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Active 2-Way Studio Monitor

The Adam A7X is an Active 2-Way Studio Monitor with a Bass reflex system.

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Name Quested V2104PSI Audio A23-M Studio BlackPSI Audio A214-M Studio RedPSI Audio A25-M Studio RedRCF Mytho 8PSI Audio A21-M Studio BlackGenelec 8331 WHGenelec 8330 AWMAvantone CLA-10APSI Audio A23-M Studio Red
Description Active Two-Way Studio Monitor3-Way Active MonitorActive Two-Way Center MonitorActive 3-Way MonitorActive 2-Way DSP Studio MonitorActive 2-Way MonitorActive 3-Way Studio Monitor2-Way Active Studio MonitorActive Nearfield Monitors3-Way Active Monitor
Frequency response100 Hz - 19 kHz +/- 2 dB, 88 Hz -6 dB34 Hz - 23 kHz (-6 dB)-------34 Hz - 23 kHz (-6 dB)
Dimensions (W x H x D)132 x 262 x 160 mm-166 x 446 x 200 mm----189 x 299 x 178 mm381.5 x 215 x 197.5 mm-
Weight3.5 kg20.2 kg9.8 kg26.9 kg16.1 kg12.8 kg6.7 kg5.5 kg8.2 kg (per monitor)20.2 kg
Speaker size1x 4"-2x 6"1x 10", 1x 5,5", 1x 1"1x 8"1x 9"2x 5,5"1x 5"1x 7", 1x 1"-
Amplifier power per unit (RMS)140 W250 W160 W300 W300 W170 W144 W50 W200 W250 W
Magnetic Shielding
Analogue XLR Input
Analogue Input (Jack)
Analogue Input (Mini Jack)
Analogue Input (RCA)
Digital input
Manual frequency correction
Speaker-1 x 170 mm / 1 x 56 mm / 1 x 25 mm2x Ø 147 mm / 1x Ø 25 mm--1x 210 mm / 1x 25 mm---1 x 170 mm / 1 x 56 mm / 1 x 25 mm
Power-140 + 70 + 50 W RMS120 + 40 W RMS170 + 80 + 50 W RMS200 W+ 100 W120 + 50 W RMS---140 + 70 + 50 W RMS
Tolerance-+/-1.5 dB (39 Hz - 20 kHz)+/- 2 dB (60 - 20,000 Hz)+/- 1.5 dB (38 Hz - 20 kHz)-+/- 2 dB (44 - 20,000 Hz)---+/-1.5 dB (39 Hz - 20 kHz)
Phase tolerance-+/-45° (220 Hz - 20 kHz)+/- 45 ° (270 - 20,000 Hz)--+/- 45 ° (190 - 20,000 Hz)---+/-45° (220 Hz - 20 kHz)
Max SPL (sound pressure level)-1m - 109 dB-------1m - 109 dB
Dimensions-280 x 500 x 340 mm-320 x 590 x 380 mm430 x 310 x 300 mm250 x 400 x 300 mm---280 x 500 x 340 mm
Frequency range--53 - 23,000 Hz (-6 dB)(32 - 23,000 Hz) +/-6 dB35 - 20,000 Hz38 - 23,000 Hz (-6 dB)45 - 37000 Hz (-6 dB)45 Hz - 23 kHz (- 6dB), 58 Hz - 20 kHz (± 1.5 dB)60 - 20,000 Hz-
Connections----USB port and XLR/jack combo input--XLR input, 2x RJ45, 2x XLR AES/EBU input and outputXLR / 6.3 mm jack combo balanced, unbalanced RCA-
Maximum level------110 dB (1 m)110 dB (peak per pair with music material at 1 m distance)--

