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Ibanez 2LE2-B

Tremolo Height Adjustment Screw


For 'EDGE' Tremolos, Priced per unit

L.R.Baggs Align Session Effektpedal

Effect Pedal for Acoustic Guitar


Compressor / EQ, Analogue saturation increases heat and harmonic content, Compressor / EQ circuit smoothes problem frequencies, Adjustable gain for...

The Loar LH-280-CSN

Jazz guitar


Cutaway, Maple top, Mahogany neck, Padauk fretboard, Bone nut

National Reso-Phonic Style O Deluxe

Resonator Guitar


Nickeled brass body, Handmade resonator 9.5" (24.1 cm), Slotted headstock, Logo headstock "Engraved", Topcoat headstock Ivoroid, Figured maple...

Gretsch G2220 Junior Jet II Bass TG

Electric Bass


Electromatic series, 20 Medium frets, 1 Volume and tone controls, Standard 4-saddle bridge, G Arrow Knobs

National Reso-Phonic Estralita Deluxe

Resonator Guitar


Laminated, grained maple top, Walnut bottom and -sides, Handmade resonator 9.5" (24.1 cm), Slotted headstock, Logo headstock "Engraved", Top layer...

Furch B62-SW

Acoustic Bass


Cutaway, LR-Baggs Anthem SL pickups, Incl. Gig bag, Made in Europe (Czech Republic)

Fender Vintera 60s Mustang Bass FR

Electric bass


Vintera series, White dot fretboard inlays, Synthetic bone nut, 19 Vintage frets, Master volume and master tone controls, Mustang bridge with 4...

Daddario EZ920

String Set for Steel-string Guitars


85/15 Bronze, Roundwound, Very balanced tone, Medium light gauge

Gator Hardshell Case Bass

Bass Case


For electric-bass, Universal, Accessory compartment, Plywood

Mesa Boogie Rectifier 4x12 Standard

4 x 12" Guitar Cabinet


Rectifier Standard, Slanted design (Oversize), Includes Track-Loc castors

Epiphone EJ-200 Coupe VS

Jumbo Steel-String Guitar


Solid spruce top, Ovangkol body, Maple neck, Pau Ferro fretboard, Rounded slimt taper "C" neck profile, Dot inlays with crown at the 12th fret,...

La Bella 760FS-B Deep Talkin Bass

String Set for 5-String Electric Bass


Flat wound, B string taper wound / thinner up to approx. 5 - 6 cm after the ball end, Hand polished for a particularly smooth surface, Packaged in...

Evh 5150 III 100S EL3412ST Cabinet

Guitar Cabinet


Original box for the EVH 5150 III 100S EL34 amp head, Includes EVH castors

Fender Player Series P-Bass MN BLK LH

Electric Bass


Left hand model, Maple neck, Matte neck finish, 20 Frets, Volume knob and tone knob, Standard open gear machine heads

Martin Guitars MA-535S Authentic Acoustic Set

String Set for Steel-String Guitar


Custom light

Ritter RGS3 Classical 1/2 Guitar MGB

Gig Bag for 1/2 Classical Guitar


15 mm Padding (10 mm high-density foam; 5 mm soft foam), Made of high-quality water-resistant polyester, Incorporated reflectors for road safety,...

Thalia Capo Blue Abalone Black Chrome



High quality capodaster with Blue Abalon inlay, One-handed operation, Interchangeable Fretpads allow you to adapt to a wide range of fretboard...

Sperzel Guitar Tuners 6L Trimlok SC

Locking Machine Head Set


Clampwheel on the rear site, Staggered version for optimum string position - 2x long, 2x medium, 2x short, For 10 mm bore, Made in USA

Fender 860XL PhBronze DuraTone Coated

String set for steel-string guitar


Phosphor Bronze, Coated, Extra Light

Mono Cases Acoustic Guitar Sleeve (ASH)

Gig Bag for Steel-string Guitar


M80-SAD-ASH, Sleek and minimalist design for lightweight and easy travel, 20 mm padding, Shock absorber at the bottom, Large accessory pocket,...

