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Palmer PDI-03L8

Limited Speaker Simulator


19 " / 1U, 8 Ohm Speaker Simulator, One of the most searched rack parts ever, Simulates the sound of a 4x 12 Box at low volume, Is directly...

Palmer PDI-05

Boxing Simulator


Simulates the sound of a 4x12 "box at low volume, Is directly connected to the speaker-out of the amplifier, 5 years warranty

tc electronic Hall of Fame 2

Effect Pedal


Reverb, The new TC MASH technology turns the foot switch into a pressure sensitive expression controller, New Shimmer Reverb algorithm, The...

Boss RC-30 Dual Track Looper

Effect Pedal


Twin pedal multitrack looper with real stereo in and out, 2 Synchronized stereo tracks with dedicated volume knobs and "track-select" buttons,...

tc electronic Flashback 2 Delay

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Delay, The new TC MASH technology turns the foot switch into a pressure-sensitive expression controller, New Ethereal Delay algorithm, For mono...

Proco Rat 2 Distortion

Effects Pedal


Legendary distortion pedal, Used on thousands of recordings in the last three decades, Very versatile as a distortion for arena-rock rhythm tones...

Mission Engineering EP1-KP-GN

Expression Pedal


With integrated switch specifically for using with the Kemper Profiler, Linear potentiometer for a precise and natural adjustment that is...

Harley Benton SpaceShip 40



Adjustable and light, Strong powder coated frame, Covered in a carpet like material, Adjustable height and incline, Easy power supply installation...

Dunlop Crybaby GCB95

Wah-Wah Classic


Equipped with the legendary red Fasel inductor, 100 kOhm Hot Potz potentiometer guarantees fast response to the wah effect, Hardwire bypass, Robust...

tc electronic JUNE-60 Chorus

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Chorus, Authentic replica of the Synthesizer Chorus from the 80s, 2 Switch, Analogue design, Mono / Stereo switch, True bypass, AC adapter...

tc electronic SpectraComp Bass Compressor

Effect Pedal for Bass Guitar


Bass compressor, Ultra compact multi-band compressor in studio quality, Simple one-button operation, Perfectly matched to Bass, True bypass, Power...

Boss GE-7 Equalizer

Graphic Equalizer For Electric Guitar


7-band EQ from 100 Hz to 6.4 kHz with / -15 dB each, Ideal for guitar sounds, Perfect as a boost pedal for solos, for switching to an alternative...

Digitech Trio+ Band Creator

Accompaniment Band and Looper in Stompbox Format


Generates bass and drum accompaniment based on your own guitar playing, Integrated looper - can also be used independently of the accompaniment...

Harley Benton SpaceShip Hook & Loop Tape 3M

Hook-and-Loop Tape


Strong hook-and-loop tape for attaching the pedals to the pedal board

Roland GR-55GK Black

Guitar Synth + Modelling


910 different, editable Roland synthesizer sounds of the newest generation, Piano, Strings, Wind instrument, Soundscapes, Vintage-Synths etc., Up...

Digitech JamMan Stereo

Effect Pedal


Looper / Phrase Sampler, For record rhythm loops and subsequently soloing - completely without bending and adjusting, 35 Minutes loop in CD...

Harley Benton SpaceShip 50C

Pedal Board


Compact and lightweight, Sturdy, powder-coated aluminium frame, Carpet-covered, Simple power supply installation underneath the frame, Includes...

tc electronic Skysurfer Reverb

Electric Guitar Effect


Studio-quality reverb, Spring, plate and hall reverbs, True bypass

Vox Amplug 2 Bass

Compact headphone amplifier for electric bass


9 x Integrated rhythm patterns, Integrated 6.3 mm jack for direct connection onto the bass, 3.5 mm Headphone connector, Aux in for MP3 players,...

Boss FV-500-H

Mono Volume PedalThe BOSS FV-500 is the worthy successor of the volume pedal classic FV 300.


Aluminium casing, High impedance, Input and output jack on the front, Expressional pedal connection, Pedal can be used as a volume and as an...

tc electronic Afterglow Chorus

Analog Guitar Effect


Chorus, Vintage style, True bypass

Boss DS-1 Distortion

Distortion Pedal


Hard distortion effect for guitar and keyboard, Reproduces faithfully all the subtle nuances of the dynamics at any volume, Power supply with a 9 V...

Zoom A1X Four Acoustic FX Pedal

Multi-effect pedal


For acoustic guitar, saxophone, trumpet, violin, harmonica, acoustic bass and much more, 50 Memory locations, 90 Effects, Includes 35 new effects...

ToneWoodAmp Multieffekt for Acousticguitar

Multi-Effect for Acoustic Guitar


No amplifier necessary - the effect can be heard through the guitar's sound hole, Easy to install; held in place by magnets, 8 Built-in effects...

Fishman Triple Play

MIDI Pickup


Set consisting of a wireless transmission unit (controller) with hexaphonic pickup, Wireless USB receiver, Installation accessories, Quick charger,...

