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Dunlop JD5005 Pickholder




Harley Benton HB-A010D Mic Stand Pick Holder

Pick Holder


Practical, For microphone stand installation, Space for up to 5 picks

Dunlop 5010 Pickholder

Plastic PickholderGone with ugly Gaffa tape on the mic stands: The Dunlop Pickholder can be easily attached to the tripod and provides enough space for spare picks, just pinch, and everything looks a lot tidier.


For up to 6 picks, Clamped to the microphone stand

Dunlop Pick + Slide Holder

Slide + PickholderThe Dunlop pick-up is easy to mount on the tripod and offers enough space for spare picks. If you're still playing Slide, the Dunlop pick-up has the ideal part to keep your glass- or brass tubes. It does not get any more practical.


The tried and tested plectrum holder with hook for a slide, Easy to attach to the microphone stand, Supplied without microphone stand, picks and slide

Harley Benton HB-A10C Pick Holder

Pick Holder


For head plate installation (easy to clamp between 2 strings), For 2 picks, Set with 5 picks

Harley Benton Pick Wallet

Pick wallet


Prevents disappearance into "plectrum black holes", Slots for 24 picks, With magnetic closure

Harley Benton Pickholder 101

Plectrum / Pick Holder


For several picks, of different sizes, Made out of plastic, With self-adhesive film, Delivered in different colours (unsorted)

Minotaur Pickholder Black

Pick Holder


Made of leather, For up to 6 picks, Easy to attach to any leather-strap or to any micro tripod, Hook & loop system for easy attachment, Handmade in...

Ibanez PHI01 Pick Holder

Pick Holder


The picks are firmly fixed and can be removed with ease at any time, Reusable, Consisting of a white and a black pick holder, Including three...

Gewa Stumreiter Pick-Holder

Plectrum holder


5 Different aligned slots, Suitable for all standard plectrum sizes, Can be attached to any smooth surface using a suction cup, Made in Germany

Gewa Stumreiter Slide Holder

Slider holder


Suitable for all standard slide sizes (20 - 31mm), Can be attached to any smooth surface using a suction cup, Made in Germany

Dunlop 5012 Pickholder

Pick Holder


Offers space for 12 picks, To attach to the microphone stand

Wedgie Pick Holder for Bass

Pick Holder


For mounting on headstock (Simply clip between two strings), Space for 2 picks

Planet Waves PW-PH-01

Plectrum Holder For Guitars


Spring mechanism, For 4-5 picks (medium / heavy), With velcro tape

On-Stage GSAPK6500

Pick holder


Container with 100 pieces

On-Stage GSAPK6700

Pick holder for microphone stand


Includes 5 heavy guitar picks

On-Stage GSAPK6600

Pick holder for microphone stand


Includes 6 medium guitar picks