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Ernie Ball 2821 Power Slinky

String Set for 5 String Electric Bass


Power Slinky, Nickel

DR Strings Black Beauties BKB5-45

Strings For Electric Bass


Completely black

Daddario EXL160-5

String Set For Electric Bass


For 5-string, Regular / Long Scale, Nickel Round wound, Very balanced and natural sound, For almost any musical direction

Daddario ETB92-5

String Set


For 5-string electric bass, Tape wound Black Nylon, Long scale

Elixir 045-125 5 String Set

Elixir Nanoweb Long Scale


Electric - Bass Strings

DR Strings DDT-5-55

String Set For 5-String Electric Bass


For long scale scale, Round wound, Hexagonal core, Made in USA

Rotosound RS665LB Swing Bass

String Set For 5-String Electric Bass


Long scale, Stainless steel

Daddario EPS160-5

String Set For 5 String Electric Bass


Medium Gauge ProSteel, ProSteels are D'Addario's brightest and most magnetic bass strings, A special alloy provides rich, brilliant trebles with...

La Bella 760N-B DT Bass Black Nylon M

String Set For 5-String Electric Bass


Long Scale, Black nylon tape wrapping with extra smooth surface, Packaged in a modified atmosphere to prevent tarnishing and maintain freshness,...

Fender 7250 5L

Bass Strings For 5-String Bass


Super Bass Nickel Plated Steel, Long scale 34 "

Fodera 5-String High C Set Light N

String Set For 5-String Electric Bass


Light, Nickel Roundwound, Long scale

Warwick 41301 M Yellow Label

String Set For Electric Bass


Yellow Label, For 5-string, Long scale, Handmade, Nickel, Medium gauge

Fodera 5-String Set Medium - High C

String Set For 5-String Electric Bass


Medium - High C, Stainless Steel Round wound, Long scale

Warwick 40310 ML Black Label

String Set


For electric bass, 5-string, High C, Long Scale

Warwick 40311 M Black Label

Strings Set


For 5-string electric bass, High C, Long scale

Pyramid Black Tape Nylon Set 648/5

String Set for 5-String Acoustic and Fretless Basses


Long scale, The strings consist of a magnetic core and are wound with a black nylon flat wire, They provide an excellent tone with an easy response...