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Dunlop Crybaby GCB95

Wah-Wah Classic


Equipped with the legendary red Fasel inductor, 100 kOhm Hot Potz potentiometer guarantees fast response to the wah effect, Hardwire bypass, Robust...

Joyo Multifunction Wah / Volume

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Wah / volume, Compact dual-mode wah-wah / volume pedal with Q control, Easy-to-use wah-wah / volume and wah-wah / bypass toggle switch, Wah-Wah Q...

Behringer HB01 Hell Babe

Ultimate Wah-Wah Pedal


With optical control for wear-free pedal operation (no mechanical controls and switches), The heel-down frequency can be adjusted via range control...

Xotic XW-1 Wah

Electric Guitar Effect Pedal


Wah Wah, Analog operation, True bypass, Wah Q Control changes the quality of the filters for example vocal-like Wah effects, Adjustable pedal,...

Vox VX V847A Wah

Wah Wah Pedal


Incl. vinyl bag with Vox logo

Vox V845 Wah-Wah

Wah Wah Pedal


Based on the specifications of the original pedal developed by Vox in the 60s, Power supply via 9V battery or power supply (both optional)

Dunlop Crybaby CB-535Q

Wah-Wah Effect


6 Different wah settings, Adjustable booster (0-20 db), Variable Q control changes the sound of sharp / narrow to fine / wide, True bypass, Metal...

Harley Benton Custom Line WP-60 Wah

Wah-Wah Effect Pedal for Electric & Bass Guitar


Reproduction of the '60s Wah sounds with modern impact, Heavy duty housing suitable for stage, True bypass, Vintage potentiometers, On / Off status...

Dunlop CBM95 CryBaby Mini Wah

Compact Wah Pedal


Half the size of a standard Cry Baby, Legendary red Fasel coil, Complete control range (sweep) of the wah, True hardwire bypass, Adjustable pedal...

Morley VAI-II

Steve Vai Wah PedalThe "Bad Horsie" Wah was developed exactly according to the wishes of master guitarist Steve Vai, and typically, Vai was not satisfied with the achieved (high) standard - a VAI Bad Horsie II had to therefore be created of course!


Touch Wah with switch-off delay, New version with 2 Sounds, Contour and Wavesound

Dunlop Cry Baby Mini 535Q Wah

Effect pedal for electric guitar


Wah Wah, 4-Way Frequency Range Selector, Boost up to + 16db, Only half the size of a full size Cry Baby Wah, Slider for Volume, Range and Q, Boost...

Dunlop Crybaby Classic GCB95 F

Wah Wah Pedal


The classic from the '60s, With the original Fasel coils, For the vibe of the '60s, True bypass, Suitable power supply unit (Thomann NT AC/PSA,...

Dunlop Kirk Hammett Signature Wah

Signature Wah Wah Pedal


Kirk Hammett signature model, Developed according to Kirk Hammett's guidelines

Dunlop Slash Cry Baby Classic

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Wah Wah, Slash (Guns'n'Roses) Signature Model, Huge dynamic range, Tuned for low frequencies, Custom wound inductor coil, True hardwire bypass,...

Fulltone Clyde Wah Deluxe

High-End Wah Pedal


Like the original '67 Vox Clyde Wah, 10-Step variable gain control, True Bypass with bright side-viewable low current Pilotlight status indicator,...

Real McCoy Custom RMC10 Wah Pedal

Effects Pedal


Wah wah, The sound of classic Italian wah pedals, Power supply with 9 V battery or 9 V DC power supply (not included), True bypass, Made in USA

Dunlop Crybaby 95Q

CryBaby Wah 95Q


Adjustable booster (0-15db), Variable Q control changes the sound of sharp / narrow to fine / wide, Auto-off bypass circuit, Die-cast, very stable...

Electro Harmonix Q-Tron Plus

Envelope Follower / Filter


Effects loop for inserting additional effects, Attack Response Control, Continuously variable Auto-Wah sound, 2x Zerr modes, Switchable boost /...

Dunlop Dimebag Wah

Wah Wah Pedal The DB01 is a further developed 535Q with an extended pedal range and a slightly more aggressive basic sound. The Crybaby is delivered in cultured camouflage colour.


