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Guitars For Sale - A Buyers' Market

Guitars for sale are offered by most everyone today. This is unlike the past where the number of players was limited and the aspiring or professional guitarists did not have the luxury to choose from a...

breathtaking array of electric guitars or acoustic guitars.

There is a guitar for sale wherever you look and the guitar industry is in an overdrive. They seem to unleash a new model of the electric guitar or the acoustic virtually every day.

Guitar salesmen are everywhere

Guitars For Sale On Every Web Street Corner

The guitar is not only being hawked offline, but online too. All major guitar makers, be they Martin, Gibson or Fender, have set up hi-tech websites to reach out to the guitar buyer. These sites also showcase their guitar accessories like strings, straps, cases and picks.

The net also plays host to huge guitar marts that sell all types of guitar. The guitars are arranged in different categories.

These sales categories can be based on the kinds of guitars being sold like acoustic, classical, bass or electric guitars; they can be based on the price of guitars; they can be based on guitar brands like Epiphone Guitars, Martin Guitars, Fender Guitars or Gibson Guitars. They can also be based on guitars suitable for beginners and for professionals.

Specialists who build guitars as per the specifications laid down by the customer have set up guitar sales sites. There are also dealers who sell used and collectors' guitars, not to mention the large number of individuals who want to dispose off their old guitars. Their favorite is Ebay.

Cheap Guitars - Notes That Jar

There are two categories of cheap guitars. The first cheap guitar is due to the use of cheap material and the second is second-hand guitars.

There is no harm in buying used guitars, because some of them may have been made of the best quality wood, and are being sold cheap.

This is especially true of an acoustic guitar. They do not use electrical accessories that need to be replaced. Also, as any good guitarist will tell you, the sound of acoustic guitars improves with age.

Cheap Guitars May Be A False Economy

However, guitars that are made of cheap quality material should be avoided. Even beginners should avoid these guitars, especially if their sound does not please them.

You may find that tuning these guitars is impossible because they have the wrong frets or they will find the sound box made of two or three pieces of wood gummed together that produces jarring, instead of pleasing, resonations.

It is unfortunate that some guitar makers have switched to the assembly line system of making guitars. These guitars may be cheap but they suffer from several defects. They also use cheaper paints and cheaper lacquers that affect the final finish of the guitar.

Another problem is the hardware used. Compromises on the quality of strings, tuners, bridges, pick ups or pick guards greatly affect the sound quality. Some guitar players change the body parts hoping that this will improve the guitar quality.

They may also succeed, but remember the time and money spent on improving the guitar. It is quite possible that a cheap one after all the improvements may cost more than a new guitar.

Guitarists should also go for a hard case instead of a soft case. This helps to preserve a guitar longer. The same applies to guitar strings and all electric parts.

Always remember, whether cheap or not, any guitar should be chosen on quality and not price.

How To Buy Cheap Guitars

Contrary to popular opinion, cheap guitars are not always of poor quality. A budget guitar could also produce good music provided it is in the hands of an able guitarist. There are many ways to pick up a pocket-friendly Spanish, or classical guitar with good strings.

A cheap guitar is the best way to start on the guitar and then graduate to the better ones if you are on a budget. The make, material, age and strings decide the cost of guitar and you can easily get a good acoustic or nylon string guitar for less than $100, which could be good for a budding guitarist.

Which Guitars Are Better Value?

The steel string, custom-made and electric guitars are expensive and on the contrary classical, mass production and nylon string guitars are the economical ones. As a beginner, you need not burn a hole in your pocket to buy an expensive guitar by Fender or Gibson. Instead, you should lay your hands on a good cheap acoustic guitar, which is portable and has no hassles of insurance or handling.

It is not necessarily that the guitars made by reputed manufacturers like Fender, Gibson or Martin are only choice for guitars and other inexpensive or low-priced guitars are worthless. Many guitarists are producing wonderful music with cheaper guitars.

While searching for cheap or low-cost guitars try to find guitar shops that would let you play it before you buy. Another alternative for buying a cheap or economical guitar is to find a used guitar of good condition.

Search online or at the guitar sellers in your locality and you may find some good used models of good brands at the cost of low-cost new guitars.

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Fender Squier CV Tele Custom IL

Electric Guitar


21 Medium frets, 3-Way switch, Vintage style bridge with string guide through the body, 3-Ply Mint Green pickguard, Vintage style machine heads

Epiphone The Dot CH Bundle 1

Epiphone The Dot CH


Electric Guitar, Laminated maple body, Mahogany neck (Swietenia macrophylla), Pau Ferro fretboard, Pearloid dot fretboard inlays, Slim Taper 'D'...

