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Guitars For Sale - A Buyers' Market

Guitars for sale are offered by most everyone today. This is unlike the past where the number of players was limited and the aspiring or professional guitarists did not have the luxury to choose from a...

breathtaking array of electric guitars or acoustic guitars.

There is a guitar for sale wherever you look and the guitar industry is in an overdrive. They seem to unleash a new model of the electric guitar or the acoustic virtually every day.

Guitar salesmen are everywhere

Guitars For Sale On Every Web Street Corner

The guitar is not only being hawked offline, but online too. All major guitar makers, be they Martin, Gibson or Fender, have set up hi-tech websites to reach out to the guitar buyer. These sites also showcase their guitar accessories like strings, straps, cases and picks.

The net also plays host to huge guitar marts that sell all types of guitar. The guitars are arranged in different categories.

These sales categories can be based on the kinds of guitars being sold like acoustic, classical, bass or electric guitars; they can be based on the price of guitars; they can be based on guitar brands like Epiphone Guitars, Martin Guitars, Fender Guitars or Gibson Guitars. They can also be based on guitars suitable for beginners and for professionals.

Specialists who build guitars as per the specifications laid down by the customer have set up guitar sales sites. There are also dealers who sell used and collectors' guitars, not to mention the large number of individuals who want to dispose off their old guitars. Their favorite is Ebay.

Cheap Guitars - Notes That Jar

There are two categories of cheap guitars. The first cheap guitar is due to the use of cheap material and the second is second-hand guitars.

There is no harm in buying used guitars, because some of them may have been made of the best quality wood, and are being sold cheap.

This is especially true of an acoustic guitar. They do not use electrical accessories that need to be replaced. Also, as any good guitarist will tell you, the sound of acoustic guitars improves with age.

Cheap Guitars May Be A False Economy

However, guitars that are made of cheap quality material should be avoided. Even beginners should avoid these guitars, especially if their sound does not please them.

You may find that tuning these guitars is impossible because they have the wrong frets or they will find the sound box made of two or three pieces of wood gummed together that produces jarring, instead of pleasing, resonations.

It is unfortunate that some guitar makers have switched to the assembly line system of making guitars. These guitars may be cheap but they suffer from several defects. They also use cheaper paints and cheaper lacquers that affect the final finish of the guitar.

Another problem is the hardware used. Compromises on the quality of strings, tuners, bridges, pick ups or pick guards greatly affect the sound quality. Some guitar players change the body parts hoping that this will improve the guitar quality.

They may also succeed, but remember the time and money spent on improving the guitar. It is quite possible that a cheap one after all the improvements may cost more than a new guitar.

Guitarists should also go for a hard case instead of a soft case. This helps to preserve a guitar longer. The same applies to guitar strings and all electric parts.

Always remember, whether cheap or not, any guitar should be chosen on quality and not price.

How To Buy Cheap Guitars

Contrary to popular opinion, cheap guitars are not always of poor quality. A budget guitar could also produce good music provided it is in the hands of an able guitarist. There are many ways to pick up a pocket-friendly Spanish, or classical guitar with good strings.

A cheap guitar is the best way to start on the guitar and then graduate to the better ones if you are on a budget. The make, material, age and strings decide the cost of guitar and you can easily get a good acoustic or nylon string guitar for less than $100, which could be good for a budding guitarist.

Which Guitars Are Better Value?

The steel string, custom-made and electric guitars are expensive and on the contrary classical, mass production and nylon string guitars are the economical ones. As a beginner, you need not burn a hole in your pocket to buy an expensive guitar by Fender or Gibson. Instead, you should lay your hands on a good cheap acoustic guitar, which is portable and has no hassles of insurance or handling.

It is not necessarily that the guitars made by reputed manufacturers like Fender, Gibson or Martin are only choice for guitars and other inexpensive or low-priced guitars are worthless. Many guitarists are producing wonderful music with cheaper guitars.

While searching for cheap or low-cost guitars try to find guitar shops that would let you play it before you buy. Another alternative for buying a cheap or economical guitar is to find a used guitar of good condition.

Search online or at the guitar sellers in your locality and you may find some good used models of good brands at the cost of low-cost new guitars.

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Kluson MG33C

Machine Heads for Guitar


All the benefits of a coated string without affecting sound and sustain, Phosphor Bronze, Plasma-treated wound wire for increased corrosion...