Panteras Dimebag Darrell Signature model, With adjustable Q control to modulate the bandwidth, Adjustable and switchable boost from 0 to 17 dB, A...

Electro Harmonix Micro Q-Tron

Envelope Follower


Little brother of the Q-Tron, Continuously variable Auto-Wah sound, Good bass reproduction, Metal housing, Stable switch

Dunlop Dimebag Cry Baby Wah

Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar


Wah effect, Dimebag Darrel signature model "Cry Baby From Hell", Extended sweep range, 6 Selectable frequency ranges for the sweep, 'Toe Down'...

Dunlop Slash Cry Baby Classic Wah

Electric Guitar Effect Pedal


Wah Wah, Slash (Guns'n'Roses) Classic Red Limited Edition Signature Model, Huge dynamic range and large sweep, Specifically tuned for deep...

Dunlop Gary Clark Jr. Cry Baby Wah

Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar


Wah effect, Gary Clark Jr Signature Pedal, Narrow sweep range, Perfect for percussive rhythms, Lower frequency range for a smooth and warm blues...

MXR Audio Electronics MC-404



You can select between the two different sound variations provided by the two Fasel coils (Yellow or Red Custom), Custom-designed CTS Extended Life...

Dunlop Bass Q Crybaby

Bass CRYBABY Wah Wah


Pedal For Bass, Heavy die cast construction for years of reliability, 100k ohm Hot Potz potentiometer that Allows for that quick, abrupt wah sound,...

Mooer The Wahter Classic Wah Pedal

Electric Guitar Effect Pedal


Wah pedal in miniature, Classic wah sound, High-quality electronic components for precise implementation of the wah sound, 4 Pressure sensors...

Boss AW-3

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar and Electric Bass


Dynamic Wah, Offers a wide range of classic Auto-Wah and Dynamic-Wah effects as well as a new "Humanizer" effect that can simulate human voice...

EarthQuaker Devices Spatial Delivery V2

Effects pedal


Auto-Wah and Voltage Controlled Envelope Filter (VCF), Effects are dynamically controlled by velocity or random (sample and hold), True bypass, 3...

Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Sig. Wah JH1D

Wah-wah pedal


Original '60s Jimi Hendrix Wah, Modified for a thicker, open sound, Jimi Hendrix signature and picture on the bottom, True hardwire bypass, Sturdy...

Jam Pedals Wahcko

Wah Wah Pedal


Controller for the various frequency sweep ranges / 6-position switchable, True bypass, Internal Gain Trimmer, Mini LED Status, RED Fasel inductor...

Dunlop DCR 2SR Rack Crybaby

Rack module


Cry Baby Custom Shop series, Crybaby in 19" rack format, 6-Way switch for frequency selection, 6-Band EQ for fine tuning, Control the effect via...

G-LAB Wowee-Wah

Wah Wah Pedal


Analog, Low bass switch, Q Factor switch, Deep switch, 2 Switching opportunities from normal switch or touch mode, True bypass, Operating by 9V...

Dunlop Crybaby Red Sparkle

Wah Wah Pedal


Special edition, Heavy cast construction, 6.35 mm input / output jack mono, 100 kOhm Hot Potz potentiometer, Red Fasel coil, Hardwire bypass, Power...

HoTone Vow Press

Effects Pedal


Ultra-compact 3-in-1 volume, Wah & Vol / Wah, Vintage "Cry" wah tone, Adjustable control range (lower value), Active volume mode for lossless...

Dunlop JC-95 Jerry Cantrell Wah

Effects Pedal


Jerry Cantrell Wah Signature Wah Wah Pedal, Custom-voiced, Lateral control for fine tuning of the toe-down frequency, Oxidized "Road Worn 'brass...

Dunlop John Petrucci Cry Baby Wah

Wah wah pedal


Based on John Petrucci's 'Cry Baby Rack' Wah settings, Metal case with custom smoked chrome surface, Two side-mounted status LEDs, Internal...

