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Mission Engineering EP1-KP-GN

Expression Pedal


With integrated switch specifically for using with the Kemper Profiler, Linear potentiometer for a precise and natural adjustment that is...

Boss FV-500-H

Mono Volume PedalThe BOSS FV-500 is the worthy successor of the volume pedal classic FV 300.


Aluminium casing, High impedance, Input and output jack on the front, Expressional pedal connection, Pedal can be used as a volume and as an...

Ernie Ball EB6180 VP-JR

Volume Pedal


For guitar / bass, The proven Ernie Ball quality, Sturdy and absolutely tour-worthy, 250 kOhm Version

Mission Engineering SP1-L6H-BK

Expression Pedal


With integrated switch ideal for use with the Line 6 Helix Rack, Rack Floor Controller or HX Stomp, Precisely tailored to the specifications of the...

Lehle Mono Volume

Volume pedal


Operates wear-free via a precision magnetic sensor, Without a mechanical potentiometer, Volume from -92 dB (mute) to 0 dB (unity gain), or +12 dB...

Dunlop Volume X Mini Pedal DVP4

Volume and expression pedal for guitar


Controls the volume or effects parameters, Passive - does not require a power supply, Patented Low Friction Band-Drive, Uses a 250 kOhm...

Mission Engineering EP1-KP-GN SPL

Expression pedal


Expression pedal with integrated switch especially for use with the Kemper Profiler, Equipped with a Spring Load, which always returns the pedal to...

Dunlop DVP 3 Volume (X) Pedal

A combination volume and expression pedal for guitar and bass


Adjustable pedal resistance, Adjustable effect parameters for heel and toe position, Switchable reversal of the parameters from heel to toe...

Behringer FC600

Volume & Expression Pedal


1 Mono jack input and 1 stereo jack input, 1 Mono jack output, 1 Tuner Out, Volume potentiometer, Stable metal housing

Lehle Mono Volume 90

Volume Pedal


Inputs and outputs are located on the side, Ideal for pedal steel players, Equipped with a precision magnetic sensor, Doesn't include a mechanical...

Vox V860 Volume Pedal

Volume Pedal


Hand-wired, 250 kOhms, 6.3 mm Mono jack input, 6.3 mm Mono jack output, Stable aluminium housing, Variable pedal resistance

Lead Foot LFV-1

Mono Volume Pedal


Highly robust design, High-quality sockets, Made in Europe

Mission Engineering EP1-L6-BK

Expression Pedal


Ideal extension for Line 6 amps and effects, The EP1-L6 is the only Mission expression pedal that is compatible with Line 6 amps and effects,...

Electro Harmonix Expression Pedal

Effects Pedal


Expression pedal, The control range can be fine tuned and inverted, Polarity switch for maximum compatibility with a wide range of devices,...

HoTone Soul Press

Electric Guitar Effects Pedal


Ultra compact 3-in-1 volume/expression/wah-wah pedal for electric guitar, Mode selector, Status LED, True bypass

Mission Engineering SP-1-BK

Expression Pedal with Toe Switch


Compatible with a large selection of digital amplifiers, effects devices, MIDI controllers and effects pedals, Extended adjustment range and a...

Mission Engineering SP-HR

Expression Pedal


With integrated switch especially for use with the Headrush Gigboard, Connects to the EXPR and TOE ports of the Headrush Gigboard, Works as...

Ernie Ball MVP Most Valuable Pedal

Mono Volume Pedal


Adjustable minimum volume, 20 dB Boost, Independent tuner output

Zoom FP02M Expression Pedal

Expression PedalThe right accessory for many ZOOM devices: The FP02M is an expression pedal with which the full potential of the following ZOOM devices can be played: All devices of the 500 series; Also in connection with the fc-50 or 8050 pedal and 9120 a


Can be used as Volume, Reverb, Delay Times, Distortion Amounts, and any other parameter of a Zoom effect., Specifically designed for the ZOOM 500...

Mission Engineering SP-H9-WH

Expression pedal


With integrated switch especially for use with the Eventide H9 (Max) Harmonizer, Exactly aligned to the specifications of the H9 for a precise and...

Valeton Surge EP-2 Mini

2-in-1 Volume and Expression Pedal


For electric guitars, electric basses, and keyboards, Automatically detects the output source (volume- or expression function), Lightweight...

Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal

Effects pedal


Passive operation, 2x Jack outputs, Output for connection to the sensor-in of a source audio effect

Xotic XVP-250K Volume Pedal


With integrated switch specifically for using with the Kemper Profiler, Linear potentiometer for a precise and natural adjustment that is...

Lehle Stereo Volume

Stereo Volume Pedal


Equipped with a precision magnetic sensor, Doesn't include a mechanical potentiometer, Controls the volume on two channels with a volume range from...

Boss FV-30H

Volume pedal


With high impedance and special tuner output for guitar and bass (mono), Compact aluminium housing

Boss FV-50H

Volume pedalThe BOSS - FV - 50 H can be seen on many pedalboards. Thanks to double inputs and outputs, various stereo or multi -amp setups can be controlled and with the Minimum knob you've practically got a rhythm preset available.


