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tc electronic JUNE-60 Chorus

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Chorus, Authentic replica of the Synthesizer Chorus from the 80s, 2 Switch, Analogue design, Mono / Stereo switch, True bypass, AC adapter...

tc electronic Afterglow Chorus

Analog Guitar Effect


Chorus, Vintage style, True bypass

Boss CH-1 Chorus

Super Chorus Pedal


Brilliant sound with clear trebles, Built-in equaliser, Level, EQ, Rate and Depth adjustable, Robust build, Power adaptor or battery operation,...

Eventide H9 Max Harmonizer

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Contains all 45 algorithms and over 500 presets of time factor, modfactor, pitchfactor and space as well as all present and future exclusive H9...

tc electronic Corona Chorus

Guitar Effect


Chorus, Mono/ stereo in and out, Speed ​​- depth - tone - FX level control, USB port for toneprint sound and software updates, True bypass

Electro Harmonix Mod 11 Modulator

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar & Bass


11 Varying modulation effects plus advanced functionality in one compact pedal, Tap Tempo, Momentary mode for seamlessly switching on effects for a...

MXR M 234 Analog Chorus

Analog Chorus Effects Pedal


Analog chorus pedal for electric guitar, EQ with controls for bass and treble, Effect control with controls for Level, Rate and Depth, Status LED,...

Strymon Mobius

Effect Pedal


Multi modulation, 12 different modulation effects (vintage and pattern, tremolo, chorus, swell effects, radical formant effects, filter, flanger,...

Boss DC-2w Dimension Chorus

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Waza series, Analogue Chorus, 4 Switches for mode selection, Standard Mode delivers the original DC-2 sound, SDD-320 mode with authentic SD-320...

Boss MD-200 Modulation

Effect pedal for electric guitar


Stereo modulation effects, 12 Modulation effects, Stereo sound in 32 bit / 96 kHz studio quality, 4 Memory slots, LED display, 2 Footswitches, 2 x...

MXR M290 Mini Phase 95

Effect Pedal for Guitar


Phaser, Phase 45 (2-stage) and phase 90 (4-stage) circuits in mini-pedal format, Metal housing, True Bypass, Status LED, Script switch for...

Walrus Audio Julia

Effect Pedal


Chorus / Vibrato, LFO Wave Shape switch, 1x 6.3 mm jack input, 1x 6.3 mm jack output

Boss PS-6 Harmonist

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Harmonist and pitch shifter, Up to 2 additional tones, 3-Voice solos, Pitch-shifting also for chords, Extreme "chorus-like" and tremolo arm effects

MXR Phase 90

Effect Pedal


Rugged metal casing, Non-slip rubber base, Phaser with "Speed control"

Electro Harmonix Small Stone

Legendary Phaser


Classic phaser sound, True bypass, Rate control, Switch to modify the intensity

MXR M68 Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Chorus/ vibrato, Legendary sound of the Uni-Vibe of the late 60s, Controller for speed, level and depth, Switch for vibe mode, Status LED, Rugged...

Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Combines Vibrato/Chorus/Flanger sounds, The K-Field is a non-linear field modulator that produces pitch differences through small delay...

tc electronic 3rd Dimension Chorus

Effects Pedal


Vintage Analogue Chorus, With 4-button effect selection and BBD circuit, 4 Preset buttons, True bypass

Boss BF-3

Effects Unit


The legacy of the legendary BF-2, The best Boss Flanging effects, New ultra- and gate / pan modes for ultra-fat flanging, Momentary mode, Tap...

tc electronic Thunderstorm Flanger

Analog Guitar Effect


Flanger, Vintage style, True bypass

tc electronic The Dreamscape

Electric Guitar Effect


6 Signature sounds of John Petrucci (Dream Theater), 3 Modulation effects in one pedal (chorus, flanger and vibrato), Compatible with toneprints...

Eventide H9 Core Harmonizer

Effects Pedal for Electric GuitarThe H9 core is the basic version of the Eventide H9 and includes pitch & delay effects from the legendary Eventide harmonica H910 and H949. This makes the H9 Core the perfect combination of sound quality and purchase price.


Effects of PitchFactor H910 and H949, Integrated tuner, One-button user interface with Bluetooth connectivity for iPods, iPhones and iPads to...

Wampler Terraform Modulator


11 Varying modulation effects plus advanced functionality in one compact pedal, Tap Tempo, Momentary mode for seamlessly switching on effects for a...

MXR Custom Shop Phase 90 LED



Design based on the cult pedal phaser, Speed controllable, 1/4 "jack In / Out, LED indicates the switching status

Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe MK 2

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Vibrato / Chorus, Exact copy of the legendary vintage '60s Univibe, True bypass, Effect bypass footswitch, Made in USA

Walrus Audio Lillian Analog Phaser

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Analogue phaser, Can be switched between a 4-stage and a 6-stage phaser, D-P-V controller for infinitely variable Dry blending, Phaser and Vibrato,...

