Adam Hall 87551 Rack Tray 19" 1HE review: specs & price

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19" Rack cradle

The Adam Hall 87551 Rack Tray 19" 1HE is a 19" Rack cradle with a Extra deep, For devices with up to 375 mm depth, Back edge is folded up by 10 mm for...

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Name K&M 28483Flyht Pro Rack Tray 3U 9,5"Golden Age Project Unite BIG Rack-KitGator GRW-SHELF2K&M 28482 19" Rack Tray 2UMillenium Rack Tray VesaVarytec Rack Tray MP-1K&M 28482-070-55 19" Rack Shelf 2USKB AV8 Rackmount HousingThon Rack Adapter 4U 30Adam Hall 8756 Rack Tray / RackwanneThon Rack Adapter 3U 30Adam Hall 87303 Rackbox 3UGolden Age Project Rack-KitAdam Hall 87553 Rack CradleAdam Hall 87409 19" Housing 3UThon Rack Tray 4UAdam Hall 87302 Rackbox 2UThon Rack Adapter 2U 30Adam Hall 87408 Rack Housing 2U
Description 19 "/ 3 U rack slot9.5" Rack TubRack Kit2U rack shelfRack TrayRack TrayUniversal Rack Tray 1HEUniversal 19 " Shelf19 " Rack MountRack Adapter 4 U19" Rack trayRack Adapter 3 URackboxProject Rack-Kit19" Rack cradle19" / 3 U HousingExtra Deep 19" Rack TrayRackbox with snap locksRack Adapter 2 U19" Rack Housing 2 U
Height3 U---------2 U------2 U--
Depth300 mm------380 mm-30 cm38 cm-20 cm--250 mm-20 cm-25 cm
ColourBlack--Black---Black----Black-Black, powder coatedBlack-Black-Black
Material-1.5 mm Steel-Steel----------1.6 mm steel-1.6 mm steel---
Weight-1.92 kg-1.2 kg--1.72 kg2.79 kg--0.8 kg--------2.88 kg
Inner width---------Approx. 43.5 cm-Approx. 43.5 cm------Approx. 43.5 cm-

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The Adam Hall 87551 Rack Tray 19" 1HE is a 19" Rack cradle with a Extra deep, For devices with up to 375 mm depth, Back edge is folded up by 10 mm for increased stability, Air ventilation slots in the sides, 1.6 mm Steel, Black powder coated & 1 U. The retail price is 17.12 £.



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