Ortega Case Backpack Strap

Suitcase Carrier


Suitable for all shaped cases, No eyelets or assembly work required, Adjustable nylon straps with clip fasteners, With 10 mm thick shoulder pads

Adamas 1717 Historic Reissue

String Set for Steel-String Guitar


Gauges .010 - .014 - .023w - .030w - .038w .047w, Reissue in the 1980s Original Specifications, Solid brass ball ends, With E6 and A5, core and...

Ibanez PC12MH-OPN Bundle 2

Ibanez PC12MH-OPN


Steel-String Guitar

Seymour Duncan Woody Series SA-3HC

Electro - Magnetic Pickup


For sound hole mounting, Wooden housing, Vertical humbucker, For sound holes min. 94mm to max. 100mm

Recording King RPS-9-TS

Steel-String Guitar


Dirty 30's series, Single O body shape, Solid spruce top, Back and sides in whitewood, X-Bracing, Nato neck, Revebond fretboard and bridge, Thin C...

TAD RT030 Tube ECC83 HG7025

Highgrade Tube


Extremely low noise and hum noise, Ideal input stage tube for sophisticated guitar sounds, Warm clean sounds, Punchy mids, Fat, soft overdrive, No...

Pedaltrain PBK

Pedal Increase


For the second row, Kombo package with 1x PB1 ever , PB2 and PB3, Velcro (included)

Rockboard Professional Gigbag QUAD 4.2

Gig Bag


Suitable for Rockboard Quad 4.2 as well as multi-effects, looper switchers and other floor equipment, Robust waterproof RokTex surface material,...

DiMarzio DP127 WH

Bass Pick up Split P PickupsThe Split P (TM) humbucker creates very warm bass and crisp highs with excellent overtones. The mids stay somewhat in the background. Both humbuckers are very sensitive to fine-tuned nuances.


More bass and treble, No background noise generated (humbucker), Very sensitive, Covers the entire frequency spectrum

Fender 9120

Bass Strings 9120


Nylon tape wound, 058-110

dAndrea Bridge Pins Solid Brass Flat

Bridge Pins For Acoustic Guitars


Fits most acoustic guitar bridges, For more sustain and sharpness, Set of 6 pieces

Harley Benton Parts Feedback Buster Matrix

Feedback Suppressor for Sound Hole


For most western guitars

La Bella 750N-S Black Nylon Tape

String set for electric bass


Ideal for fretless electric basses & acoustic basses, These strings have an outer wrapping of black nylon tape on the, Stainless steel wrapping for...

J. Rockett Audio Designs IQ Compressor

Effect Pedal For Electric Guitar


Compressor / EQ, Graphical 6-band EQ before the compressor circuit, Up to 18 dB boost / cut per band, True Bypass, Incredible sound diversity,...

La Bella FG178 7/8 Guitar Nylon

String Set For 7/8 Classical Guitar


For 62/63 cm (24.5") scale, Medium tension, Wound G3 string, Incl. additional G3 string, Made in USA

Augustine Paragon Blue High Tension


Cutaway, Maple top, Mahogany neck, Padauk fretboard, Bone nut

Daddario EPS220

String Set for Electric Bass


Regular Light ProSteel, Gauge 040-060-075-095, ProSteels are Daddario's brightest and most magnetic bass strings, A special alloy provides...

Ibanez Steve Vai Pick Set MP

Pick Set


Original Ibanez Steve Vai signature picks, Set of 6, Thickness 1.00 mm

Gewa Fire&Stone Class.Tuner Lyra GD

Machine Head Set for Classical Guitar


Marbled butterfly wingnuts, With lyra, Nylon shafts

DiMarzio DP 209 Creme



P-90 super distortion

tc electronic RS410

Bass Cabinet


Eminence 33 mm voice coil, With titanium diaphragm

Gewa Fire&Stone Tuners Classic

Machine heads


For classical guitar, With lyra design, Nickel-plated, Nylon shafts (10 mm diameter), Marbled butterfly buttons

ABM 3020ga Stop Tail

Stop Tail Bridge


Made in Germany!, An excellent alternative, a copy of the 1958 original, Highest quality model milled and bent out of solid aluminum, Ultra fast...

Adamas 1919 Historic Reissue

String Set for Western Guitar


Reissue in the 1980s Original Specifications, Massive brass bale, With E6 and A5, core and coil with identical diameter, High-end premium phosphor...