Boss PW-3 Wah Pedal

Wah Pedal


Space-saving design, Operates quietly, Adjustable pedal voltage, Robust aluminium-high pressure die casting, On/Off LEDs on both sides of the pedal

Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Mini Wah LTD

Effect pedal for electric guitar


Limited edition, Jimi Hendrix's sound in a compact body, Chrome-plated rocker pedal with black case in crocodile look, True bypass, Metal housing,...

Morley VAI-1

Bad Horsie's Steve Vai Wah Pedal


Touch Wah with switch-off delay

Electro Harmonix Cock Fight Plus Wah & Fuzz

Effects pedal


Easy wah and talking pedal, Use the pedal with or without fuzz, place the fuzz in front of the filter for a vintage vibe or afterwards for a more...

T-Rex Shafter Wah

Electric Guitar Effect Pedal


Wah Wah, 3 Wah modes (Light Wah/Classic Wah/Dual Filter Wah), Switchable Wah Hotspot, On / off status LED, Power supply via 9V DC power supply...

Morley MTG3 - 20/20 Wah Lock

Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar


Mini wah effect, Optical circuit, Switch-less design, Integrated 20/20 buffer prevents signal loss, 3 Switchable Wah modes (Wah/Whoa/Wah Lock),...

Dunlop SW-95 Slash Signature Wah-Wah

Slash Signature Wah Wah Pedal


Slash signature model, High gain distortion/wah (separately or simultaneously activated), With original fasel coil, 2 Status LEDs, Stable metal...

Morley 20/20 Bad Horsie Wah

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Mini Wah Wah, Steve Vai Signature Model, Optical circuit, Switchless design, Integrated 20/20 buffer prevents signal loss, 2 Switchable wah modes...

Harley Benton Custom Line AW-5 Auto Wah

Effect Pedal For Electric Guitar & Bass


Boutique-style analogue envelope filter / Auto Wah, Classic 70 "funkadelic" Sound, Stage-useful "Heavy Duty" housing, True bypass, On / Off switch...

Friedman No More Tears Gold-72 Wah

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Wah Wah, Vintage character, Works with both clean and distorted sounds, 3-Way switch offers 3 different voicing options, Adjustable pedal tension,...

Dunlop Joe Bonamassa CryBaby JB95

Electric Guitar Effect Pedal


Vintage-style Halo Inductor, Internal switch for true hardwire bypass or buffered, Lightweight aluminium housing, Power supply unit available...

Electro Harmonix Wailer Wah

Wah Pedal


Lightweight and durable, True bypass, Made in USA

Dunlop Bass Mini Wah

Mini wah pedal


For bass, as well as dropped tuning, 7 or 8 string guitars, Volume and Q controls, True Hardwire bypass, AUTO-OFF circuit, Puts the pedal in bypass...

Mooer @Wah Digital Auto Wah Pedal

Effect pedal for electric guitar


Digital envelope filter, 5 Different wah filter effects (lowpass, bandpass, highpass, standard and vocal), 2 Working modes (auto and touch), Range...

Sonuus Wahoo Wah/Filter Pedal

Electric Guitar Effect Pedal


Wah/filter, Fully analog signal path, Warm, organic analog sound, True bypass, 100 Factory presets, 100 User presets, Built-in overdrive

Dunlop Cry Baby Cantrell Blk Edition

Wah Wah Effect Pedal


Limited to 500 pieces worldwide limited Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains) Signature model, Specially designed for tight, punchy tone in heel...

G-LAB MIDI Wowee-Wah

Effects Pedal


Midi Wowee - Wah Wah Wah pedal, Analogue, Low bass switch, Q Factor switch, Deep switch, 2 Switching opportunities from normal switch or touch...

Dunlop Billy Duffy Cry Baby Wah

Wah pedal


2 Wah modes, 95Q and Vintage, selectable with a "kick switch", "Vintage" mode with 'Low Q' inductor, Based on Billy's favorite wah pedals, LED...

Morley M2 Wah

Wah Pedal


Classic wah sound, LED status display, Adjustable wah volume, Integrated buffer to maintain the sound even with long cables, Quick-clip battery...

Morley Mini Michael Amott Wah

Effects Pedal


Michael Amott (Arch Enemy) Signature Model, Mini wah wah, Limited edition - 500 copies worldwide, Electro-optical circuit, Suitable for guitar,...

