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EMG J5 Set

Active pickup set


For 5-string J-Style electric bass, The original EMG J set for 5 string bass, which became an immediate success with its harmonic overtones,...

EMG SPC Presence Control

Presence Control Poti


For electric guitar, Active mid boost (6dB at 1300Hz) with simultaneous high frequency attenuation, For EMG and passive pickups

Seymour Duncan SJ5-3S J-Set

Pickup Set


Quarter pound for 5-string J-style bass®, SJ5-3 High-output true single-coil, Perfect for blues, classic rock, garage, heavy rock and nu metal

Fishman Tune-O-Matic Powerbridge SC

E-Guitar Bridge


Tune-o-matic bridge for single cut style guitars, With integrated passive piezo sampling system, Chrome-plated

Bartolini BA 59J1 Set

Pickup Set for 5-String BassThe Bartolinis have long since won the reputation of the insider's tip in the field of the bass pickups - which really makes them no longer unknown.


Full-range, Jazz bass split coils, Noiseless


Preamp / Booster Circuit


Suitable for guitars and basses, Boost 0 - 20 dB, 1 Mini switch circuit

Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound 5 BK



F-style, Passive split coil pickup for 5-string precision bass, Vintage output, 0.25" Alnico V rod magnets, 14 kOhm DC resistance, Two-wire...

Seymour Duncan Apollo J-Bass 5 67/70 Set



Passive humbucking pickup set for 5-string jazz bass, Split coil design in the jazz bass pickup format, Vintage output, Alnico 5 rod magnets,...

Seymour Duncan SJ5-3N

Pickup for five-string Electric Bass


J-Style pickup quarter pound for 5-string J-style bass, Perfect for blues, classic rock, garage, heavy rock and nu metal

Lollar J-Bass 5S Set

Pickup Set for 5-String J-Style Electric Bass


2 Single coils, Full, clear sound, Reverse-wound, reverse-polarity (RWRP) technology for humming suppression when both pickups are combined, Shed...


New push / pull booster


Up to 20 dB controllable output power, For all sounds, For all EMG and passive pickups

Fishman Powerchip

Preamp Mount


Active volume pot with circuit, Combination or splitting of piezo and magnetic pickups, Mono or stereo assignable, 9-Pin output jack



Single coil, Suitbale for guitars with steel strings, Passive, noise-free design (no preamp required), Maple housing, Easy installation, Fits all...

Aguilar AG 5J-HC

J-Style Bass Set Neck & Bridge


Hum-canceling, No typical single coil hum, Alnico V magnet

DiMarzio DP549

Ultra J-Style Pickup SetDiMarzio was the first company to produce replacement pickups for electric guitars and basses and has been able to maintain its position since the early 70s through a successful mixture of tradition and innovation.


Pickup for 5 string bass guitar, Set for bridge & neck position, Wiring 2 conductor, Magnet alnico 5 & ceramic

EMG EXG Expander

Guitar Expander circuit


1 potentiometer with circuit for raising the treble and bass, Simultaneous lowering of the mids

EMG RPC Peak Control


Single coil, Suitbale for guitars with steel strings, Passive, noise-free design (no preamp required), Maple housing, Easy installation, Fits all...

Bartolini BA 57 J1 Set

5 Saiter Bass Pickup Set


Original series, For American J-bass, Suitable for bridge & neck position, Full range J-bass

Gibson 57 Classic Vintage NC



Humbucker, The ultimate reissue of the legendary PAF, Clear, bluesy sound to fat, sustain-rich lead sound, Nickel cover

DiMarzio DP384BK



For T-style guitars, Suitable for bridge position, Humbucker in single coil format, More output and fat sound

L.R.Baggs Anthem



Anthem internal pickup "Tru-Mic" system, Incl. Element Pickup and sound hole preamp

EMG Geezer Butler PJHZ Black

Pickup-Set for Electric-Bass


Geezer Butler signature set, Passive, Alnico 5 magnets, 1 P-Style split coil, 1 J-Style single coil, Solder connection, Including solderless...

Harley Benton TrueTone SH-30 Pro Active

Magnetic Sound Pickup for Western Guitar


Active, noise-free design, Combination of magnetic pickup and microphone that records the body resonance, Integrated volume and microcontroller,...

Fishman Matrix Infinity VT Narrow

Pickup and Preamp


For steel-string guitars, classical guitars, 12-string guitars and acoustic basses, To be mounted under the saddle, Improved playback with modern...

Harley Benton HB-T



Made by Shadow, For acoustic instruments, Universally applicable, Single-Transducer for gluing, Standard size, 20 mm diameter, Fixed cable, Length...

Seymour Duncan Phat Cat Great P-90 Set Nickel

P90 Pickup Set in Humbucker Shape


SPH90-1N on the neck and SPH90-1B on the bridge, High-output single coils, Alnico II magnets, Reversed winding and polarity on neck pickup,...