Harley Benton Fusion-II HSH EB FPU Set 1

Harley Benton Fusion-II HSH EB FPU


Electric Guitar, Ergonomically shaped sapele body (Entandrophragma cylindricum), Matching headstock, "Ultra Flame" flamed maple veneer top,...

Traveler Guitar Traveler Pro Series Maple AB

Electro-acoustic Travel Guitar


Pro series, 22 Medium nickel silver frets, Passive electronics with 3-way pickup selector, 2 Volume and 1 fader, Chrome hardware, Stethoscope...

Laney IRT-Studio Bundle

Laney IRT-Studio


All-Tube Guitar Head

Blackstar Fly 3 Sugar Skull

Combo Amplifier for Electric Guitar


2 Channels, 3" Speaker, Patented ISF regulation, Adjustable digital "tape" echo, MP3 / Line-In input, Powered by battery or optional AC adapter...

Orange Crush 12

Transistor combo for electric guitar


3-Band EQ, Controls for gain overdrive and master volume, Headphone output

Falken 1 Traveller Akustik-Amp White

Portable Acoustic Amp with Battery


3 Channels, Bluetooth, Lithium battery with 2200 mA, Running time approx. 6 hours, LED for battery status, Stand flange mount, Includes transport...

Marcus Miller V7 Alder-4 BUR 2nd Gen

Electric Bass


Alder body, One-piece maple neck, Ebony fretboard, "C" Neck profile, Bone nut, Marcus Heritage-3 electronics with frequency control, Active/Passive...

Artec Pedal Board



For up to 14 effect units, Handles, Incl. Artec case

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Black Fountain Delay

Effect Pedal


Digital delay, Up to 800 milliseconds delay time, Emulates an old-style oil can delay, 3 Delay modes (modern/ organ/ vintage), Expression control...

ESP Snakebyte Case

Original Case


For ESP Snakebyte, Styrofoam molding, Grey plush upholstery, Accessory compartment with lid

Bare Knuckle Boot Camp True Grit TE CH

Pickup for Electric Guitar


Medium output single coil, For the neck position, AlNiCo V Magnet, Clear and defined sound, 2-Wire, Chrome-plated cap

Mooer Table Adapter EU

Power Supply for Effect Devices


9V DC Power Supply, 2000 mA, Euro version

KMA Audio Machines Horizont

Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar


Phaser, JFET technology, 8 Different waveforms, Controls for LFO, Envelope, Phasing, Stereo outputs, FX loop, Tap Tempo function, 9 V DC power...

Yamaha TRB1005J TBK



5-String, Alder body with quilted maple top, Maple / mahogany (5 stripes) neck with rosewood fretboard, 2 Yamaha Alnico humbucker pickups, Active...

Baton Rouge UR41-S



12 Frets, Strings Aquila Nylgut, Chrome open guitar machine heads with black buttons

Kala Waterman Soprano Ukulele Red



Completely made of composite plastic, Resistant to water and moisture, Easy for left-handers, Nickel plated, open, geared machine heads, Aquila...

Tanglewood DBT SFCE BW

Steel String Guitar with Pickup


20 Frets, Chrome-plated closed machine heads

Rockboard Flat Daisy Chain Cable 6 A

Daisy Chain Power Supply Cable for Effect Devices


Very compact angled plug, Designed like instrument cables with twisted copper shield to minimize electrical interference, 6x Outputs, 1x Input, 5.5...

Truetone Voltage Doubler TVD


21 Medium frets, 3-Way switch, Vintage style bridge with string guide through the body, 3-Ply Mint Green pickguard, Vintage style machine heads

Morley Twin Mix

Signalrouter with Boost / Mute Function


Inputs with level controls and boost function, Switch for each input, Use of only one output (A) causes signal routing of both inputs to output A,...

Laney R500H

Amplifier Head for Electric Bass


Compact & lightweight bass top with compressor and 10-band EQ, On/Off switch on rear panel, Input (6.3 mm jack), DI Out (XLR), Aux In (3.5 mm...

Levys Poly Strap 2" Checkerboard

Strap for electric guitar and electric bass


Length adjustable from 102 cm to 165 cm, MP-28, Made in Canada

Levys Poly Strap 2" Koi

Strap for electric guitar and electric bass


Length adjustable from 104 to 140 cm, MPD2-016, Made in Canada

Hannabach 815SHT Red

Classical Guitar Strings


Red (extra tension), Nylon, Made in Germany!, Super high tension

Keeley Abbey Chamber Verb

Guitar Effect Pedal


Reverb, Faithful emulation of the Abbey Road Studio Echo Room Chamber including the corresponding high pass filter and brilliance controller, Soft...