Göldo 3-D Bass Bridge HW55C

Bridge for 5-String Bass Guitar


Solid all-metal construction, Locking Saddles, 16.8 mm spacing / -1 mm

Elixir 032-95 5 String Set

Elixir Nanoweb Super Light BassGuitar


Electric Bass Strings, Super light, Long scale, Nanoweb

Göldo Pickguard SSS Vintage Mint

SSS Vintage Mint


Pickguard for ST models, 11 Holes, 3-Ply

DiMarzio DP700 BK

Humbucker pickup


Blaze Neck Model, Neck position, For 7-string electric guitar, 4-Wire cable

Babicz FCH 6-Point Z-Series Wde CH

Tremolo For ST-Style Guitars


For guitars with 56.4 mm (2-7 / 32 ") string spacing, 6-Point mounting

EMG 85-7 Black

Active Humbucker Pickup


For 7-string electric guitar, Classic EMG 85 sound in a 7-string soapbar cabinet, Powerful and versatile, Is often used in the neck position, but...


Active humbucker pickup


For 4-string MM-style electric basses, Wide bobbins combined with a large coil surface provide a rich bass sound, and via the use of EMG's popular...

Fred Kelly Picks Delrin Speed Pick 8 pcs.Set L

Thumb Pick Set


Thumb pick, Set of 8

Wagner 9665 Nickel Silver Frets

Fretwire Set of Nickel Silver Frets


Large / Jumbo, 24 units, High surface finish by Wagner "Superfinishing", Made in Germany

Dunlop Herco Thumb Picks Set X-Heavy

Thumb Pick Set


Contains 24 units

Wagner 9772 Nickel Silver Frets

Fretwire set of nickel silver


Medium / regular, 24 Pieces, High surface quality through the Wagner " Super finish", Made in Germany

La Bella 7GP-12L Phosphor Bronze L

String set for 12-string steel-string guitar


Complete set of 12 strings, Round Wound, The improved sealed packaging prevents shrinking and guarantees the freshness of the strings, Made in USA

Optima 1947 FL Jazz Swing Flatwound


Cutaway, Maple top, Mahogany neck, Padauk fretboard, Bone nut

Dunlop 318 Chromed Steel Slide Short


Cutaway, Maple top, Mahogany neck, Padauk fretboard, Bone nut

Marleaux Bass Strings 6

Electric Bass Strings


Stainless steel, Long scale

Headway HE4 Pickupsystem

Pickup system for western guitar


Model HE4 / G.FEQ acoustics, With fixed frequency EQ, Active bridge pickup system without control unit, Fixed reduction of the center frequencies,...

John Pearse 3000 Resophonic

String Set for Resonator Guitar


Nickel, G-tuning

Seymour Duncan Pickup Cover Black Logo

Pickup Cover


For single coils with logo, Set of 3

Harley Benton Hu Frame Flat Top Black Bridge

Frame for Humbuckers


Flat top frame, For the bridge position, High - For straight tops

Dunlop Blues Bottle Slide Medium 272

Blues Bottle Slide


Medicine bottle design

Richter Mille Petrozza Strap RS


Cutaway, Maple top, Mahogany neck, Padauk fretboard, Bone nut

Daddario FT74

String Set


For Mandolin, Flat Tops, Lightly sanded and polished, Loop end, Phosphor bronze

Laney Gigbag for A1+



Carrying case that can be worn as a rucksack as well, for the Laney A+

Alhambra 1C 1/2 NT

Classical Guitar


Cutaway, Maple top, Mahogany neck, Padauk fretboard, Bone nut

Göldo ELK3K

Switch Button


For ST-Style 5-way switch, Wide slot

Höfner Pickguard H65/36-CB



Original pickguard for Höfner Club Bass, Bracket included

DR Strings Acoustic Bass String Set 045


Cutaway, Maple top, Mahogany neck, Padauk fretboard, Bone nut

Schaller BMF 1R Chrome

Single bass machine head


Replacement machine head for J- and P-style basses

Daddario XLB100 Bass XL Single String

Electric Bass single string


Nickel wound, Round wound

Guitars For Sale - A Buyers' Market

Guitars for sale are offered by most everyone today. This is unlike the past where the number of players was limited and the aspiring or professional guitarists did not have the luxury to choose from a breathtaking array of electric guitars or acoustic guitars.