Glockenklang 3-Band Electronic - 5 Poti

3-Band Electronics for Electric Bass


5 Potentiometers, Active/ passive switch (push/ pull, at the volume knob), Balance knob without volume reduction in middle position, Due to the...

Fishman Fluence Mod.HB 7 Soapb.Set BK

Active Pickup Set for a 7-String Electric Guitar


2 Multi-voice humbuckers, Medium output, 2 Voices per pickup

EMG 1 or 2 Pickups Wiring Kit

Solderless Pickup Accessories Set


Kit with everything you need for the installation of 1 or 2 active EMG solderless pickups, Contains pots with fluted shaft in standard length, Only...

DeArmond Rhythm Chief 1100

Pickups for Jazz Guitar


Floating single coil pickups, Natural, wood like and acoustic sound, Fretboard mountable, Rubber magnet, 6.60 K Resistance, Including hardware

Fender Strat Accessory Kit Aged White

Strat Accessory Kitconsisting of:


3 Single coil covers, 3 Potentiometer knobs, 1 5-Way switch button, 1 Tremolo control knob, 1 Tremolo fold cover in vintage mint

Seymour Duncan SCPB-3

Bass Pickups


Quarter-Pound Single coil, Type P for bass, The 1/4 inch magnet prepare an improved sensitivity to the play, Full sound with well-lit centres

Fender Vintage P-Bass Bridge Cover

FJ-Bass Bridge Cover


Single coil, Suitbale for guitars with steel strings, Passive, noise-free design (no preamp required), Maple housing, Easy installation, Fits all...

Harley Benton Humbucker Frame Screw Set N BK

Screw Set for Humbucker Frame


4 Screws, For humbucker frames in the neck position, Short version

Seymour Duncan SH-JB Hot Rodded Humbucker

Pickup Set for Electric Guitar


SH-2n HJazz humbucker in the neck position, SH-4 JB humbucker in the bridge position, 4-Wire, Ideal for all styles from aggressive blues, rock and...

Fender 51 Nocaster Pickup Set

Original Telecaster Pickup Set


2 Set 51 ' Nocaster, Alnico 3 magnets

Fender Custom 69 Strat PU Set

Original Pickup Set@There is probably no other guitar in the world that has been played by as many guitarists as the Fender Stratocaster. There is hardly an instrument that offers so much scope for tinkering around on, so it is no wonder that Fender offers


'69 Strat Custom, Staggered, 3 Pickups

EMG Geezer Butler PHZ Black



Geezer Butler signature model, Passive, Alnico 5 magnets, 1 P-style split coil, Solderless, Incl. Potentiometers and cabling

Fishman Rare Earth Mic Blend

Pickup System


Humbucker pickup and flexible cardioid microphone, Microphone/Pickup fader, Microphone bass extension/roll-off switch, Active electronics and...

Fender CS60Jazz Set

Jazz Pickup SetTo introduce the jazz bass pickup is no longer necessary. Since the introduction in the 50's the bass and its pickups really became classics.


For electric bass, Bridge & neck position, Custom shop 60 jazz

Harley Benton TrueTone T-20

Piezo Transducer Pickup


For acoustic guitars, gypsy and resonator guitars, ukuleles and mandolins, etc., Maple case, Simple assembly, Instrument surface is unaffected,...

L.R.Baggs M80



Active, magnetic soundhole pickup incl. 3D body sensor, For western guitars, Active/Passive switchover

Sadowsky Onboard Bass Preamp 4-Knob

Installation Preamp Set for Bass


Prewired, 4 Controls, Volume, Balance, VTC (Vintage Tone Control - push / pull for preamp bypass), Stacked potentiometers for bass / treble, Power...

Schaller Oyster S/P

Piezo Pickup


To stick on the outside, Incl. 3.20 m cable with jack connector and glue

Gibson P-94R B/C Pickup



P-90 in humbucker format, For neck position, Alnico magnets, Easy installation

EMG 808X Black

Active Humbucker


For 8-string guitars, From the EMG custom shop, Built into a Bass Pickup housing - therefore no direct replacement for a regular Humbucker, Dual...

Fender Strat Accessory Kit Black

Accessories Set


3 Single coil covers, 3 Pin buttons, 1x Cap for 5 - way switch, 1x Tremolo arm button, 1x Tremolo cover

Fishman Acoustic Matrix Series Narrow

Single Pickup


Narrow design, Without an output jack and without packaging, For use with Fishman Infinity and Natural Preamps

Seymour Duncan Dave Murray Loaded Pickg. BK

Loaded pickguard for ST-Style modelsExactly this configuration that Dave Murray (Iron Maiden) uses in his live guitars.


Dave Murray signature model, Seymour Duncan Hot Rails Humbucker in neck and bridge position, Seymour Duncan JB Jr. humbucker in the middle, Pickup...