JamStands JS-FT100B


21 Medium frets, 3-Way switch, Vintage style bridge with string guide through the body, 3-Ply Mint Green pickguard, Vintage style machine heads

Kala KA TEM Tenor Exotic Mahogany

Tenor Ukulele


Tenor body size, Grained mahogany top, Grained mahogany sides and back, Black binding, Mahogany neck, 19 Nickel silver frets, Black walnut...

Titebond 141/3 III Ultimate 237ml

Wood Glue


Provides excellent durability and water resistance, For longer open assembly times and low processing temperatures, Solvent-free, Leftover residue...

Pyramid Nickel Classics Light 009-042

String Set for GuitarThe special core of these strings is the round core wire of the wound strings. Normal strings have hexagonal (hexagonal) core wires, which simplify production and reduce manufacturing costs.


Pure nickel, String gauges .009, .012, .016, .022, .032, .042, Round core wire with pure nickel winding, Improved vibration behaviour

Planet Waves PW-LMN

Lemon Oil


Natural cleaner for unpainted wood surfaces, Removes dirt and grease, Protects the wood from drying out, Prolongs the life of the instruments

DR Strings HiDef Red Neon Lite 09-42

String Set for Guitar


Hexagonal core, DR K3 Colour coating process, Glow under black light, Made in USA

Fodera 4-String Set Standard Steel

String Set for 4-String Electric Bass Guitar


Standard, Stainless steel round wound, Long Scale

Planet Waves P20W1419 Paisley Blue

Strap for guitar / bass


High quality fabric belt with leather finish, Adjustable from 99 to 175 cm

Yamaha THR Head Carry Bag

Special Carry Bag for the THR Amp Heads


Suitable for THR100H Dual (Art.370939) and THR100H (Art.370938), Space for footswitch, footswitch cable and power cord, Accessory pocket, Includes...

Harley Benton Parts Guitar Volume Knob GD

Volume Knob GD


Toothed axles with a diameter of 6 mm, Indicate mark, With "VOLUME" lettering, Unit price

V-Picks Large Ultra Lite Pointed



New pick, With a loud, round and powerful sound, Ultra Lite Pointed

Pyramid 496/1 Soprano Ukulele Steel

String Set for Soprano Ukulele


With low G-string, With ball end

Sterling by Music Man John Petrucci MAJ170X PPM

7-String electric guitar


John Petrucci (Dream Theater) Signature Model, Custom JP fretboard inlays, 24 Medium Jumbo frets, 1 Volume controller with push/push function for...

Morley MTMK2 - 20/20 Wah Boost

Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar


Mini wah effect, Optical circuit, Switchless design, Integrated 20/20 buffer prevents signal loss, Adjustable 20 dB boost, Quick-clip battery...

PRS SE Custom 24 Poplar Burl

Electric Guitar


24 Frets, Birds fretboard inlays, 1 Volume knob, 3-Way blade switch, Nickel hardware, PRS Patented Molded Tremolo, PRS designed machine heads,...

Fender Squier Standard Strat MN CAR

Electric Guitar


Agathis body, Standard Stratocaster, Large headstock, Maple neck, Maple fretboard, 3 Single coils, Vintage type tremolo

Strymon Deco

Effect Pedal


Tape Saturation, Tape Echo, Tape Chorus, Tape Flanger, Controller for saturation, volume, blend, lag time and wobble, Tape Saturation Bypass,...

Dean Guitars Dave Mustaine MAKO

Steel-string guitar


Dave Mustaine Mako Glory, Dave Mustaine fretboard inlays, 24 Frets, Fishman Isys+ (ISY-301) preamp with tuner

MXR 75 Super Badass Distortion

Analog distortion pedal for electric guitar


Status LED, True bypass, Sturdy metal housing, 9V battery or separately sold 9V DC power supply Articlr Nr 409939 (not included)

Gretsch G9555 New Yorker

Archtop Guitar


Gretsch Roots Collection, Vintage V-Style, 19 Frets, Grover Sta-Lite machine heads, Custom wound vintage style single coil pickup

Furch Limited 2019 GSc-LC w.LRBaggs

Steel-String Guitar


Limited Edition, Grand Auditorium cutaway, Alpine spruce top, solid, Solid cocobolo back and sides, Koa binding on the body/neck/headstock, Koa...

Dunlop Tortex III 1.35 12pcs.

