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Takamine CTP-3

Preamp for acoustic guitars


Tube technology, 3-band EQ, Semi parametric midrange, Volume fader, Infinitely adjustable Cool Tube effect, Auto chromatic tuner, Input for...

Palmer MI Pocket Amp Acoustic

Portable Preamp


For acoustic string instruments with piezo and magnetic pickups, Input limiters, polarity selector and notch filters, 3-Band EQ with...

Tech 21 QStrip

Channel strip / preamp


High-quality channel strip / preamp for acoustic instruments or bass, 3 different operational modes, A very high impedance input handles piezos as...

Takamine CT4BII

Preamp for Steel-string Guitars


3-Band EQ, Chromatic tuner, Delivery without installation frames

Takamine TP4T

Preamp for Acoustic Guitar


3-Band EQ, With chromatic tuner

Ovation OP-PRO Preamp



Built-in preamplifier for Ovation guitars, With Gain - Low EQ - MID EQ - High EQ - PRE EQ - Tune - Tuner Display, Tuner without mute function,...

Ovation OP Pro Studio



For installation in Ovation guitars, 3 Band EQ, Drive, Gain, Min Expression controls, Built-in tuner with mute function, LED Display, Includes mount

Radial Engineering Tonebone AC Driver

Preamp Effect Pedal for Acoustic Instruments


Studio-quality preamp in pedal format, Specially designed for acoustic instruments, Also acts as a DI box, Level, Notch and Low Cut controls, 3-Way...

Trace Elliot Multipedal TRANSIT-A

Multi Pedal


Backlit controls, Piezo-Boost switch for passive piezosystems, Built-in chromatic tuner, Chorus effect, Delay effect with tap tempo, Reverb effect,...

K&K Trinity Pro Preamp

Two-channel preamplifier


For amplifying a combination of piezo pickup and condenser microphone, Phase reverse switch for the microphone channel

Ovation OP24+ Preamp

PreampThe OP24 + is the basic preamp from Ovation. This preamp is the Ovation industry standard. Easy operation and handling make this preamp the best example of effective sound control with the simplest of user interfaces.


Active 3-band equalizer, Mid-shift switch (400Hz / 1kHz), EQ pre-shape circuit, EQ status switch for bypass function, Battery status LED

Artec Edge Z

Preamp for acoustic guitars


Upper bout version 3-band EQ, Presence control, Volume control, Phase switch, Built-in tuner with LCD display, Battery status indicator, "Inner...

Artec ETN-4 Preamp

Preamp for acoustic guitars


4-Band EQ, Presence control, Master volume control, Built-in chromatic tuner, Slim shape (45 mm width), For upper bout mounting, Battery status...

L.R.Baggs Gigpro



Gain, Passive 2-Band EQ, Bass trim control, Phase inversion, 9V Phantom power, With belt clip

Takamine CT4-DX Preamp

2-Channel Preamp


Connection for second pickup, 5-Band EQ, 2 Notch filters, Built-in tuner

Artec FTE-3

Preamp for Acoustic Guitars


Upper Bout Version 3 Band EQ, Volume knob, Battary status indicator, 2.5 mm Input socket, 6.35 mm (1/4") Output jack with cable, Including output...