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LED Moving Light

The ADJ Asteroid 1200 Centereffect is a LED Moving Light with a Central beam effect with a total of 180 W RGBW LEDs (4-in-1), and infinite pan and tilt...

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Name Infinity IFX-615 Rotating Bar RGBWADJ Vizi Wash Z19ADJ Vizi Wash Z37Showtec Phantom 60 LED BarADJ Asteroid 1200 CentereffectEurolite LED TMH-14 Moving Zoom WashADJ Vizi QWash7Stairville Bowl Beam 604 Tourpack 2in1Eurolite LED TMH-7 Moving Head WashADJ Par Z Move RGBW
Description Movable Light Bar with 2 Individually Movable SectionsPowerful LED wash-light with zoomPowerful LED Wash-Light with ZoomLED Moving Bar with Endless Pan MovementLED Moving LightRGBW Moving Head WashlightLED Wash LightMoving head washLED Moving Head with Zoom
Power consumption250 W at full power--100 W223 W max. / 2.05 A @ 110 V, 1.02 A @ 220 V65 W305 W--242 W
Power connectionsPower Twist In- Output---Power twist input and output-----
Weight10 kg10.4 kg-8 kg22 kg3.25 kg8.5 kg--11.3 kg
Power of the light90 W380 W740 W60 W15 W12 W280 W60 W54 W200 W
Motorized zoom
Motorized focus
Rotating gobos
Static gobos
Number of colour wheels0000000000
Electronic dimmer-0 - 100 %0 - 100 %-------
Electronic shutter-1 - 40 Hz1 - 40 Hz-------
Adjustable LED refresh rate-900 - 25000 Hz900 - 25000 Hz-------
Gamma setting-1.0 - 2.81.0 - 2.8-------
Control-DMX and RDM (12/16/33 channels)DMX and RDM (14/16/17/61 channels)DMX (9/17/33/41 channels), master / slave, automatic programs, music mode--DMX, Master/Slave, Automatic---
DMX input and output-XLR 3-pin and 5-pinXLR 3-pin and 5-pin3-pol. XLR-----XLR 3-pin and 5-pin
Current input and output-Power-twistPower Twist------Power Twist
Power supply-100 - 240 V at 50/60 Hz100 - 240 V at 50/60 HzAC 100-240 V--AC 100-230 V, 50/60 Hz--100 - 240 V at 50/60 Hz
Dimensions-307 x 195 x 396 mm-590 x 253 x 150 mm--300 x 200 x 400 mm--306 x 218 x 448 mm
Light source---6x 10 W RGBW LEDs-12 W COB LEDs7x 40W RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs (Red / Green / Blue / White)---
Beam angle---5 °4°, 11° (Field angle)-----
Pan---540 ° and endless / tilt--630° / Tilt---
Dimensions (L x W x H)-----145 x 200 x 280 mm--175 x 175 x 245 mm-

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The ADJ Asteroid 1200 Centereffect is a LED Moving Light with a Central beam effect with a total of 180 W RGBW LEDs (4-in-1), and infinite pan and tilt rotation, Advanced lens optics eliminates RGBW shadows, Beam angle of 4 degrees for precise beams of light, Pixel mappable via DMX, Artnet or KlingNet, 12x 15 W RGBW (4-in-1) LEDs (up to 50,000 hours) & 3- and 5-pin DMX in- and outputs. The retail price is 889.05 £. Buy ADJ Asteroid 1200 Centereffect at Thomann UK.


Lux39,749 max.; 9056 Full on @ 2 M
Beam angle4°, 11° (Field angle)
Operational modesArtnet/KlingNet, DMX-512, Sound Active, AutoRun, Stand Alone mode or Master/Slave
3 DMX modes18, 20 and 64 DMX channels
Stroboscope frequency1 Hz - 20 kHz
Electronic dimming0 - 100%
Power connectionsPower twist input and output
Connections in a series5 Devices max. @ 110 V and 11 devices max. @ 240 V; Artnet / KlingNet
Power consumption223 W max. / 2.05 A @ 110 V, 1.02 A @ 220 V
Automatic switched-mode power supply100-240 V - 50/60 Hz
Weight22 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH)400 x 450 x 600 mm
Power of the light15 W
Colour MixtypeRGBW
Motorized zoomNo
Motorized focusNo
Rotating gobosNo
Static gobosNo
Number of colour wheels0

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