ABM 2504g Bridge review: specs & price

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The ABM 2504g Bridge is a Bridge with a One of the best Nashville type single cut replacements in the field, Made in Germany, The ideal sound tool for...

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Name TonePros T1ZS NTonePros T1ZSA GPRS ACC-4001 Stop TailTonePros T1ZSA NTonePros TP6 G Nashville Bridge GGraph Tech PS-8616-00 Bridge SaddlesTonePros T1ZS CHTonePros TP6 C Nashville Bridge CHRaw Vintage Pure Steel Saddles ST-StyleUSAABM 2500s TOM Style BridgeABM 3022CA PRS Wraparound BridgeGibson PBBR-065TonePros T3BP-BTonePros T1ZS GGraph Tech Bridge Saddles GT863TonePros AVR2 2/GAllparts Tunematic Bridge NickelTonePros AVR2 2/CGraph Tech PS-8500-00Bridge Saddles GT850Raw Vintage Pure Steel Saddles ST-Style
Description Tailpiece for Tune-o-Matic BridgeTailpiece for Tune-o-Matic BridgeStop tailTailpiece for Tune-o-Matic BridgeBridgeBridge saddlesTailpiece for Tune-o-Matic BridgeBridgeST-Style USA SaddlesNashville TOM-style Electric Guitar BridgeWraparound BridgeBridgeGuitar BridgeTailpiece for Tune-o-Matic bridgeSpare saddles for Epiphone bridgesTune-o-matic bridgeTuneomatic BridgeTune-O-Matic bridgeSpare Parts for Nashville BridgeSt-Style Goto String Saddle
Bolt spacing82 mm (3 2/8")82 mm (3 2/8")-82 mm (3 2/8")--82 mm (3 2/8")------82 mm (3 2/8")------
FinishNickelGolden-Nickel--Chrome--Stainless steel---Golden------
DesignTune-O-MaticTune-O-MaticStop TailTune-O-MaticNashville BridgeSingle SaddleTune-O-MaticTune-O-MaticSaddleTune-O-MaticBridge, String HolderTune-O-MaticTune-O-MaticTune-O-MaticLugs, Tune-o-maticTune-O-MaticTune-O-MaticTune-O-MaticSaddle, Nashville BridgeST-Style
Single Rider
String Holder
Bridge width----74.42 mm--74.42 mm------------
Pin spacing---------74 mm81 mm-2.913" = 7.4 cm-------
String spacing------------10.4 mm---52.4 mm (2 1/16")---
Dimensions (W x H x D)--------------9.26 x 7.36 x 3.88 mm---8.72 x 11.02 x 2.72 mm-
Bolt distance---------------7.36 cm73.8 mm (2 29/32")7.36 cm--


The ABM 2504g Bridge is a Bridge with a One of the best Nashville type single cut replacements in the field, Made in Germany, The ideal sound tool for professional single cut tuning, 100% Compatible with the original, High-quality machined model, Made from solid bell brass, Minimal manufacturing tolerances, Very quick response, healthy bass tone, clear highs, lively overtones and long-lasting sustain, Much more assertive than a simple diecast bridge!, Ideally used in combination with the ABM 3020- (even more sound and shifting overtones), or the 3020a tailpiece (open high-end guitar sound), Expanded adjustment of the intonation & Includes steel mounting studs and brass impact sleeves. The retail price is 89.62 £.


SurfaceHigh-gloss 24 carat gold
DesignNashville Bridge
Single RiderYes
String HolderNo

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