 Ohm150 ohms---
Maximum SPL 0.5% THD at 1000 ohms-134.5 dB-----134.5 dB------------
Sensitivity---16 mV / Pa28mv / pa-31 ± 1dB--------16 mV / Pa-----28mV / Pa-cardioid
Max. SPL---151 dB-------142 dB SPL @ 0.3% THD--136 dB-122 dB (for 0.5% THD)---
Nominal impedance-----50 ohms---50/200 ohms----------
Maximum sound pressure level-----0.5% THD at 1kOhm 134 dB-------------142 dB SPL @ 0.3 % THD
SPL--------125 dB---------125 dB-
Length------------123 mm--123 mm165 mm---

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Akg C414 Xlii W/ Case

815.73£ 14d

Akg C 414 Xl Ii

733.34£ 11h


The AKG C414 XLII is a Condenser Large Diaphragm Microphone with a Successor to the C 414B-TLII, Now with 9 switchable polar patterns (cardioid, wide-cardioid, hypercardioid, omnidirectional, figure-8 + 4 intermediate positions), Improved detail above 4kHz, Lock mode to save the settings, Peak-Hold display, Status LEDs, 3-Way switchable bass cut filter (0/40/80/160 Hz), 3 Preattenuation pads (0/-6/-12/-18 dB), Transformerless XLR Output (FET) & Incl. elastic mount (H85), pop filter (PF80), windshield (W414X) and aluminium case. The retail price is 656.42 £.


Frequency range20 - 20,000 Hz
Dynamic range140 dB(SPL) max
Microphone capsuleCK12
Switchable Polar PatternYes
Low CutYes
Shockmount includedYes
USB MicrophoneNo

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