Input Phone Jack x 2, Output Tuner Out, Dimensions 86 (W) x 200 (D) x 54 (H) mm

Digitech DOD Mini Volume Pedal

Volume Pedal


Gear drive, Treble bleed for maintaining high frequencies at low volume, Passive mode of operation, Non-slip rubber pads, 6.3 mm Mono jack inputs /...

Fender EXP-1 Expression Pedal

Expression Pedal


For adjusting volume and effects parameters for the Mustang III, IV, V amps and Mustang floor units, Mono jack cable included

Line6 EX-1

Expression Pedal


For the Line6 MM 4, Incl. cable

Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo Pedal

Expression Tremolo Pedal


Adjustable spring reverb, Controls for Depth, Rate, Waveform and Reverb, Depth, Rate, Depth & Rate and Reverb adjustable via foot pedal, Mono input...

Digitech DOD Mini Expression Pedal

Expression Pedal


Gear drive, Compatible with a variety of effects pedals, 3-Way selector switch for configuring TRS assignment and load resistance, Passive mode of...

Mooer Leveline Volume Pedal

Volume Pedal


Mini Series, Metal housing with metal 'feet' that extend out, Analog, Status LED

Ernie Ball EB6181 VP JR Volume Pedal

Keyboard Volume Pedal


Junior 25 kOhm version, Mono, Smaller version of the EB6167, 1 Input, 1 Output, 1 Tuner output

Artec VPL-1

Electric Guitar Effects


Volume pedal, 1x Jack input, 1x Jack output for amp, 1x Fixed Gain jack output (e.g. as tuner output), Controls for min/max level, Battery status...

Morley M2 Wah Volume

Wah / Volume Pedal


For guitar, bass or keyboard, Classic Wah sounds, Suitable for controlling the volume and audio taper volume effects, LED status display, Wah...

Electro Harmonix Volume Pedal

Effects Pedal


Lightweight, passive volume pedal, Switchable high or low impedance (250/25 kOhm) for universal compatibility, Smooth and gentle control to...

Valeton Surge EP-1 Mini

2-in-1 Volume and Wah Pedal


For electric guitars, electric basses, and keyboards, LEDs indicate which mode is activated, Tap the foot switch to change the mode, Jack input and...

Xotic XVP-25K Volume Pedal


With integrated switch specifically for using with the Kemper Profiler, Linear potentiometer for a precise and natural adjustment that is...

Mission Engineering Expressionator

Multi-Expression Controller


Connect an expression pedal with up to three expression-capable effects and control them individually or at the same time, Each channel is...

Mission Engineering EP25-Pro Aero GC

Expression Pedal


The extended control path makes for a great all-round pedal for volume and effect control, The rear cutaway and the extended curved surface allow...

Ernie Ball EB6166

Volume Pedal -Mono-


250 K-Ohm version

Mooer Expline

Mini Expression Pedal


Pedalboard-friendly format, Smooth and precise signal path, Fold-out brackets for increasing the pedal area, Status LEDs, Metal casing, 6.3 mm TRS...

AMT EX-50 Mini Expression Pedal

Electric guitar / Electric bass effects pedal


Expression pedal, Passive, TRS and TS outputs to control 2 devices simultaneously, Switch for normal and inverted mode, Weight approx. 450 g, Incl....

Mission Engineering SP25L-Pro Aero GC

Expression Pedal


Lightweight expression pedal with switch and illuminated base, The extended control range of the Aero makes it a great all-round expression pedal...

Electro Harmonix Expression Next Step Pedal

Electric guitar effects pedal


Expression / Control voltage pedal, Adjustable frequency, Reverse Control Button allows the direction of the pedal movement to be reversed, Power...

Morley M2 Control Expression Pedal

Expression / Voltage Control Pedal


Suitable for controlling effects pedals with Expression or Control Voltage (CV) input via an optional stereo cable, Passive operation, no power...

Mission Engineering EP25-Pro Aero BK

Expression Pedal


The Aero Design's advanced control path makes this a great all-around expression pedal for volume and controlling effect parameters, The rear...

Mission Engineering EP-25K-BK

Expression pedal


Designed for use with devices that favour a 25K potentiometer, such as Eventide, tc electronic, Strymon and Moog, Has two 6.3 mm jack output jacks...

Mission Engineering VM-Pro Black

Volume Pedal with Buffer


Works with many instruments including electric guitars, electro-acoustic guitars, basses, keyboards and instrument microphones, Switchable input...

Morley M2 Passive Volume

Volume Pedal


Suitable for guitar, bass or keyboard, Passive operation - no power supply necessary, Suitable for controlling volume and volume swells, Body made...

Mission Engineering EP-HR

Expression Pedal


Second-expression pedal designed for the headrush pedalboard, Connected to the headrush EXPR2 connector with a stereo jack cable, the pedal...

Morley M2 Passive Stereo Volume

Volume Pedal


Stereo version with separate inputs and outputs (6.3 mm jack sockets), Suitable for controlling the volume and the volume-effects, Suitable for...

AMT LLM-2 Zero

Electric Guitar Effect


Volume pedal, From 0 / + 6 / + 12 dB to complete silence, Battery operation possible, Power supply 9-12 V DC, Power supply optional (not included)

Mission Engineering EP1-TC-BK

Expression and volume pedal


Specially designed for the tc electronic G-System, 250 kOhm potentiometer both for use as an expression- and as a volume pedal, More pedals can be...