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Fender ABY Footswitch

Double Foot Switch


Solid metal housing, True Hardwire Bypass, 2 Switches, LED, Jack inputs and outputs, Battery operation or 9 V DC connection

Harley Benton FXL8 Pro

Floor pedal


2 Switches - e.g. for channel switching, 8x Effect loopers for patching stomp, 8 banks with 4 presets, True bypass, 240 mA Power consumption for...

Boss ES-8 Effects Switching System

Programmable effects switching system


With eight loops and an additional volume loop, Analogue switch design for pure sound, Unparalleled routing flexibility with the possibility to...

Lehle Little Dual II

Effect pedal for electric guitar and bass


ABY-Switcher (A or B or both), Hum- and loss-free switching, High-impedance Lehle Transformer HZ, With phase and ground switch, Two different...

Boss MS-3 Multi Effects Switcher

Effects pedal


Multi Effects Switcher, Includes a built-in effects pedal for guitar and bass effects including tuner, noise reduction, global equalizer, midi, amp...

Electro Harmonix Tri Parallel Mixer

Effects pedal for electric guitar


Powered via 9V DC power adapter (included)

Singular Sound Beatbuddy Footswitch+

2-Way footswitch


Allows you to add accents, pause/continue beats, select the song, genre, BPM, and more., Stereo jack cable included

Moen GEC9 2nd Edition

Amp Switcher and Pedal Looper


Guitar Effects Commander, Fully programmable, 50 Memory slots, 6 Serial and 3 separate grinding paths, The separate loop-in paths can be used as a...

Lehle P-Split III


ABY-Switcher (A or B or both), Hum- and loss-free switching, High-impedance Lehle Transformer HZ, With phase and ground switch, Two different...

Boss ES-5 Effects Switching System

Effect switch


Programmable switching system with 5 effect loops, Analog circuit design preserves the pure tone, Absolute freedom of the effect sequence, even...

Lead Foot ABY

AB/Y Switch


Switches 2 inputs to 1 output or 1 input to 2 outputs, But also suitable for simultaneous transmission from 2 inputs to 1 output or 1 input to 2...

Mooer Micro ABY Box MKII

AB / Y switch and signal splitter


A / B or A & B on Y mode switch, On / off footswitch, Metal housing, Power supply via 9 V DC power supply (not included in delivery, available...

Lehle 3@1 SGoS

Effects pedal


Allows you to switch between different instruments in stereo via gold-plated relays, Without semiconductors, the signal from inputs A, B or C pass...

Moen GEC8 JR Looper/Switcher V2

Looper / Switcher


Compact, versatile pedal switch, Controls up to 8 loops and 2 amp channels, No switching delay, True bypass relay circuit, 7 Serial loops and 1...

Lehle Dual SGoS



For two amps plus tuner with high impedance LTHZ transformer and gain reduction, The Lehle Dual switches the signal via gold-plated relays to...

Morley ABC

Pedal Box


3 guitars to one amp or 1 guitar to 3 amps, 3 Switch true bypass

One Control Crocodile Tail Loop

10-channel Looper & Switcher


70 presets, Amp channel switching possible, Completely MIDI controllable, Perfect control over amp and effects, Link two devices via a special One...

Electro Harmonix Super Switcher

Programmable Pedal Looper / Switcher


8 FX loops (6 mono and 2 stereo), 128 Presets, Tap foot-switch adjusts the BPM, Can be configured to send/receive MIDI clock and send tap signals...

Harley Benton StompControl-4 ISO

4-Way Loop Switcher


Programmable loop switcher with integrated power supply, 4 Patches, 5 Banks, 20 Presets, Easy to read LED display, Tuner output, On / Off switch...

Radial Engineering Tonebone Bigshot ABY/Y V2

ABY Amplifier selector


Passive operation - no power supply required, True Bypass, Ground lift switch for output B, Phase reversing switches to match the phase orientation...

Morley ABY

A/B/Y Switch


1 Signal to 2 outputs or 2 signals to 1 output, Switchable between A and B or A or B, 2 Footswitches, True bypass, 2 Status LEDs, 1x 6.3 mm jack...

Lehle Little Lehle III

Universal tool for switching and looping


Not only the signal, but also the signal ground is switched to avoid hum loops., All jack sockets are stereo; symmetrical signals can also be...

Boss AB-2

2-Way A / B switch


Optionally switches two inputs to one output or two outputs to one input, Display of the switching state by means of a red LED (Channel A) and a...

One Control Iguana Tail Loop MKII

5-Channel Looper


All loops with True Bypass, Can be operated passively without power supply, Tuner output, 6 Outputs 9 V DC, Operation of the LEDs and the 9 V...

Voodoo Lab Control Switcher

Lab Control Switcher


4 Isolated relay controls, Separate jack monoboxes, Multi-DIN connector for modern amplifiers, Manages all the foot switch functions of the...