Deering Artisan Goodtime OB 5

5-String Banjo


Open back, 11" Violin Grade Maple Rim, Vintage Artisan fretboard inlays, Vintage Artisan fretboard inlays

Warwick 42301 M Red Label

String Set for E-Bass


Red label, For 5-string, Long scale, Computer designed, Stainless steel, Medium gauge

DiMarzio DD2201BK Cliplock System

ClipLock System


Attachments for ClipLock straps, Complete set for an additional guitar, Strap not included

Pyramid Gold Flatwound 011-050

Guitar String Set


Pure nickel flatwound

DiMarzio EP1201PP

Push Pull Poti


With a long axis, suitable for single cut models, 500 kOhm, On / off switching function, With two nuts and washers

Göldo Dome Speed Knob Chrome

Metal Knob


For T-style, Coarse knurled, To plug in

Glockenklang Acoustic 8-1


All the benefits of a coated string without affecting sound and sustain, Phosphor Bronze, Plasma-treated wound wire for increased corrosion...

Harley Benton Parts Dome Speed EB Off Center

Set of 2 potentiometer knobs


Can be screwed on, With dot marking

Ibanez SRF705-BBF

5-String Fretless Electric Bass


5-Part neck through SRF5 maple/walnut, 2-Band EQ, Custom bridge for AeroSilk Piezo system

Warwick JH BC 215 Hellborg Big Cab

Bass Cabinet


All the benefits of a coated string without affecting sound and sustain, Phosphor Bronze, Plasma-treated wound wire for increased corrosion...

Fender Cover for Hot Rod Deluxe

Protective Cover for Combo Amp


Suitable for Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

Daddario NW064 Single String

Single String for Electric Guitars


Nickel round wound, With steel core

Daddario NW024 Single String

Single String


For electric guitars, Nickel round wound, With steel core

Eich Amplification BassBoard M

Bass Box


Subwoofer for stage, studio, rehearsal room or at home, 2x TS100-Shaker, 2x Neutrik Speaker Twist / jacks, 1x 3.5 mm Headphone connector, Made in...

John Pearse Ebony Plektrum

Ebony wood plectrum


Wooden plectrum with double-sided grip, Ebony model

Daddario NYXL1356W

String set for electric guitars


30% more tear-proof, Nickel wound, Higher output, Enhanced frequency response between 1 to 3.5 kHz for more punch, crunch and bite

Ibanez AE2412-NT

Steel-string Guitar


12-string, AE Body, Cutaway, Scalloped X-bracing, Fretboard inlays made of wood, Bone nut and saddles (4 mm), Ibanez T-Bar pickup and Ibanez Custom...

Dunlop RWN0738 Super Fine

Electric Guitar Strings


Willy's Mexican Lottery Brand Superfine, Nickel-coated steel winding, Hexagonal core, In collaboration with Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Made in the USA

Fender Tremoloarm AM Special/SQ Vibe

Original Fender Tremolo Arm


Suitable for Fender Squier Classic Vibe, American Special Stratocaster, Highway One and various Mexico models, Right-angled

Harley Benton SC-200BK Mini Bundle

Harley Benton SC-200BK Mini


Mini Electric Guitar, Dot fretboard inlays, 22 Medium frets, Volume knob and tone knob, Three-way toggle switch, Hardtail bridge, Chrome hardware,...

Fender Duo-Sonic HS PF DB

Short Scale Electric Guitar


22 Medium jumbo frets, 3-Way switch

Jackson JS1X Concert Minion MN SW

Electric bass


22 Jumbo frets, Pearloid sharkfin fretboard inlays, 2 Volume and 1 tone control, Hardtail bridge

Ernie Ball Paradigm 80/20 B. L 11-52

String set for steel-string guitar


All the benefits of a coated string without affecting sound and sustain, Phosphor Bronze, Plasma-treated wound wire for increased corrosion...

Engl E412VG Pro BK Straight

Speaker cabinet


Straight model

Gold Tone Micro Bass 25 w/Bag

Acoustic Bass


20 Frets, 2-way adjustable truss rod, Butterfly bass style machine heads, Incl. gig bag

Ovation OP-PRO Preamp



Built-in preamplifier for Ovation guitars, With Gain - Low EQ - MID EQ - High EQ - PRE EQ - Tune - Tuner Display, Tuner without mute function,...

La Bella 760FS-S

String Set For Electric Bass


Standard tension, With stainless steel winding, Hand polished for a particularly smooth surface, Packaged in a modified atmosphere to prevent...

