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EMG J5 Set

Active pickup set


For 5-string J-Style electric bass, The original EMG J set for 5 string bass, which became an immediate success with its harmonic overtones,...

Seymour Duncan SJ5-3S J-Set

Pickup Set


Quarter pound for 5-string J-style bass®, SJ5-3 High-output true single-coil, Perfect for blues, classic rock, garage, heavy rock and nu metal

Bartolini BA 59J1 Set

Pickup Set for 5-String BassThe Bartolinis have long since won the reputation of the insider's tip in the field of the bass pickups - which really makes them no longer unknown.


Full-range, Jazz bass split coils, Noiseless

Seymour Duncan Apollo J-Bass 5 67/70 Set



Passive humbucking pickup set for 5-string jazz bass, Split coil design in the jazz bass pickup format, Vintage output, Alnico 5 rod magnets,...

Seymour Duncan SJ5-3N

Pickup for five-string Electric Bass


J-Style pickup quarter pound for 5-string J-style bass, Perfect for blues, classic rock, garage, heavy rock and nu metal

Lollar J-Bass 5S Set

Pickup Set for 5-String J-Style Electric Bass


2 Single coils, Full, clear sound, Reverse-wound, reverse-polarity (RWRP) technology for humming suppression when both pickups are combined, Shed...

Aguilar AG 5J-HC

J-Style Bass Set Neck & Bridge


Hum-canceling, No typical single coil hum, Alnico V magnet

DiMarzio DP549

Ultra J-Style Pickup SetDiMarzio was the first company to produce replacement pickups for electric guitars and basses and has been able to maintain its position since the early 70s through a successful mixture of tradition and innovation.


Pickup for 5 string bass guitar, Set for bridge & neck position, Wiring 2 conductor, Magnet alnico 5 & ceramic

Bartolini BA 57 J1 Set

5 Saiter Bass Pickup Set


Original series, For American J-bass, Suitable for bridge & neck position, Full range J-bass