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Guitars For Sale - A Buyers' Market

Guitars for sale are offered by most everyone today. This is unlike the past where the number of players was limited and the aspiring or professional guitarists did not have the luxury to choose from a...

breathtaking array of electric guitars or acoustic guitars.

There is a guitar for sale wherever you look and the guitar industry is in an overdrive. They seem to unleash a new model of the electric guitar or the acoustic virtually every day.

Guitar salesmen are everywhere

Guitars For Sale On Every Web Street Corner

The guitar is not only being hawked offline, but online too. All major guitar makers, be they Martin, Gibson or Fender, have set up hi-tech websites to reach out to the guitar buyer. These sites also showcase their guitar accessories like strings, straps, cases and picks.

The net also plays host to huge guitar marts that sell all types of guitar. The guitars are arranged in different categories.

These sales categories can be based on the kinds of guitars being sold like acoustic, classical, bass or electric guitars; they can be based on the price of guitars; they can be based on guitar brands like Epiphone Guitars, Martin Guitars, Fender Guitars or Gibson Guitars. They can also be based on guitars suitable for beginners and for professionals.

Specialists who build guitars as per the specifications laid down by the customer have set up guitar sales sites. There are also dealers who sell used and collectors' guitars, not to mention the large number of individuals who want to dispose off their old guitars. Their favorite is Ebay.

Cheap Guitars - Notes That Jar

There are two categories of cheap guitars. The first cheap guitar is due to the use of cheap material and the second is second-hand guitars.

There is no harm in buying used guitars, because some of them may have been made of the best quality wood, and are being sold cheap.

This is especially true of an acoustic guitar. They do not use electrical accessories that need to be replaced. Also, as any good guitarist will tell you, the sound of acoustic guitars improves with age.

Cheap Guitars May Be A False Economy

However, guitars that are made of cheap quality material should be avoided. Even beginners should avoid these guitars, especially if their sound does not please them.

You may find that tuning these guitars is impossible because they have the wrong frets or they will find the sound box made of two or three pieces of wood gummed together that produces jarring, instead of pleasing, resonations.

It is unfortunate that some guitar makers have switched to the assembly line system of making guitars. These guitars may be cheap but they suffer from several defects. They also use cheaper paints and cheaper lacquers that affect the final finish of the guitar.

Another problem is the hardware used. Compromises on the quality of strings, tuners, bridges, pick ups or pick guards greatly affect the sound quality. Some guitar players change the body parts hoping that this will improve the guitar quality.

They may also succeed, but remember the time and money spent on improving the guitar. It is quite possible that a cheap one after all the improvements may cost more than a new guitar.

Guitarists should also go for a hard case instead of a soft case. This helps to preserve a guitar longer. The same applies to guitar strings and all electric parts.

Always remember, whether cheap or not, any guitar should be chosen on quality and not price.

How To Buy Cheap Guitars

Contrary to popular opinion, cheap guitars are not always of poor quality. A budget guitar could also produce good music provided it is in the hands of an able guitarist. There are many ways to pick up a pocket-friendly Spanish, or classical guitar with good strings.

A cheap guitar is the best way to start on the guitar and then graduate to the better ones if you are on a budget. The make, material, age and strings decide the cost of guitar and you can easily get a good acoustic or nylon string guitar for less than $100, which could be good for a budding guitarist.

Which Guitars Are Better Value?

The steel string, custom-made and electric guitars are expensive and on the contrary classical, mass production and nylon string guitars are the economical ones. As a beginner, you need not burn a hole in your pocket to buy an expensive guitar by Fender or Gibson. Instead, you should lay your hands on a good cheap acoustic guitar, which is portable and has no hassles of insurance or handling.

It is not necessarily that the guitars made by reputed manufacturers like Fender, Gibson or Martin are only choice for guitars and other inexpensive or low-priced guitars are worthless. Many guitarists are producing wonderful music with cheaper guitars.

While searching for cheap or low-cost guitars try to find guitar shops that would let you play it before you buy. Another alternative for buying a cheap or economical guitar is to find a used guitar of good condition.

Search online or at the guitar sellers in your locality and you may find some good used models of good brands at the cost of low-cost new guitars.

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ESP Viper-201B Baritone Black

Baritone electric guitar


24 X-Jumbo frets, 1 Volume and 1 tone control, Toggle switch, LTD tuners, TOM bridge & tailpiece, Black hardware

Cort A6 Plus FMMH

6-String electric bass


24 Frets, Dot fretboard inlays, Active Bartolini MK-1 preamp with 3-band EQ, 1 Volume and 1 balance controller, Mini-switch for active/passive...