Morley Mini Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2

Mini Wah Wah


Steve Vai Signature Model, Limited to 700 pieces worldwide Mini Edition of the Bad Horsie 2 with artwork by Steve Vai, Electro-optical circuit,...

Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie 2 Contour

Effects Pedal


Wah, Steve Vai Signature Model, Electro-optical circuitry, Switch-less design, 2 Wah modes (Bad Horsie / Contour Wah), Also suitable for bass or...

G-LAB TBWP True Bypass Wah Pad

Effect Pedal


True Bypass Wah Pad Touch Wah Pad, Unique, Works with any traditional Wah pedal, Bypass, Easy operation

Fulltone Clyde Wah

High-End Wah Pedal


Based on the original Vox Clyde Wah with internal resonance control, Handwired in USA

Morley Mini George Lynch Dragon 2 LMT

Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar


Mini Wah Pedal, George Lynch Signature Model, Electro-optical circuitry, 'Switch-less' design, Limited mini-version edition of the George Lynch...

Mooer Funky Monkey

Electric Guitar Effect Pedal


Auto wah wah, 3 selectable Peak modes, Metal housing, True bypass, Range control, Q control, Status LED display, Requires 9V DC power supply (not...

Dunlop EVH-95 Wah Wah

Wah Wah Pedal


Developed according to Eddie Van Halen's specifications, Eddie Van Halen custom striped design, Hand-selected coil, True bypass, Operation with 9V...

Dunlop Cry Baby LTD Smoked Chrome

Wah Wah effect pedal


Smoked Chrome Special Edition - limited to 1,500 units, True to the 1966 Thomas Organ Design, Red Fasel coil, Hardwire bypass, 6.3 mm input /...

AMT WH-1 Wah Wah

Effect Pedal


Wah Wah, Wear-free electro-optical circuit, Three switchable filter frequency ranges, True bypass, Made in Russia

Morley M2 Maverick Switchless Wah

Effects pedal for guitar


Wah pedal with hybrid design for guitar, bass or keyboards, Potentiometer-based wah regulation, Optical bypass circuit, Integrated True-Tone Bypass...

Morley SKW2 DJ Ashba Skeleton Wah I

Wah Pedal


DJ Ashba Signature, Hybrid of electro-optical and potentiometer-based wah circuit, Tuned to Ashba's preferred wah sound and frequency response,...

Morley 20/20 Power Wah

Mini Wah Effect Pedal


Wide sweep range and vintage tone, Optical circuit, Integrated 20/20 buffer prevents signal loss, Quick-Clip battery cover, Suitable for guitar,...

Mooer Free Step

Mini wah / volume effect pedal


Both effects can be used separately or simultaneously, 2 Operating modes (activation via pressure sensors or switches), Custom inductor for wide...

Morley 50th Anniversary Chrome Bundle

Morley Limited 50th Anniversary Chrome Bundle


50 Years anniversary bundle, Includes Mini Power Wah and ABY Box with limited chrome finish, Made in USA, Automatic effect activation by pedal...

Morley Mini Tremonti A Dying Machine

Effects Pedal


Mini Wah, Mark Tremonti Signature model, Limited edition - 500 units worldwide, Electro-optical circuit, Switchless design, Mark Tremontis Classic...

Dunlop Clyde McCoy Cry Baby Wah

Wah Wah Pedal for Electric Guitar


Limited edition - 1000 pieces worldwide, Vocal, throaty voice of the first wah wah pedal, Specially shielded halo coil reduces microphone noice,...

Source Audio Soundblox Tri-Mod Wah

Tri-Mod Wah Effect Pedal


2 Low pass filters, 2 Band pass filters, 6 Multipeak filters, 3 Modulation source options LFO, Envelope Follower and Hot Hand® Motion Sensor, DSP...

Morley CLW

Wah wah pedal


Roadworthy, 70s sound, Classic Wah

Xotic Robotalk 2

2-Channel Envelope Filter


Analog operation, Channels can be used separately or together, Button with 2 switches for input impedance low/medium/active, On / off status LED,...