Ortega RMAE40SBK

Electric Mandolin


24 Frets, Ortega Double Bow fretboard inlay in 12th fret, Rosewood bridge (Dalbergia latifolia), Chrome-plated machine heads, UKM-4 Electronics,...

Ernie Ball Paradigm Phosphor B. EL 10-50

String Set for Acoustic Guitar


Phosphor Bronze, Legendary Slinky tone, All the benefits of a coated string without affecting sound and sustain, No peeling, Plasma-treated wound...

Fender Locking Tuner SCH

Locking Machine Head Set


6-piece set, Graded

La Bella 750N-CB Black Nylon Tape

String Set for 6-String Bass


Light tension, Long Scale, Black nylon wrap with extra smooth surface, Packaged in a modified atmosphere to prevent tarnishing and maintain...

Fender Player Series J-Bass PF 3TS LH

Electric Bass


Left hand model, Maple neck, Pau Ferro fretboard, Matte neck finish, 20 Frets, 2 Volume knobs and 1 tone knob, Standard open gear machine heads

Ritter RGS7 Classical 3/4 Guitar MGB

Gig Bag for 3/4 Classical Guitar


28 mm Padding (20 mm high-density foam; 5 mm soft foam; 3 mm plush), Made of high-quality water-resistant polyester, Incorporated reflectors for...

Fender FA405 Gig Bag DreadnoughtBlack

Gig Bag for Steel-String Guitar


Suitable for Dreadnought, 0, 00 and 000, Padded with 5 mm suede lining, Comfortable two-piece handle, Ergonomic backpack straps, Front pocket

Luna Guitars BGM Moon F Mandolin BK

F-Style Mandolin


24 Frets, Open gear machine heads, Piezo pickup, 1 Volume knob and 1 tone knob

Fender Locking Tuning Machine BK

Original Fender Locking Machine Heads


6 Inline, Standard buttons, Including sleeves and mounting hardware

Thomastik SB110 Spectrum Bronze

String Set for Steel-String Guitar


Designed for studio recording, Special bronze alloy and silk inlays for a full, warm tone with assertive brilliance, Made in Austria

National Reso-Phonic Slimline Pickup BRN

Humbucking Pickup


Only 5.5 mm thick, Is mounted on the top at the end of the fret board, Contains the best features of an extremely warm sounding humbucker with...

Seymour Duncan SPB-4

Bass Pickup


For P-Style basses, Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) signature model, Designed according to Steve Harris specifications, Alnico 5 magnets, DC resistance...




P style pickup, For 4-string bass, Standard P milling, Newly developed preamplifier with open and dynamic sound concept, Incl. Solderless...

Rockbag RB23202VF

Self Adhesive Velcro Tape


Female version, 5 cm Wide, 50 cm Long, Male version (171483)

Lollar P-Bass Overwound

Pickups for Electric Bass


Single coil, Suitable for all positions, Similar to the Lollar Standard P-Bass Split Coil, but wrapped around 10% more and a bit hotter for extra...

Harley Benton Feedback Buster 88mm

!Feedback Suppressor for Sound Hole


Prevents feedback, For round sound hole diameters of 88 mm, Flexible rubber disc suitable for most models with sound holes from 86 mm to 88 mm

Harley Benton PartsVintage Tremolo GD BS113F

Vintage Tremolo


With zinc block, Identical to the original, Curved tab, With bowed strings through holes

Seymour Duncan SJB-3B BK

J-Style Pickup


Bridge position, Specially developed for bass players, who seek a powerful attack in their sound, The 1/4 inches magnets provide a more sensitive...

Seymour Duncan ANT P90 N Creme

Pickup for Electric Guitar


Creme Antiquity model, For neck position, "Soapbar" pickups, as can be found on '52 Gold Tops or a '59 ES-330, Coils, cables and the "Dun-Aged"...

Seymour Duncan ANT II-JJBB

J-Style Pickup for Bass


Bridge position, In stile of the 60s which resemble those that were wound anew by S. Duncan for Jaco Pastorius in the 80s., Wound for the right...

Warwick 40210 ML Black Label

String Set for Electric Bass


Black label, Long scale, Handmade, Stainless steel, Medium Light Gauge

Lindy Fralin P 90 Hum-Canc Dog Ear Set BK

Pickup Set for Electric Guitar


Set of 2 Noiseless P90 single coils, Dog Ear mount, Medium output, Real P90 sound without humming, Strong and direct, with many mids, Compensated...