Behringer UC200

Floor/Foot Pedal


Ultra Stereo Chorus, Offers extra bold Chorus sound with incredible stereo effects, Separate Level, Tone, Rate and Depth controls allow for...

tc electronic Viscous Vibe

Electric Guitar Effect Pedal


Toneprint compatable, Stereo input and output, Compact design, True bypass or buffered bypass, Analogue dry through, Mini toggle switch for chorus/...

Electro Harmonix Small Clone

Chorus effect


Analog chorus, The legendary Kurt Cobain sound, True bypass, Rate and depth adjustable

Z.Vex Instant Lo Fi Junky Vexter

Effect Pedal


Lo-Fi Chorus / Vibrato, Mixes a brilliant & compressed clean signal with a dirty, modulated Lo-Fi signal for eerie chorus and pulsating vibrato...

tc electronic Helix Phaser

Electric Guitar Effect Pedal


Toneprint compatible, Mix & mini toggle for vintage/ toneprint/ smooth, Stereo input and output, True bypass or buffered bypass, Matching power...

tc electronic Blood Moon Phaser

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Analogue phaser, Vintage Style, True bypass, Power supply via 9 V battery or 9 V power supply unit (not included, suitable power supply available...

Behringer VP1 Vintage Phaser

Vintage Phaser


Authentic and classic three-dimensional phaser effect, From fast Rotary Speaker to impressive "Jet Plane" effects, Separate rate and tone control...

Joyo Joyo R-09 Vision Dual Mod

Effects Pedal


For electric guitar, bass and keyboard, 18 Tone Bender modulation effect, Switch for parallel and serial chain, True bypass, 2 x 6.3 mm jack input,...

Mooer E-Lady

Flanger Effects Pedal


Classic analogue flanger sound with filter and oscillator effect, Metal housing, True Bypass, Power supply via power supply (not included, e.g....

Harley Benton Custom Line Acoustic Preamp

Professional preamp / DI box for acoustic guitar


With reverb and chorus, Volume, Bass, Treble, Gain, Shape, Phase controls, Ground / lift, Separate controls for reverb and chorus, Status LEDs,...

Jam Pedals Retro Vibe

Effect Pedal


Original faithful clone of the original 69 UniVibe, Depth and speed controls, Chorus / Vibrato switch, Expression pedal input, True bypass, Each...

Electro Harmonix Stereo Electric Mistress

Flanger Effect


Digital effect with an analog sound, No background noises, Filter Matrix Mode, Stereo, Including power supply (96 DC-200 BI)

Harley Benton Classic Chorus

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Chorus, True bypass, Operates on 9 V battery (article nr 417473) or power supply unit (article nr 409939), both not included

Jam Pedals WaterFall

Effect Pedal


Produces a smooth, sweet, and transparent vintage chorus, With the original NOS Panasonic chips MN3101 and MN3007, Includes controls for depth and...

tc electronic Vortex

Electric Guitar Effect PedalThe TC Chorus / Flanger is a true classic and is one of the most copied chorus sounds ever. This pedal is particularly impressive due to its flexibility and the analogue heat, which is unparalleled.


Flanger, Mono / stereo in and out, Speed ​​- Depth - Feedback - Delay Time, 2 Different flanger settings, USB port for TonePrint sound...

Mooer Mod Factory MKII

Multi-Effect Pedal


11 Modulation effects, Digital operation, Tap Tempo function, Selectable serial / parallel signal routing, Speed, Depth and CTRL controls, 11-Way...

Electro Harmonix Bad Stone

Effects Unit for Electric Guitar


Phaser, Legendary 1970 "Bad Stone" sound, With enhancements for today's guitarist, With auto / manual switch, Robust die-cast housing, True bypass,...

Strymon Ola Chorus Vibrato Pedal

Chorus / Vibrato Pedal


MIX control, tone control, speed control and depth control, Favourite Preset for storing your favourite settings, Super low noise, True bypass,...

Electro Harmonix Good Vibes Univibe

Effects Pedal


The Good Vibes re-enacts the iconic Univibe effect of the 1960s, but with updated features that are tailored to the needs of modern players, Like...

MXR M152 Micro Flanger

Effect PedalLike many other MXR, M134 Stereo Chorus is a classic: First of all, it's an analog piece and it delivers a beautiful, wide floating sound that can be rarely heard from today's digital devices.


Flanger, Warm analog flange, 100% Analog, True bypass, Control for rate and regen, Power supply via 9V battery or optional power supply 134892 (not...

Electro Harmonix Neo Clone

Effects Pedal


Analog Chorus, Regulators for rate, Switch depth, Power supply with a 9 V battery or a 9 V DC power supply (coaxial connection - negative inside -...

Mad Professor Double Moon Chorus

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Chorus, Fully analogue signal path (bucket chain memory), Extensive modulation options, Mode selector switch, Effect on LED, AC adapter connection...

MXR EVH Phase 90

Phaser Effects UnitThe MXR EVH Phase 90 can be heard in the classic Van Halen guitar style. This is how Eddie Van Halen "spiced up" his legendary Lead sound, especially on the early records. This can clearly be heard in his parade solo on "eruption".


Designed with Edward Van Halen, Switchable vintage and modern voicings, Very stable housing, Eddie's typical red-white-black striped appearance,...