Fender ABY Footswitch

Double Foot Switch


Solid metal housing, True Hardwire Bypass, 2 Switches, LED, Jack inputs and outputs, Battery operation or 9 V DC connection

tc electronic The Prophet Digital Delay

Guitar Effect


Digital Delay in studio quality, Up to 1300 ms delay time, True bypass

Boss ME-50B

Multi-effects pedal for bass with easy operation


The simplest operation set-up of all time - Rotary knobs for all settings!, 23 Different effects in the best BOSS quality with new effects "Octave...

Joyo Multifunction Wah / Volume

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Wah / volume, Compact dual-mode wah-wah / volume pedal with Q control, Easy-to-use wah-wah / volume and wah-wah / bypass toggle switch, Wah-Wah Q...

Boss EQ-200 Graphic Eq


Pitch Shifter, Polyphonic drop algorithm from the Whammy DT, Can be transposed down from a semitone to one octave + octave/dry mode, Toggle switch...

Gator G-MultiFX-2411

Transport bag


Suitable for most multi-effects, Large exterior pocket for accessories, Adjustable shoulder strap, Carry handle

Line6 Helix Guitar Processor

Guitar Processor


Next generation dual DSP based HX Modeling Engine with 4 discreet stereo-signal paths, 50 Guitar amp models, 12 bass amp models, 37 speakers, 16...

Digitech The Drop

Electric Guitar Effects Pedal


Pitch Shifter, Polyphonic drop algorithm from the Whammy DT, Can be transposed down from a semitone to one octave + octave/dry mode, Toggle switch...

E-Bow E-Bow Plus

Effects for Guitar


The E-Bow generates a magnetic field, whereby the string is brought to oscillate continuously, Now with the additional „Harmonic" mode, Power...

Harley Benton SpaceShip 60



Adjustable and lightweight, Rugged powder coated aluminium frame, Carpet covered, Adjustable height and tilt, Easy power supply installation under...

Harley Benton PowerPlant ISO-2 Pro

Multi Power Supply Unit for Effect Pedals


8 Isolated, filtered and short-circuit protected outputs eliminate noise and hum, High amperage for modern digital effects, LED monitoring at each...

Boss SD-1 Overdrive

Overdrive Pedal


Warm, soft tube amp-like distortion, Input and output via 6.3 mm jack, 9 V DC power supply connection (coaxial socket 5.5 x 2.1 mm - negative pin...

Source Audio SA 249 One Series C4 Synth

Effect pedal for guitar or bass


Modular synthesizer, Free editor software "Neuro Editor" offers extremely many possibilities of sound design, 6 Onboard factory presets, 128...

Boss CH-1 Chorus

Super Chorus Pedal


Brilliant sound with clear trebles, Built-in equaliser, Level, EQ, Rate and Depth adjustable, Robust build, Power adaptor or battery operation,...

Ernie Ball EB6180 VP-JR

Volume Pedal


For guitar / bass, The proven Ernie Ball quality, Sturdy and absolutely tour-worthy, 250 kOhm Version

Behringer VD400

Stomp box effects device


Analog, Vintage Delay

Strymon Big Sky

Guitar Effect


Reverb, 12 different studio class reverb machines, Rooms, Reverbs, Plates and Springs, 300 programmable user presets, Press-and-hold sustain and...

Behringer HB01 Hell Babe

Ultimate Wah-Wah Pedal


With optical control for wear-free pedal operation (no mechanical controls and switches), The heel-down frequency can be adjusted via range control...

Digitech SDRUM Strummable Drums

Drum Computer in Stompbox Format


Creates drum rhythms based on scratches and strums over the muted strings, 5 Studio-quality drum kit sounds, 12 Different hats / rides styles,...

Singular Sound BeatBuddy

Drum Pedal


Effects pedal with drum beats, 200 Editable song settings, 10 Drum kits, Many different music styles, Tap tempo, Provides musical sequence with...

Zoom B1X Four Bass Multi Effect

Multi-Effect Pedal for Electric Bass


71 Internal effects, 9 Amp simulations, Usable up to five effects simultaneously and in any order, Looper with a length of up to 30 seconds / 64...

Mooer E7 Polyphonic Guitar Synth.


Pitch Shifter, Polyphonic drop algorithm from the Whammy DT, Can be transposed down from a semitone to one octave + octave/dry mode, Toggle switch...

MXR 10 Band Equalizer Silver

Effects Pedal


Graphic 10-band equalizer, / -12 dB boost or cut per frequency band, 2 Outputs for splitting the signal, Low noise, true bypass, Regulator for...

Roland GKC-5

Connector cable


GK2A to GR55GK, GR55S, VG99, VB99, GR33-VG8-VGA7/5-Axon AX100, Length 5 m

Velcro Hook Tape 20mm

Velcro Grommet


Self-adhesive, Roll with 5 m, Velcro fastener webbing tape is also required (216583)

Line6 Helix Backpack



Suitable for Line6 Helix Floorboard (Art. 366537 - not included), 2 Stowable backpack straps, Robust rubber handles, Waterproof zips

tc electronic Ditto Looper

Looper Pedal


Designed for guitarists by guitarists, Five minutes loop time, Unlimited overdubs, undo and redo functions, Minimalist and intuitive interface,...