Seymour Duncan SANT P90 N BK

P90 Soapbar


Antiquity neck position, Soapbar PU'S as you can find them on `52er Gold Tops or` '59 ES-330, Coils, cable and the "Dun-Aged" Alnico II magnets are...

Aquila Alchemia Classical ST

String Set for Classical Guitar


Superior tension, Made from a novel polymer based on sugar cane, Transparent, Bass strings with New Nylgut multi-filament core and silver-plated...

Knobloch Strings Pure Sterling Silver Carbon600


All the benefits of a coated string without affecting sound and sustain, Phosphor Bronze, Plasma-treated wound wire for increased corrosion...

Elixir 45-130 5 String Set

Elixir Nanoweb Light Bass Guitar


Electric Bass Strings, Light Nanoweb, Long scale, Nickel plated steel

Harley Benton Parts Bridge Bass 4-String CH

Bass Bridge


For 4-String guitar, Chrome, Size 80 x 43 mm, String spacing 19 mm

Höfner HCT-500/2-SB Club-Bass



Club-Bass contemporary series, 22 Frets, Control plate with 2 volume adjustment knobs, 2 On-/Off-switches and rhythm/solo-switch for volume-boost,...

Vox MV 50 CR Rock

Amp Head for Electric Guitar


Analogue preamplifier with Nutube technology, Class D amplifier, Controls for gain EQ and volume, EQ switch on the back to adapt to speaker box,...

Rockbag RB 23011 B Bag LWA 1000 Head

Carrying case


Original Warwick Rockbag Warwick LWA Bass Head

Dunlop 6130



24 pcs 66.67 mm length, Hard nickel silver frets, Jumbo, For single cut guitars

Kala U-Bass Mahagoni FL

Bass Ukulele


Baritone ukulele body size, Fretless, EADG tuning, Tortoise binding, Graphtech Tusq nut, Black, open, geared Custom Hipshot machine heads, With...

Fodera 5-String Set Ultralight SS XL

String Set for 5-String Electric Bass


Roundwound stainless steel, Round core, Extra long scale

La Bella 20PH Jazz Flats FWSS

String Set for Jazz Guitar


Specially made for arch-tops and hollow body guitars, Flat wound, Hand-wrapped and polished for a super smooth surface, Packaged in a modified...

Daddario ECG24-7

Strings Set For 7-String Guitar


Flatwound jazz light gauge, Chromed steel

Fender Neck CLSC PLYR Jazzmaster PF

Jazzmaster Neck


All the benefits of a coated string without affecting sound and sustain, Phosphor Bronze, Plasma-treated wound wire for increased corrosion...

La Bella 750N Black Nylon-XL

String set for electric bass


Light Tension, Extra Long scale, Black nylon tape winding with extra smooth surface, Packaged in a modified atmosphere to prevent tarnishing and...

Richter Vintage Ukulele Strap

Ukulele Strap


Genuine leather - Robust Italian cowhide leather with a matte finish, A special wax gives the surface an authentic used / patina appearance, Rugged...

Danelectro DB604 Black Burst

Doubleneck Electric Guitar/Electric Bass


6-String guitar neck, 4-String bass neck, Bolted maple necks, Pau Ferro fretboards, 21 Frets, 1 Volume control (stacked), 1 Tone control (stacked),...

Elite Acoustics Cover A4-8/D6



For Elite Acoustics A4-8 & D6 amplifiers

Ernie Ball Steel Bar Guitar Slide-Heavy


All the benefits of a coated string without affecting sound and sustain, Phosphor Bronze, Plasma-treated wound wire for increased corrosion...

La Bella RX-S6B Bass RWSS

Set of Strings for 6-String Electric Bass


Long scale, Round wound, Each string is uniquely designed to achieve a sonically well-balanced set, Packaged in a modified atmosphere to prevent...

Dean Markley 2202 Vintage Bronze LT

String set for Western guitar


12 strings, 85/15 Bronze, Roundwound, Hexagonal core

Richter Mille Petrozza Strap BS


All the benefits of a coated string without affecting sound and sustain, Phosphor Bronze, Plasma-treated wound wire for increased corrosion...

Fender Std Bass Bridge Saddle Screw

Screw Set


Fender standard bass saddle screws, Height adjustable screws for Standard Jazz and Precision basses, Set of 12 pieces

Harley Benton Hu Frame Curved Top Black BR

Frame for Humbuckers


For arched tops, High - Suitable for bridge position