HoTone Cybery Looper

Looper Pedal


Programmable effect Looper with 4 independent relay-based true bypass audio loops, 40 Memory slots, Can be programmed via a free app via Bluetooth...

Voodoo Lab HEX Audio Loop Switcher

6 Audio Looper


Gold relay, Instant access to the loops on the front panel, Isolated loop for thomann A / B, Channel switching, Remote Tap Tempo, Compact design, 2...

Eventide H9 Aux Switch Effektpedal

Effect Pedal


Auxiliary switch for the H9, Hand-crafted, Offers additional control options, Controls e.g. operating mode (active/bypass), preset change, tap...

Electro Harmonix Switchblade Plus

Effects Pedal for Guitar and Bass


A / B or A + B-Box, 1 Input and 2 outputs, Tuner output (can also be used for other effects), Passive operation, For operation with LEDs a 9 V...

Radial Engineering Tonebone Twin City ABY

Active ABY Switcher


Built-in Tonebone Drag control for load adjustment, Built-in Class-A buffer, Isolated outputs against background noise, Toggle A / B Footswitch,...

Lehle D.Loop SGoS

Effects Looper / Switcher


With two independent, true True Bypass loops and switchable High End Bufferamp, The Lehle D.Loop is a fully programmable effect looper / switcher...

MXR M 199 Tap Tempo

Tap tempo footswitch


External footswitch for Tap Delay effect pedals, Compatible with a variety of effect pedals, 6.3 mm TRS Tap Tempo output, 3 internal DIP switches...

One Control Gecko MKIII

MIDI Switcher


2 MIDI outputs, 2 x 9 V outputs (coaxial connection 5.5 x 2.1 mm - negative polarity inside), 20 Presets and program change, Recall / Direct /...

Palmer CAB M Merger

Passive Cab Merger


2 Inputs, 2 Outputs, Boxes can be connected in series or parallel

Source Audio Soleman MIDI Foot Controller

MIDI controller in footswitch format


Completely configurable, 128 multi-pedal "Scenes" presets can be stored, Brushed anodized aluminum body, High-contrast LCD display, Status LEDs,...

One Control Minimal Series 1LoopBOX

1-Channel effects looper


Passive circuit, True bypass

Strymon Multiswitch



For Timeline, BigSky and Mobius, Loop control mode (only for timeline), Bank mode, Preset mode, Tap mode, No additional power supply required,...

Morley ABY Mix



Routes 2 input signals to 2 outputs, Each input has independent volume control, 2 Foot switches allow the individual or both outputs to be switched...

Electro Harmonix Switchblade Pro DLX Switcher

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Deluxe switching box with mechanical True Bypass, soft switching, high quality and low noise buffers, volume control for all input signals, High...

JHS Pedals Mini A/B Box



A / B dial footswitch, Passive way of working, Two-colour status LED, Metal housing, Powered by optional 9V DC power adapter (not included), 2.1mm...

Strymon MiniSwitch



For Preset choice at Strymon Brigadier, Deco, DIG, El Capistan, Flint, Lex, or Riverside pedals, Taps tempi for Strymon BigSky, Deco, DIG, Flint,...

Voodoo Lab Pedal Switcher PX-8 Plus

8-way pedal switch


8 True Bypass Audio Loops with Gold Relay Contacts, Access to 36 freely programmable preset effect combinations, 128 preset effect combinations...

Palmer Tino

2-Channel Amp Selector


Switching system 2 amps to 1 cabinet with remote input, Switchable GND / lift per channel, Toggle switch, External 9 V power supply with 130 mA

One Control Caiman Tail Loop

Programmable 5-Loop Switcher


5 Loops, 150 presets - 6 lanes, 5 programmable banks with 5 programs per bank, Midi compatible, Each preset stores up to 5 MIDI PC and CC program...

Fortin Roach

Effect pedal for electric guitar


3-Way splitter, Made in Canada

Mesa Boogie Head-Track

Guitar Amp Switcher


Switches between two amplifiers using the same speaker cabinet, Simultaneous switching of the FX loops - effects can be implemented into the...

BluGuitar Midi1

MIDI Adapter


To control the BluGuitar AMP1 by an external MIDI controller, Connect to the remote socket of the AMP1, This is used to call up all the AMP1...

G-LAB GSC-3 System Controller

Guitar System Controller


MIDI controller and control centre for a complete guitar system, Logically structured and very easy to use, Tap tempo function, 100 Presets memory...

One Control Agamidae Tail Loop

Switchable Looper


Programmable 6 loop switcher, 100 presets, Master bypass function makes it possible to bypass the switcher / all effects with just one switch, True...

BluGuitar Looperkit

Looper Kit


4x True bypass (relay) mono loops for controlling stomp boxes with the Remote 1, True bypass switching, The four loops can be individually assigned...

