Adam Hall 1604TP Drawbolt small review: specs & price

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The Adam Hall 1604TP Drawbolt small is a Drawbolt with a Small size.

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Name Adam Hall 1632 KEEP Keeper PlateAdam Hall 1630KEEP Keeper PlateThon Drawer LockAdam Hall 1642 Cylinder LockAdam Hall 17370K - KeeperAdam Hall Hardware 17250 SPAdam Hall 17343 Overlatch ButterflyAdam Hall 17290TP Butterfly Latch mediumAdam Hall 17251S Butterfly Latch largeAdam Hall 16540Adam Hall 17283 ButterflyAdam Hall 17302 Overlatch ButterflyAdam Hall 17291TP Butterfly Latch mediumAdam Hall 17290LS Butterfly Latch mediumAdam Hall 1608TP Drawbolt largeAdam Hall 27095 Lid Stay with HingeAdam Hall 17233 HD ButterflyAdam Hall 17254TP Butterfly Latch largeAdam Hall 1602TP Drawbolt largeAdam Hall 17285 Butterfly
Description Keeper PlateKeeper Plate For 17302Drawer Lock For RackLock For Rack DrawersClaspLarge Butterfly LatchOver Latch Butterfly - SmallButterfly LatchBolt LockButterfly LatchButterfly Over LatchButterfly LatchButterfly Latch MediumDraw bolt with lockLid Stay With HingeButterfly ClosureButterfly-LatchLatch with padlock mounting holeV3 Butterfly-Latch
Height3.0 cm3.1 cm------------------
Width5.9 cm7.4 cm------------------
Weight20 gApprox 30 g----120 gApprox 230 g----230 g-70 g0.22 kg-450 g70 g-
Material-Galvanized steelPlastic---Galvanized steelGalvanized steel-Galvanized steel--Steel, galvanized-Nickel-plated steel,Galvanized steelGalvanized steelGalvanised steelGalvanised steelGalvanised steel
Mounting holes-Ø 5.1 mm--------5.1 mm-Ø 5,1 mm-Ø 4.9 mmØ 5.1 mmØ 5.1 mmØ 5.1 mm-Ø 5.1 mm
Mounting depth-------14 mm-----14 mm------


The Adam Hall 1604TP Drawbolt small is a Drawbolt with a Small size. The retail price is 6.98 £.


MaterialGalvanised steel
Mounting holesØ 3.5 mm
Weight41 g

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