Zoom G1Xon

Multi FX Pedal for Guitar


75 Guitar effects, Includes distortion, dynamic and modulation effects, reverbs, delays, and many amp modellings, Expression pedal, 30 Second...

Electro Harmonix Ram's Head Big Muff Fuzz

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar & Bass


Fuzz, A faithful reproduction of the popular 1973 V2 Violet Ram's Head Big Muff Pi sound, True bypass

Thon Case Kemper Prof. Stage + EP1

Flight Case


22 x 22 mm Aluminium edges, 2 Small, spring-loaded butterfly latches, 1 Leather handle, 8 Small ball corners, Foam padding, Removable lid, Device...

Valeton Dapper Bass Effect Strip

Compact 6-in-1 Multi-Effect for Electric Bass


Chorus, Octaver, Bass Amp, Dirty Q, Boost Comp and Tuner, Tuner with fast response, "silent tuning" and large, bright LED display, Chorus,...

Harley Benton PowerPlant Junior

Power supply for effects devices


5 Outputs with 9 V DC (with each 120 mA), Galvanically isolated, Incl. cable set (5x 60 cm / 5x 30 cm /1 x Y / 1x Daisy Chain, 100 cm)

Boss TU-3

Chromatic Floor tuner


Cent mode (display as a classic tuner) or Stream mode (running light display), 21 Segment LED meter, Accu-Pitch, High-Brightness mode, Chromatic...

Harley Benton FXL8 Pro

Floor pedal


2 Switches - e.g. for channel switching, 8x Effect loopers for patching stomp, 8 banks with 4 presets, True bypass, 240 mA Power consumption for...

Xotic XW-1 Wah

Electric Guitar Effect Pedal


Wah Wah, Analog operation, True bypass, Wah Q Control changes the quality of the filters for example vocal-like Wah effects, Adjustable pedal,...

Boss GT-1B Bass Multi-FX Pedal

Multi-effect pedal for electric bass


90 effect types, 32 seconds Looper, About 7 hours of playing on battery, 99 presets, 99 user patches, 3 footswitches, 1 expression pedal and 1...

tc electronic BodyRez

Effect Pedal for Acoustic Guitars with Piezo Pickup


Restores the natural acoustic resonance of acoustic guitars when using piezo pickups, Produces a more natural sound, Acoustic live guitar sound in...

Fishman Triple Play Connect


Pitch Shifter, Polyphonic drop algorithm from the Whammy DT, Can be transposed down from a semitone to one octave + octave/dry mode, Toggle switch...

Rockboard MOD 1

All-in-one patchbay


Suitable for new models of RockBoard series pedalboards, All connections to and from the RockBoard are positioned in one place, Ensures short and...

Joyo Joyo R-12 Band Controller EQ

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Graphic 10-band equaliser, Frequency range from 31.25 Hz to 16 kHz, True bypass, Ambient LED lighting, Aluminium housing, 1 x 6.3 mm jack input, 1...

Line6 HX Stomp

Multi-Effects Pedal


Multi-effect processor with the helix sound, Over 300 effects and models from the Helix, M series and other Line6 products, 6 Simultaneously usable...

Boss RC-3 Loop Station

Pedal Effect


Loop station, Big internal storage for up to 3 hours stereo recording, 99 Internal storage slots for loops, USB 2.0 connector for connection with...

Pedaltrain Metro 16 SC

Effect Pedal Board


With place for 5-8 floor effects, Made of high quality aircraft aluminium, Including gigbag, velcro and cable tie

Electro Harmonix Bass Mono Synth

Synth Effect Pedal


11 Different types each emulating the sound of different vintage synthesizers, True Bypass, Power supply with a 9 V DC mains adapter (included in...

Harley Benton Dr. Chord Pro

Chord Finder


With chromatic tuner and metronome, Contains 2640 chords, For right and left handed chords, Chromatic tuner, Headphone output, Auto power off,...

Source Audio SA 263 Collider Delay+ Reverb


Pitch Shifter, Polyphonic drop algorithm from the Whammy DT, Can be transposed down from a semitone to one octave + octave/dry mode, Toggle switch...

Eventide H9 Max Harmonizer

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Contains all 45 algorithms and over 500 presets of time factor, modfactor, pitchfactor and space as well as all present and future exclusive H9...

Mission Engineering SP1-L6H-BK

Expression Pedal


With integrated switch ideal for use with the Line 6 Helix Rack, Rack Floor Controller or HX Stomp, Precisely tailored to the specifications of the...

Vox VX V847A Wah

Wah Wah Pedal


Incl. vinyl bag with Vox logo

Boss ES-8 Effects Switching System

Programmable effects switching system


With eight loops and an additional volume loop, Analogue switch design for pure sound, Unparalleled routing flexibility with the possibility to...