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Hybrid Moving Head with 300 W LED

The ADJ Vizi BSW300 is a Hybrid Moving Head with 300 W LED with a Beam/Spot/Wash LED moving head, Gobo shake effect on both gobo wheels, Motorised focus, Pan...

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Name ADJ Vizi BSW300ADJ Vizi Hybrid 16RXStairville 8x MH-X 20 BundleADJ Focus Spot OneStairville 6x MH-X 20 BundleEurolite LED TMH-8 Moving-Head SpotEurolite LED TMH-41 Hypno SpotShowtec Shark Combi Spot OneADJ Vizi CMY 300 LED BeamWashSpotCameo Auro Spot 200
Description Hybrid Moving Head with 300 W LEDHybrid Moving HeadThon Case 8x Stairville MH-X20Moving SpotlightThon Case 6x Stairville MH-X20Powerful QCL Moving Head SpotLED Moving Head SpotMoving head for spot and wash applicationLED Beam Wash Spot Moving HeadMoving Head
Beam angle18° - 26° in wash mode with frost filter--16 °-13 °----
Number of DMX channels17/20-----12/23---
Power supplyPower Twist input/output-----100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz ~AC 100 ~ 240 V at 50/60 Hz100 - 240 V at 50/60 Hz-
Dimensions (L x W x H)376 x 325 x 545 mm325 x 370 x 571 mm-197 x 221 x 360 mm--245 x 350 x 165 mm---
Weight22 kg23 kgApprox. 31.8 kg5.7 kg26.9 kg3 kg5 kg4.2 kg23 kg-
Power of the light300 W330 W10 W35 W10 W10 W30 W30 W300 W100 W
Rotating Gobos
Static gobos
Motor Driven Focus
Colour MixtypeColour WheelColour WheelColour WheelColour WheelColour WheelRGBWColour WheelColour WheelColor Wheel, CMYColour Wheel
Number of colour wheels2111101111
Power consumption-537 W-81 W---Max. 110 W398 W-
Light source-Philips Platinum 16R discharge lamp, 8,000° K - 1,500 hours------300 Watt LED bulb (cold white)-
Weight with MH-X20--Approx. 50.2 kg-Approx. 45.3 kg-----
Colour--Phenol brown-Phenol brown-----
Total connected load-----35 W / 75 VA70 W---
LED Type-----10 W QCL1 x 30 W COB white, 76 x RGB SMD---
DMX input and output------XLR 3-pin-XLR 5pin and XLR 3pin-

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ADJ Touring Case for 2 x Vizi BSW300 Moving Head
  • The ADJ Touring Case is a strong, protective and durable case that accommodates two ADJ Vizi BSW300 moving headlights. Specially made for 2 ADJ Vizi BSW300. Steel ball corners. Heavy-duty carry handle for easy transportation.
  • Item location: DISS, GB

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ADJ First Look! Vizi BSW 300


The ADJ Vizi BSW300 is a Hybrid Moving Head with 300 W LED with a Beam/Spot/Wash LED moving head, Gobo shake effect on both gobo wheels, Motorised focus, Pan 540° / Tilt 240°, Automatic pan tilt repositioning, 4-Button function display & Includes 2 Omega mounting brackets. The retail price is 1521.59 £. Buy ADJ Vizi BSW300 at Thomann UK.


LED light source300 W white LED
Beam angle18° - 26° in wash mode with frost filter
Colour wheel 17 Colours + White
Colour wheel 24 Colours + CTO (3200K) + CTC (5600K) + UV + white
Gobo wheel 16 Static gobos + open (including 3 beam reducing gobos)
Gobo wheel 27 Rotating, interchangeable gobos + open (6 glass gobos and 1 metal gobo)
Prism 1Rotating, circular 6-facet prism
Prism 2Rotating, linear 6-facet prism
Number of DMX channels17/20
DMX connections3- and 5-pin XLR input/output
Input voltageAutomatic switched-mode power supply, 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption @ 220 V345 W
Power supplyPower Twist input/output
Dimensions (L x W x H)376 x 325 x 545 mm
Weight22 kg
Type of lampLED
Power of the light300 W
Rotating GobosYes
Static gobosYes
Motor Driven FocusYes
Colour MixtypeColour Wheel
Number of colour wheels2

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