Engl E840/50 Poweramp

Stereo Tube Power Amplifier


Input gain switch, Volume control per channel, Presence A and B controller, Standby switch per stereo side, 8 and 16 Ohm output for each stereo...

Glockenklang DUO 8 Ohm

Bass Cabinet


Maple neck, Walnut fretboard, Hellcat logo fretboard inlays, 20 Frets, Vintage style open gear machine heads, Fishman Isys III pickup system with...

Eich Amplification 410L-8 Cabinet

Bass Cabinet


2x Neutrik Speaker Twist /jack combo connectors, Integrated strain relief for instrument cable, Ampfixing bracket to securely mount the Eich amps,...

Raimundo Model 126-S Flamenco Spruce

Flamenco Guitar


Solid spruce top, Goiaba back and sides, Samanguila neck, Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia) fretboard, Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia) bridge, Rosewood...

Engl Tube ECC 83 First Quality



First quality, Unit price

AMA Verlag Das Ukulelenbuch

School for Ukulele


Ukulele school for beginners and transversers of other stringed instruments, By Andreas David, For GCEA keys, Three major and minor chords in C...

Glockenklang Uno Rock Deluxe 8 Ohms

Bass Box


UN skirt Deluxe series, 8 Ohm, 1x 15 "Celestion neodymium speakers with dynamic Tulip Horn, 400 Watt / 8 Ohm, 98 dB / 1W / 1m SPL

Daddario XLB110 Bass XL Single String

Electric Bass Single String


Nickel wound, Round wound

Fender Neck 60'S CLSC SRS Tele PF

Telecaster Neck


Maple neck, Walnut fretboard, Hellcat logo fretboard inlays, 20 Frets, Vintage style open gear machine heads, Fishman Isys III pickup system with...

Thomastik GB112

Signature String Set


George Benson signature, Gauges 012-016-020-028-039-053, Flatwound, Roundwound G strings

James Neligan Cask-Puncheon

Resonator Cigar Box Acoustic Guitar


4-String, 2 F-holes, Resonator, Bag included

AER Compact 60 Bag

Acoustic Combo Gigbag


Suitable for the AER Compact 60, Cover with cutout for the handle on the amplifier, With adjustable strap, Zipped compartment for accessories

Duesenberg Pomona 6 Lap Steel

Lap Steel Guitar


Roller nut, Aluminium fretboard, Integrated capo, Duesenberg multibender, Includes an original Duesenberg Pamona custom case

Luna Guitars Uke Banjolele

Banjo / Ukulele


21 Frets, 12 Chrome bracket, Tortoise Binding

Taylor T5z Pro Gaslamp Black

Electric Guitar with Acoustic Pickups


21 Frets, 5-Way toggle switch, Taylor nickel machine heads, Incl. Taylor T5Z case, Made in the USA

Engl Tube 6L6 GC-STR (RT21X) GR21



6L6 GC STR (RT21X), Grade 21, 1 Pair, Selected

Höfner Pickup 62/63 H511/b

Pick Ups for Electric Bass


Original pick up for the Höfner Beatles bass modell 62, Nickel-plated

Raimundo Model 145 Cypress Flamenco

Flamenco Guitar


Made in Spain

Ortega RU5-BA Baritone Ukulele

Baritone Ukulele


18 Frets, Aquila strings

Schaller BM Light 3L/2R CH

Machine head set for 5-string electric bass


50% Weight reduction, making them a lot lighter compared to conventional bass machine heads, Made from carbon and processed aluminium, Includes...

Schaller BM Light 4L BC

Bass Tuning Peg Set


4 pieces, left-hand, Only 50% of the weight of conventional bass tuners through the use of carbon fiber and refined aluminium, Semi-open design,...

Ampeg PF-210HE Portaflex Bundle

Ampeg PF-210HE Portaflex


Bass Cabinet, Vintage Portaflex Flip Top design, Black Diamond Tolex, Vintage B-15 grill cloth

Duesenberg Double Cat 12 Catalina Blue

12-String Electric Guitar


Semi-hollow, Arched and laminated maple top, Arched, laminated and flamed maple back, Sustain centre block, Maple neck, Rosewood fretboard...

TAD RT154 Tubes EL34L Cz Quartet

Tubes EL34L


Quartet, Very powerful bass as well as a high performance and durability, Ideal for the British rock 'n' roll sound

Fishman PRO-AGX-312 Undersaddle Pickup



High-quality pickup for acoustic guitars, For installation under the bridge, Thanks to passive electronic components no batteries are needed, A...

