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3/8" Clamp

The 9.solutions 3/8" Gag is a 3/8" Clamp with a .

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Name 9.solutions Adhesive Tape (set of 4)SKB 3I-1711-6GP6 GoPro9.solutions 3/8"-16 Thread-on QM Receiver9.solutions QM Receiver to 3/8" Gag9.solutions GoPro Thump Screws (Set of 2)9.solutions QM Receiver Adhesive Plate9.solutions Ready for Action Grip Bundle 2GoPro Removable Instrument MountSKB 3I-0705-3GP1 GoPro9.solutions Large Tube Mount 30-60mm
Description Adhesive PadsTransport Case3/8"-16 Screw AttachmentQuick mount transducer on 3/8" clampSet of 2 GoPro screwsQuick Mount Transducer to Adhesive Plate9.solutions QM Angle JointRemovable Instrument HolderTransport CasePipe Clamp
Weight3g Per piece3.36 kg14 g39 g20 g each57 g11 g-0.54 kg236 g
Mounting types---1x Quick mount, 1x 3/8" (10mm) clamp-1x QuickMount receiver (e.g. for a GoPro adapter), 1x adhesive plate----

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The 9.solutions 3/8" Gag is a 3/8" Clamp with a . The retail price is 16.06 £. Buy 9.solutions 3/8" Gag at Thomann UK.


Mounting types2x 3/8" (10 mm) clamp
Weight61 g

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