Seymour Duncan SMB-4A

Pickup For Electric Bass


Alnico replacement pickup, 4-String Version, For music Man Basses

Fishman Fluence Mod. HB 7 Set BKN

Active Pickup Set for 7-String Electric Guitar


2 Multi-voice humbuckers, For bridge and neck position, High output, Multi voice - 2 voicings per pickup, Tone control with push / pull function...

Göldo Humbucker Frame PL1UC

Humbucker Frame


Made out of brass, Chrome, For flat or arched cover

Fender Vintage Bridge Cover Jazz Bass



For Bass bridge, For vintage jazz bass

National Reso-Phonic Hot Plate Rubbed Steel

Cover plate with pickup


Lollar single-coil T-style pickup, Replaces the National Style 9.5" cover plate, no modification needed on the instrument, Passive volume and tone...

EMG 81 Black

Active Pickup


Single coil, Suitbale for guitars with steel strings, Passive, noise-free design (no preamp required), Maple housing, Easy installation, Fits all...

EMG DG20 David Gilmour

Complete Pickup Set


Fully stocked and prewired David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) Signature ST-style set, 3 EMG SA pickups, Volume control, EXG Guitar Expander for bass &...

Seymour Duncan SPB-3

Bass Pickup


For P-Style basses, Quarter-pound, Maximum output and extended frequency spectrum, The 1/4 inch pole pieces provide the low end and punch, while...

Harley Benton TrueTone SH-20

Magnetic Soundhole Pickup For Steel-String Guitar


Single coil, Suitbale for guitars with steel strings, Passive, noise-free design (no preamp required), Maple housing, Easy installation, Fits all...

Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Jazz Bass Set

Jazz Bass Pickup Set


For 4-string bass, Passive design, 1/4" Alnico V magnets, High output, Calibriated set, Neck-pickup with opposite winding direction and reversed...

Eko FASI Suction Cup Pickup

Universal Pickup


For all stringed instruments, Designed for acoustic guitars, gypsy guitars, resonator guitars, ukuleles, mandolins etc., Suction button for easy...

Gibson P-94T Black/Chrome



P-90 in humbucker format, For bridge position, Alnico magnets, Easy installation

Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend Narrow

Combination of the Acoustic Matrix undersaddle pickup, condenser microphone and preamplifier


New blending technology without visible changes to the instrument, The soundhole mounted preamp provides controls for volume, mic/pickup blend and...

Fishman Fluence Tosin Abasi Set 8 BK

Pickup Set for 8-String Electric Guitar


Tosin Abasi Signature Set, Ceramic pickup in bar position, AlNiCo pickup in neck position, Different voicings possible, Includes all necessary...

Seymour Duncan SHR-1B BLK

Pickup for Electric guitar


Hot Rail Humbucker in Single Coil Format, For bridge and middle position

Glockenklang 2-Band Electronic

2-Band Electronics for Electric Bass


Active / Passive switch (push / pull on the volume control), Balance pot without volume reduction in centre position, Due to the high-quality of...


Pick Up


2 Parallel placed coils, Broad magnetic field, Deep, rich bass, Incl. EMG Quik connect cable, prewired volume/ tone control set, output socket,...

L.R.Baggs Element Active System VTC

Active Element Piezo Pickup


For steel-string guitars, Endpin preamp, With volume and tone control to install in the sound hole, Power supply via 9 V battery (up to 1000 hours...

EMG 81-7 Black

Active Pickups For 7-String Guitars


Humbucker, Classic EMG 81 sound in a 7-string housing, Quick-connect cable, volume / tone control set with knurled shafts, output jack, battery...

Shadow SH 4020- A

Preamp for acoustic guitar


With 6 separate pickups, 3-Band EQ, Installation in the frame, Slider for panorama and overall volume, Automatic chromatic tuner, Phase switch,...

Fender Pure Vintage 60's Strat Kit

60's Stratocaster Accessory Kit


3x Single coil covers, 3x Knobs, 1x 5 - way switch button, 1x Tremolo arm button

Harley Benton Humbucker Frame Screw Set B BK

Screw Set@Set of 4


Screws for Humbucker frame, Long version, Bridge position

Fender Vintage Jazz Bass Pickup Cover

Pickup Cover


Fender vintage jazz bass, For the holes of about 11.6 cm, Incl. Fastening screws

EMG B Bouzouki Pickup Black

Pickup for Bouzouki


Active, No noise, The B-Pickup complies with the EMG FT (Front Tele) pickup with an extra bracket and battery mount so that it can easily be...

Fender Texas Special Strat Set

Pickup Set Strat Texas Special


Staggered, DC resistance 6.7 K, Inductance 3.58 Henries

Fender Custom Shop 62 P-Bass Pickup

Fender Custom Shop Electric Bass Pickups


Reproduction of the classic 1962 precision bass pickup, Split coil, AlNiCo 5 magnet, 10.5 K Ohm DC resistance, Includes screws