Marcus Miller V7 Alder-5 LH AWH 2nd Gen

5-String Electric Bass


Left hand model, One-piece maple neck, Ebony fretboard (Diospyros celebica), Bone nut, 20 Medium small frets, Marcus Heritage-3 electronics with...

Ruby Tubes EL34BHT MQ

Matched Tube Quartet


A completely new EL34 tube, Rich sound, Very solid

Fishman SBT-E Classical

High Quality Stick-On Pickup


For classical guitar, but also almost all other stringed instruments, Includes 6.3 mm endpin switch socket, The use of a preamp is recommended but...

EMG 5-Postion ST-Style Switch SL

5-Positions Pickup Selector


ST-Style switch, Solderless, Distance between the center of the screw holes 41 mm

Ruby Tubes EL84C MQ

Tube Quartet


Matched quartet, Typical EL84 Sound

Harley Benton Parts TE-Style Pickguard Tort



For T-style guitars, Three ply, 8-Hole

Graph Tech PRL-8341-B0


Maple neck, Walnut fretboard, Hellcat logo fretboard inlays, 20 Frets, Vintage style open gear machine heads, Fishman Isys III pickup system with...

GHS Pressurewound Bronze 042-092

String Set for Electric Bass and Acoustic Bass


Light, Phosphor bronze, 34" Long scale, 37.25" Winding, Pressure wound, Hexagonal string core, No harsh overtones and noises, Soft sound with...

National Reso-Phonic 5,9375 Tricone Resonators

Tricone Resonators


New light metal (also known as "Hot Rod") cone, hand spun, Also suitable for Harley Benton and Recording King models

Benedetto S-6 Floating Jazz

Humbucker Pickup


S-6 Floating Jazz, For archtop guitars, Alnico V magnet, Coaxial cable, Pickguard mounting, Suitable for steel nickel and bronze strings, Handmade...

Daddario XTM11540 Custom Medium

String Set for Mandolin


Loop end, Made in USA

Daddario EFW74

String Set for Mandolin


Flatwound medium, With loop

Harley Benton Parts Pickguard Screws Chrome

Pickguard Screws


Pack of 12, 3.0 x 15

Gibson Pickguard Bracket PRPB-010

Bracket for Pickguard


For Les Paul guitars, Screw and nut included

Fred Kelly Picks Freedom Finger Pick Pack D L

Finger Pick Set


Soft, natural sound, Comfortable and secure fit

Planet Waves PW-SIH-01



Ideal for acoustic guitars, ukuleles, mandolin, stringed instruments and woodwind instruments, Releases moisture to the instrument slowly and...

Ibanez IEGS82 E-Guitar String Set 009

String Set for 8-String Electric Guitar


Nickel-wound, Super Light top custom gauge

DR Strings Tite TF 8-10 8-String Set

String Set for 8-String Electric Guitars


Nickel plated steel, Round wound, Round core

Harley Benton Parts Bass Tuners Set Gold

Machine Heads for Bass


Replaceable knobs, Lubricated, Diecast, Incl. cleaner, bush and screw each machine head

Vibramate Vibramate V7-335 G-Series AL


Maple neck, Walnut fretboard, Hellcat logo fretboard inlays, 20 Frets, Vintage style open gear machine heads, Fishman Isys III pickup system with...

Lakewood Lakewood Pickguard Matt



For temporary use only, Matte version, Reusable and transparent pickguard that reliably adheres to all matte and high-gloss polished and lacquered...

Gewa Stumreiter Slide Holder

Slider holder


Suitable for all standard slide sizes (20 - 31mm), Can be attached to any smooth surface using a suction cup, Made in Germany

dAndrea J-Style Pickguard Aqua Pearl

Pickguard for Electric Bass


For J-Style models, 10 Screw holes, 3-Ply, Made in USA

Ortega Magus Uke GO

Preamplifier System for Ukulele


Active Output Jack preamplifier system, Simple assembly, Mounting in the sound hole, 9 V Battery, 1 Volume and 1 tone control, Includes flexible...

Pyramid Slider 014/037

Guitar Strings


Set for slide guitar, Wound, Scale 62.8 cm, Gauge 014 - 016 - 020 - 023 - 028 - 037, G-string wound

Centerstream ASAP Bluegrass Mandolin



ASAP Bluegrass Mandolin, by Eddie Collins, Learn the bluegrass game on the mandolin, With 2 CDs, This school teaches the basics of the Bluegrass...