HoTone Patch Kommander Looper

Programmable Effect Looper


With 4 independent relay-based true-bypass audio loops, 12 Memory slots, Switchable buffer at the entrance to avoid height loss, Tuner Mute...

Line6 Variax Cabled Power Kit

Variax Power Kit


For all JTV and Variax electric guitars with XPS A / B box, Incl. 4.5 cm Planet Waves cable and PX-2g 9V AC power supply (Article 140496)

One Control Minimal Series White Loop

2 Channel Looper


2x 9V outputs, True bypass

One Control Minimal Series Black Loop

2 Channel Looper


2x 9V outputs, True bypass

One Control Chamaeleo Tail Loop MKII

Programmable 5-channel looper / switcher


15 presets, Tuner output, 6x 9 V DC outputs, All loops with True Bypass, Can be operated passively without power supply (power outputs are not...

Strymon Multiswitch Plus



Offers all the functions of the multiswitch as well as advanced control for Strymon Volante, Riverside & Sunset, 3 Switches and 3 discrete outputs...

Electro Harmonix 45000 Foot Controller

Foot Switch


For Electro Harmonix 45000 Multi-Track

Carl Martin Octa-Switch MK3

Switching System for Effect Devices


New layout, 8 Individually manageable loops, 8 Individually manageable channels, 8 DIP switches per channel, 8 Channel buttons, 7 Send / return, 1...

Ernie Ball Tap Tempo

Tap button for delay pedals


Normally-open momentary footswitch, 6.3 mm jack output, No power supply is needed, Can be combined with many different pedals

Radial Engineering Tonebone Bigshot I/O

Instrument Selector


100% Passive, True Bypass (via TRIM switch), 2 Instrument inputs, Separate tuner output, Volume control, Reduces output level of Input 2, TRIM...

Lehle 1@3 SGoS



With loop for one instrument on up to three amps, The Lehle 1at3 routes the input signal as a true true bypass switcher via gold-plated relays to...

JHS Pedals Mute Switch

Mute footswitch


Mutes the signal completely, Two-colour status LED, Metal housing, Power supply is only necessary for the status LED, Made in the USA

Moen GEC5

Loop Switcher


128 Presets, 5 Loops, 2 Fixed loops and 2 sequential loops, 1 isolated loop, Midi PC # / CC # functions, Each preset contains two channels of PC #...

MXR M 196 A/B Box

A / B Box


Directs the instrument signal to two different targets, Can be switched between the individual paths as well as use both at the same time, 6.3 mm...

Radial Engineering Tonebone Mix-Blender

Effects Pedal


Signal mixer, Mixes two input signals and an output signal, Effects loop, Effects footswitch, Status LED, Phase inversion slide switch, Metal...

Old Blood Noise Endeavors AB/Y Switcher

AB/Y switch / signal splitter


Passive operation, Footswitch A, Footswitch B, Status LEDs, Metal housing, 3x 6.3 mm jacks, IN / OUT, Power supply is required only for the LEDs,...

Artec SE-SWB A/B Box

A / B Switch BoxArtec is a relative new star in the sky for effects devices and is distinguished by solid quality and really appealing prices.


Signal path can be used in both directions, 9V power supply socket, Led status display, Footswitch

Orange OMEC Teleport

Effects Pedal


Interface without special drivers or software requirements, AD / DA converter, USB B port, Amplitude CS software included, Power supply with a 9 V...

Palmer PFFX

2 Channel Loop Switcher


Allows you to individually switch on or off two effects loops, or connect both in series, Ground lift switch, 3x 6.3mm jack inputs, 3x 6.3 jack...

Palmer MI F 2 SW

Universal 2-Channel Footswitch


Variable dual footswitch for all devices with a footswitch connection, Switches between amplifier channels, Effects can be switched on and off, Can...

JHS Pedals Red Remote

Remote footswitch for effects pedals


To remotely enable toggle switch options of compatible effects pedals, Compatible with the JHS Morning Glory V4, the SuperBolt V2, and the Twin...

Source Audio Toolbox Tap Tempo Switch

External Tap Tempo Switch


Controls the LFO in Source Audio One Series modulation effects, Switches additional distortion engines on Source Audio One Series distortion...

Valeton Pole Position

Effects Loop Switcher Pedal


4 Independent loops, Heavy metal foot-switch with clear, easily readable LEDs, Robust aluminium housing, True bypass, Noiseless switching

Pigtronix Remote Switch for Infinity

Footswitch for the Pigtronix Infinity Looper


Provides access to UNDO / REDO and REVERSE functionality of the Pigtronix Infinity Looper, Individual loops can now be deleted straight away,...

Orange Amp Detonator

Amp Detonator - switcher


Custom Shop ABY pedal to switch between two amplifiers, Possibility of switching between A/B and BOTH