Keeley 30ms Automatic Double Tracker

Effect Pedal


Stereo effects pedal, Offers a range of studio-quality doubling effects to make instruments sound fatter and fuller, Also included is a reverb that...

EarthQuaker Devices Pyramids Stereo Flanging

Effects Pedal


Flanger, True stereo operation possible, Digital operation, Fully analogue dry and full digital wet signal path, 5 User presets, Supports side...

MXR Phase 100

Phaser Pedal


4-Way rotary switch, 4 Different intensity levels selectable via 4-way rotary switch, Can be operated via a power supply or with a 9V battery,...

Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe MDV-3 V2

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


True bypass, Handmade in the USA

Ibanez CSMini Chorus Pedal

Effect Pedal for Guitar


Chorus, True Bypass, Controls for speed, depth, level, Made in Japan

EarthQuaker Devices Grand Orbiter V3

Effect Pedal


4-Stage phaser, Switchable from phaser to vibrato, LFO kill switch enables fixed-resonant filter effects, 3 Modulation areas, Footswitch works as a...

Boss PH-3

Effects Pedal


Phaser, Classical and modern phaser sounds with tap tempo, Seven different modes

Electro Harmonix Mod Rex

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


4 Independent modulation sections, Mod section offers vibrato, flanger, chorus / phaser, Trem section provides a tremolo effect, Pan section allows...

Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Univibe LTD

Effects Pedal


Univibe, Jimi Hendrix signature limited edition, Jimi Hendrix's world-famous modulation sound, Artwork by legendary rock artist Gered Mankowitz,...

Mooer Ensemble King

Guitar Effect


Chorus, Regulators for rate, level and depth, TRS inputs and output, Status LED, True bypass, Requires 9V DC power supply (not included)

MXR M-117R Flanger

Flanger Effect


"Sweep and Flange sounds" of the 70s, LED status display, Power adapter included

Source Audio Gemini Chorus

Chorus Effect Pedal


One series, 3 Different chorus types can be selected via toggle switch, Voluminous / hypnotic chorus sounds unified in classic mode and others in...

MXR EVH-117 Flanger

Flanger Classic Analog FlangerThe MXR EVH M-117 Flanger can be heard in the classic Van Halen guitar style. This is how Eddie Van Halen "spiced up" his legendary Lead sound, especially on the early records. This can clearly be heard on "Unchained".


With Edward Van Halen, EVH Switch, Very stable casing, Metal foot switch, Status Led, EVH Led

Electro Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress XO

Effect Pedal For Electric Guitar


Flanger, Regulators for rate, range and colour, Filter matrix mode, True bypass, Power supply also possible via 9V battery, Including power supply...

tc electronic Vortex Mini Flanger

Effects Unit for Electric Guitar


Flanger, True bypass, Analogue Dry Through

Fender Bubbler Chorus

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Chorus, Fully analogue circuit, 2 Rate and 2 Depth controls each allow you to switch between 2 settings using the Slow / Fast switch, Switchable...

Mooer Ninety Orange

Guitar Effect


Phaser, Controller for speed​​, vintage / modern toggle, TRS inputs and output, Status LED, True bypass, Requires 9V DC power supply (not...

Keeley Bubble Tron

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Dynamic Flange and Phaser / Random Filter / Sample & Hold, Controllers for Rate (feedback in Flange mode), Depth (LFO shape in Filter mode), Level...

Matthews Effects The Chemist v2 Modulator

Effect pedal for electric guitar


Modulator, 2 Rows of identical controls allow you to toggle between 2 different settings, Tthe Alternate input and bypass footswitches can be...

Alexander Pedals Wavelength Digital Mod

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Digital modulation pedal, 6 Presets with different modulation sounds - expandable to 16 with external MIDI controller, True bypass, MIDI output,...

Jam Pedals Ripply Fall Chorus/Vibe

Effects Pedal


Chorus / Vibe, Combines the Jam Pedals Effects Waterfall & Ripple in a single case, They work both as stand-alone and combined with some new...

Valeton CH-10 Analog Chorus

Chorus Effect Pedal


Warm, natural & overtone-rich chorus based on the Boss CE-2, Classic MN3007 chip for generating the classic chorus tone, 100% Analogue signal path,...

Providence ADC-4 Anadime Chorus

Effects pedal


Chorus, Traditional, warm and full analogue chorus, Power supply with 9 V battery or 9 V DC power supply (coaxial connection - negative pole...

MXR 1974 Vintage Phase 90

Phaser Effect


1974 Vintage Phase 90 Original Reissue, Gentle, warm modulation sound, Speed control, Foot switch made of metal, Sturdy metal housing, Operation...

MXR M134 Stereo Chorus

Stereo ChorusLike many other MXR, M134 Stereo Chorus is a classic: First of all, it's an analog piece and it delivers beautiful, wide floating sound that can be rarely heard from today's digital devices.


Very clean and ambient noise free stereo chorus, With an equalizer, Bass filter

JHS Pedals Emperor V2

Effect Pedal


Chorus / Vibrato, Analog operation, Tap-tempo function, Controls for Volume, Tone, Speed ​​and Depth, Toggle switch to select between...