Harley Benton SC-400 SBK Vintage Seri Bundle

Harley Benton SC-400 SBK Vintage Series


Electric Guitar, Classic series, Arched top, Crown inlays, 22 Frets, Double action truss rod, 3-Way pickup selector, 2 Volume and 2 tone controls,...

Harley Benton AC PRO 60

Acoustic Instrument Combo


All FX Balance CH1 / CH2, Mode switch (Hall, Plate, Chorus / Room Delay), Level, Master volume, AUX in, MP3 in, Tuner out, Effect loop, Line out,...

Fender Player Series Strat MN PWT

Electric Guitar


Maple neck, Matte neck finish, 22 Frets, 5-Way toggle switch, 2-Point tremolo, Standard sealed machine heads

Blackstar FLY 3 Mini Amp BK

Electric Guitar Combo


2 Channels, Built-in Delay, AUX-Input, Patented ISF tone control, Headphone and recording output with speaker simulation

Harley Benton Vintage Overdrive

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Overdrive, True Bypass

Ibanez PF15ECE-TBS Bundle

Ibanez PF15ECE-TBS


Steel-String Guitar, 20 Frets, Ibanez AEQ2T electronics with built-in tuner

Harley Benton Mini Looper

Effect pedal for electric guitar and bass


Compact phrase looper, Recording time up to 10 minutes, Unlimited overdubbing, Switch with LED, Volume control, Solid metal case, 6.3 mm jack input...

Hercules Stands HCGS-432B+ 3-Way Guitar Stand

Stand for Electric Guitar


With space for up to 3 instruments, Simple height adjustment, Auto Grab System for secure hold, Suitable for nut widths of 40 - 52 mm, With adapter...

Harley Benton HB-35Plus Vintage Burst Bundle

Harley Benton HB-35Plus Vintage Burst


Electric Guitar, Vintage series, Block fretboard inlays, 22 Frets, 2 Volume controls with push / pull function for coil split, 2 Tone controls,...

Strymon El Capistan

Delay pedal


Faithful replica of a real tape echo, With Time control, Mix control, Tape control, Repeat control, Wow and Flutter control, Tap and Bypass Switch,...

MXR M 82 Bass Envelope Filter

Effect Pedal


For E-Bass, Classic Analog envelope filter sounds, True bypass, Controller for Dry, FX, Decay, Q and Sens.

Marshall JVM410H

Guitar amp head


4 Channels in full tube technology - no semiconductor in signal path, Individual 3-band EQ as well as gain & volume for each channel, 12 basic...

Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic

Steel String Guitar


Maple neck, Walnut fretboard, Hellcat logo fretboard inlays, 20 Frets, Vintage style open gear machine heads, Fishman Isys III pickup system with...

Höfner HC504-4/4

Classical Guitar


Maple neck, Walnut fretboard, Hellcat logo fretboard inlays, 20 Frets, Vintage style open gear machine heads, Fishman Isys III pickup system with...

Pedaltrain Nano+

Effect Pedal Board


With place for 3-5 floor effects, Made of high quality aircraft aluminium, Including gigbag, velcro and cable tie

Harley Benton RB-612BK Classic Series

12-String Electric Guitar


Roseacer fretboard, Dot fretboard inlays, Fretboard binding, Body binding, 22 Frets, Dual action truss rod, 2 Volume knobs and 2 tone knobs, 3-Way...

TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2x4

Effects Pedal


Reverb with 4 pressure-sensitive "Mash" footswitches, New shimmer reverb, Preset bank for up to 8 stored reverb presets, Includes 10 reverb types...

Baton Rouge X6C/AC-AF

Steel String Guitar


Andrew Foy signature model, 20 Frets, Maple bindings, Gold-plated die-cast machine heads

Harley Benton RB-612BP Classic Series

12-String Electric Guitar


Binding on the fretboard and body, 3-Way switch, Black pickguard

Harley Benton PowerPlant ISO-5 Pro

Multi-Power Adapter for Effect Pedals


5 Isolated, filtered & short-circuit protected outputs eliminate noise and hum, High capacity for modern digital effects, LED monitoring at each...

Marcus Miller P7 Alder 4 AW 2nd Gen

Electric Bass


Alder body, Maple neck, Bolt-on neck attachment, Ebony fretboard (Diospyros celebica), White pearloid block fretboard inlays, Bone nut, 20 Medium...