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ADAM A7X Studio Monitors (pair) With ISO Acoustic Stands
  • ADAM A7X Studio Monitors (pair) With ISO Acoustic Stands. Speakers are in excellent condition, and come with a pair of ISO acoustic stands. Power cables included.Will ship to UK mainland only, any questions please ask~
  • Item location: CANNOCK, GB
Adam A7X - Active Studio Monitor (Single)
  • One of the most versatile and balanced speakers on the market, the A7X studio monitors are the professional choice for producers, audio engineers and audiophiles who want pristine audio. Musicians ears tend to put up with a lot, but luckily A7X studio speakers are fitted with an X-ART (eXtended Accelerated Ribbon Technology) tweeter.
  • Item location: LEEDS, GB
Adam A7X Active Studio Monitor Speaker - Black SINGLE
  • Sensitivity 106 dBAdam Audio A7x Active Powered Studio Monitor single. Type Studio Monitor. Colour Black.
  • Item location: CAMBRIDGE, GB
Adam A7X Studio Monitor Repair Broken INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING - trusted seller
  • Adam A7X Studio Monitor Repair Broken. Once a demo monitor now no longer turns on & we are unable to test further.
  • Item location: Richmond, US
Adam A7x Active Near field Monitor - IMMACULATE (FAST SHIPPING) - trusted seller
  • Small paint chip on back manufacture defect. Tested by us in a demo and sounds just as an A7X should. New Adam A7X monitor. The price listed is per monitor/one monitor. German built, superior quality.
  • Item location: Richmond, US
Adam Audio A7X Professional Nearfield Monitor - Mint - Original Packaging
  • Pristine acoustic quality with a flat response, Adam Audio A7X professional monitors are renowned in the audio production industry for their uncompromising performance. It is one of the most balanced and versatile speakers currently on the market.
  • Item location: Laguna Niguel, US
Switch Ignition for Adam A7, A7x, A3x Etc (Ref: 2397)
  • Ignition switch for Adam A7, A7x, A3x etc (ref:2397) Ignition switch Ignition switch for Adam A7, A7x, A3x etc Click the Postage tab above the listing description for more info Click the Postage tab above the listing description for more info! We accept PayPal on our all our items so you can shop with confidence. Simple choose the PayPal option when proceeding through the checkout. Mini Marshall battery-powered guitar amplifier (ref:4511) To contact our Customer Service Team, simply click the button here and our Customer Service team will be happy to assist. © Technical service dedicated to the repair and maintenance of tube amplifiers, transistor amplifiers, keyboards, organs, digital and analog mixing tables, DJ controllers, etc. Items must be returned within 30 days of the auction end.
  • Item location: , ES
Adam Audio A7X Active Nearfield Professional Studio Monitor - Single
  • It is one of the most balanced and versatile speakers currently on the market. The X-ART tweeter produces detailed, uncompressed highs and upper mids without being tiring over long listening periods.
  • Item location: GLASGOW, GB
Adam Audio A7X Studio Monitors Pair - Excellent Condition
  • These monitors are like new and dont have any scuffs on them. I have only owned them for about 8 months.
  • Item location: MANCHESTER, GB
Adam A7x Studiomonitor Single
  • The A7x Active Powered 100 Watt Studio Monitor Speaker from Adam Audio is an active speaker that has been specially designed to allow music creators to connect directly to a sound desk. Its total power handling capacity is 100 Watts RMS.
  • Item location: PETERBOROUGH, GB
Suspension Rubber Buffer For Opel Vauxhall Corsa D Z 14 Xep A 10 Xep Adam Swag
  • VAUXHALL 013189414 Original Reference OE. VAUXHALL 13189414 Original Reference OE. OPEL 03 44 956 Original Reference OE. OPEL 3 44 956 Original Reference OE. VAUXHALL ADAM (M13) 1.0 2014-07 999. VAUXHALL ADAM (M13) 1.4 2012-10 1398.
  • Item location: Vilniaus 30-asis paštas, LT
Shock Absorber Bump Suspension Buffer 27848 for Opel Adam Astra Corsa Meriva
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 27848. Opel Astra Diesel Convertible FWD H A04 1.9 CDTi 2005-2010 1910 110 150 Z 19 DTH. Opel Astra Diesel Estate FWD H A04 1.3 CDTI 2005-2010 1248 66 90 Z 13 DTH. Opel Astra Diesel Estate FWD H A04 1.7 CDTI 2004-2010 1686 59 80 Z 17 DTL.
  • Item location: DUDLEY, GB

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The Adam A7X is an Active 2-Way Studio Monitor with a Bass reflex system. The retail price is 470.41 £. Buy Adam A7X at Thomann UK.


Equipped with7" Carbon/Rohacell/Glass woofer and X-A.R.T. tweeter
Power100 W Woofer, 50 W Tweeter
Transmission range42 Hz - 50 kHz
Crossover frequency2.5 kHz
Maximum level (peak, one pair in 1m)114 dB SPL
Shelving filter high frequency> 5 kHz +/-6 dB
Shelving filter low frequency
Level control Input / GainUp to +14 dB
Level control high frequency+/-4 dB
THD (at 90 dB / 1m > 100 Hz)
Analogue inputsXLR / RCA
Input impedance30 kOhm
Dimensions (W x H x D)201 x 337 x 280 mm
Weight9.3 kg
Speaker size1x 7"
Amplifier power per unit (RMS)150 W
Magnetic ShieldingNo
Analogue XLR InputYes
Analogue Input (Jack)No
Analogue Input (Mini Jack)No
Analogue Input (RCA)Yes
Digital inputNo
Manual frequency correctionYes

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