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Harley Benton GPA-400

19 "Guitar Power Amplifier


Lightweight Class-D technology with switch-mode power supply, 2x 200 W @ 4 Ohm, 2x 100 W @ 8 Ohm, 2x 50 W @ 16 Ohm, Bridged 400 W @ 8 Ohm and 200 W...

Palmer Macht 402

19" Stereo Power Amplifier


Especially for electric guitar, Class D dynamic circuit

Seymour Duncan Power Stage 170

Guitar Power Amp


Suitable for amplifying effect pedals, Small enough for pedalboards, 3-Band EQ, 13 dB boost/cut in each frequency band, Controls for volume, bass,...

Mooer Baby Bomb 30 W

Power Amp For Electric Guitar


Complete power amplifier in micro pedal form, Suitable for direct connection to effects devices, Delivers pleasant post-stage overdrive at higher...

Harley Benton Custom Line Thunder 99

Guitar Power Amplifier in Pedal Format


Compact power amp pedal for electric guitar, For direct connection to any preamp, pedal or effects unit, For 4 - 16 ohm speakers, Master volume...

Synergy SYN-5050

Stereo tube power amp for electric guitar


Specially developed for the Synergy system, Developed by Steven Fryette, 2 Latch inputs, 4 Jack outputs, Each channel with its own volume control,...

Seymour Duncan Power Stage 700

Guitar Amplifier


Suitable for direct connection with effects devices, 3-Band EQ, 13 dB boost/cut in each frequency band, Speaker simulation, Controls for volume,...

HoTone Loudster Portable Power Amp

Compact floor amplifier for guitarists


Designed for pedals and amp modellers, Compact format, Robust aluminium housing, True bypass, Compatible with speakers with impedances from 4 - 16...

Mooer Tube Engine

Guitar Power Amp


Suitable for connection directly to effect units, Class A / B tube circuit, Suitable for operation of guitar cabinets with 8-16 ohms., 1 x 12AXz...

Engl E840/50 Poweramp

Stereo Tube Power Amplifier


Input gain switch, Volume control per channel, Presence A and B controller, Standby switch per stereo side, 8 and 16 Ohm output for each stereo...

Rocktron Mainline

300 W Transistor guitar power amp


2 Channels with independent controllers and inputs / outputs, Power in bridged (mono) mode 300 watts into 8 ohms, 170 watts into 16 ohms, Level,...