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The 9.solutions Barracuda clamp is a Clamp with a Offers more flexibility and innovation than any other clamp on the market, Whether round, square, or flat,...

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Name 9.solutions QM Receiver to Handle BarDoughty T57104Doughty T58756 Claw Clamp9.solutions Action Camera Flat Clamp9.solutions Barracuda clampEurolite TH-2SC Quick-Lock Coupler SL9.solutions Python clamp snap-in socketOn-Stage LTA4770 Clamp Cable Managment9.solutions Python clamp9.solutions Grip Joint
Description Quick Mount Receiver for Bicycles/Motorbikes and Round TubesParallel CouplerClick clampFlat ClampClampQuick linkQuick Mount ClampHook set with cable management systemClampConnector
Mounting types1 X Quick mount receiver, 1 x tube clamp (26 - 30 mm)--2x 1/4"-20 Insert nuts--1x 5/8 "(16 mm) quick mount-Fits M10 or 3/8" threaded rods-
Weight57 g1.3 kg0.39 kg83 g550 g0.56 kg485 g-410 g95 g
Construction TypeHalf CouplerDouble ClampClaw ClampClampUniversal ClampUniversal ClampClampC- HookClampClamp
Holder size26 mm – 30 mm48 mm – 51 mm48 mm0 mm0 mm – 60 mm13 mm – 55 mm0 mm – 50 mm29 mm – 40 mm0 mm – 50 mm10 mm – 16 mm
Mounting TypeMiscellaneousDouble ClampMiscellaneousFor ScrewsFor ScrewsUniversalUniversalFor ScrewsMiscellaneousMiscellaneous
Suitable for 20 mm pipe
Suitable for 30 mm pipe
Suitable for 35 mm pipe
Suitable for 50 mm pipe
Suitable for 60 mm pipe
Suitable for 80 mm pipe
Max. Load Capacity-750,0 kg--20,0 kg15,0 kg20,0 kg-20,0 kg5,0 kg
Max. load capacity----20 kg-20 kg-20 kg-
Clamps diameters------0 x 50 mm-0 x 50 mm-

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The 9.solutions Barracuda clamp is a Clamp with a Offers more flexibility and innovation than any other clamp on the market, Whether round, square, or flat, the Barracuda Clamp will open wider and bite with more force than the competition, Its unique mouth design allows it to clamp onto different shaped objects without any additional pieces, The clamping pressure is more evenly distributed comparing to other clamps & It also features a true snap-in socket that locks down when a pin is inserted, allowing you to hang equipment with one hand. The retail price is 33.47 £.


Clamping range0 - 60 mm
Max. load capacity20 kg
Weight550 g
Construction TypeUniversal Clamp
Holder size0 mm – 60 mm
Max. Load Capacity20,0 kg
Mounting TypeFor Screws
Suitable for 20 mm pipeYes
Suitable for 30 mm pipeYes
Suitable for 35 mm pipeYes
Suitable for 50 mm pipeYes
Suitable for 60 mm pipeYes
Suitable for 80 mm pipeNo

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