There is a guitar for sale wherever you look and the guitar industry is in an overdrive. They seem to unleash a new model of the electric guitar or the acoustic virtually every day.

Guitar salesmen are everywhere

Guitars For Sale On Every Web Street Corner

The guitar is not only being hawked offline, but online too. All major guitar makers, be they Martin, Gibson or Fender, have set up hi-tech websites to reach out to the guitar buyer. These sites also showcase their guitar accessories like strings, straps, cases and picks.

The net also plays host to huge guitar marts that sell all types of guitar. The guitars are arranged in different categories.

These sales categories can be based on the kinds of guitars being sold like acoustic, classical, bass or electric guitars; they can be based on the price of guitars; they can be based on guitar brands like Epiphone Guitars, Martin Guitars, Fender Guitars or Gibson Guitars. They can also be based on guitars suitable for beginners and for professionals.

Specialists who build guitars as per the specifications laid down by the customer have set up guitar sales sites. There are also dealers who sell used and collectors' guitars, not to mention the large number of individuals who want to dispose off their old guitars. Their favorite is Ebay.

Cheap Guitars - Notes That Jar

There are two categories of cheap guitars. The first cheap guitar is due to the use of cheap material and the second is second-hand guitars.

There is no harm in buying used guitars, because some of them may have been made of the best quality wood, and are being sold cheap.

This is especially true of an acoustic guitar. They do not use electrical accessories that need to be replaced. Also, as any good guitarist will tell you, the sound of acoustic guitars improves with age.

Cheap Guitars May Be A False Economy

However, guitars that are made of cheap quality material should be avoided. Even beginners should avoid these guitars, especially if their sound does not please them.

You may find that tuning these guitars is impossible because they have the wrong frets or they will find the sound box made of two or three pieces of wood gummed together that produces jarring, instead of pleasing, resonations.

It is unfortunate that some guitar makers have switched to the assembly line system of making guitars. These guitars may be cheap but they suffer from several defects. They also use cheaper paints and cheaper lacquers that affect the final finish of the guitar.

Another problem is the hardware used. Compromises on the quality of strings, tuners, bridges, pick ups or pick guards greatly affect the sound quality. Some guitar players change the body parts hoping that this will improve the guitar quality.

They may also succeed, but remember the time and money spent on improving the guitar. It is quite possible that a cheap one after all the improvements may cost more than a new guitar.

Guitarists should also go for a hard case instead of a soft case. This helps to preserve a guitar longer. The same applies to guitar strings and all electric parts.

Always remember, whether cheap or not, any guitar should be chosen on quality and not price.

How To Buy Cheap Guitars

Contrary to popular opinion, cheap guitars are not always of poor quality. A budget guitar could also produce good music provided it is in the hands of an able guitarist. There are many ways to pick up a pocket-friendly Spanish, or classical guitar with good strings.

A cheap guitar is the best way to start on the guitar and then graduate to the better ones if you are on a budget. The make, material, age and strings decide the cost of guitar and you can easily get a good acoustic or nylon string guitar for less than $100, which could be good for a budding guitarist.

Which Guitars Are Better Value?

The steel string, custom-made and electric guitars are expensive and on the contrary classical, mass production and nylon string guitars are the economical ones. As a beginner, you need not burn a hole in your pocket to buy an expensive guitar by Fender or Gibson. Instead, you should lay your hands on a good cheap acoustic guitar, which is portable and has no hassles of insurance or handling.

It is not necessarily that the guitars made by reputed manufacturers like Fender, Gibson or Martin are only choice for guitars and other inexpensive or low-priced guitars are worthless. Many guitarists are producing wonderful music with cheaper guitars.

While searching for cheap or low-cost guitars try to find guitar shops that would let you play it before you buy. Another alternative for buying a cheap or economical guitar is to find a used guitar of good condition.

Search online or at the guitar sellers in your locality and you may find some good used models of good brands at the cost of low-cost new guitars.