Plectrum Set


Players' pack with 12 pieces

Göldo HW45C String Sockets Nickel

String Sockets


String sockets for Tele and non-tremolo Strat bridges, String guide sleeves, Set of 6 pieces

Jockomo Fret Mark-Birds WP

Fret Marker Inlay Sticker for Guitar


Suitable for electric or acoustic guitar with 24 3/4" (628 mm) 25 1/2" (648 mm) - 21 frets, 22 frets and 24 frets, For fretboard width 43 mm,...

Ibanez GSR200-BK

Electric Bass


Matching headstock, Active Electronics, Chrome-plated hardware

Harley Benton HB-35Plus Cherry Bundle

Harley Benton HB-35Plus Cherry


Electric Guitar, Vintage series, Block fretboard inlays, 22 Frets, 2 Volume controls with push / pull function for coil split, 2 Tone controls,...

Epiphone Casino TQ

Electric Guitar


Small block fretboard inlays, 22 Frets

Schecter Apocalypse PT

Electric Guitar


Bolt-on maple neck, 22 X-Jumbo stainless steel frets, Glow in the dark side dots, Schecter locking machine heads, Three-way switch

Gibson SG Standard Reissue Cherry VOS

Electric Guitar


Custom Shop Model, VOS - Vintage Original Specifications, One-piece mahogany body, One-piece rosewood fretboard (Dalbergia latifolia), Neck set in...

Danelectro 59 Dano 12 BK

12-String Electric Guitar


Maple neck, Pau Ferro fretboard, Double action truss rod, Pro hardware, Fixed bridge with individual adjustable saddles

Strandberg Boden Metal 7 Ebony WP

7-String electric guitar


Chambered body from basswood, Maple top, Roasted maple neck, Ebony fretboard, 24 Stainless-steel frets, 2 Active Fishman Fluence modern humbuckers,...

Evh 5150III 1x12 6L6 Combo IV

Tube Combo For Electric Guitar


All tube 7x JJ ECC83 and 2x JJ6L6, 1 Input, Master Presence, Rear Master Resonance, Power Level, Reverb, Effects Loop, Headphone output, MIDI...

K&M 17541 Cork

Acoustic Guitar Stand


With cork coating, Adjustable width from 220 to 350 mm, Made in Germany, Not suitable for long-term use with guitars with nitrocellulose lacquer!

Pedaltrain Metro 20 TC

Effects Pedal Board


With space for 5 - 10 effects units, Made of high-quality aircraft grade aluminium, Incl. Tour case, hook and loop fastener and cable binder

Marcus Miller V7 Vintage Swamp Ash-4 TS 2



Swamp ash body, One-piece maple neck, Maple fretboard, 20 Medium Small Frets, Bone nut, Marcus Heritage-3 Electronics with Frequency Control, Mini...

Rockboard TRES 3.1 with ABS Case

Pedalboard for Effects Devices


For approx. 5 to 10 effect pedals - depending on size, Torsion-resistant and lightweight aluminium construction, Slot design for easy pedal...

Rockboard DUO 2.1 with ABS Case

Pedal Board for Effects Devices


For about 4 to 7 effect pedals - depending on size, Sturdy and lightweight aluminium construction, Slot design for easy pedal mounting, Made of...

Seymour Duncan Studio Bass Compressor

Compressor For Electric Bass


From subtle adjustment of the dynamic range up to intensive compression of the sound, Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA), Uncompressed signal can...

Sandberg California II TT 4 BM BK

Electric Bass


22 Frets, Includes bag, Made in Germany

Fender 70 Classic Jazz Bass PF 3TS

Electric Bass


Classic series, Alder body, Maple neck, Pau Ferro fretboard, 70's C neck profile, 20 Vintage style frets, Deluxe gig bag included, Made in Mexico

Cioks GRIP

Mounting Fixture


For Cioks ADAM DC5 and DC7, Easy attachment to pedal boards

SKB 3I-4214-PRS Guitar Case

Case for PRS models


Hard shell case made of molded plastic, Reinforced frame, Durable hinges, Closures "TSA Approved Lock", 3 Handles, 2 Rolls

Nux Mini Core SE Chorus

Digital Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar and Electric Bass


Classic 80s chorus, True Bypass (bypass can be toggled between "True" and "Buffered"), Metal housing, On/Off switch with status LED, Jack input &...

Luna Guitars High Tide Exotic Mahogany Conc

Concert Ukulele


Set-in mahogany neck, Walnut fretboard and bridge, Abalone high tide inlays, Polymer nut, Open Gear machine heads, Incl. gig bag

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dweller Phase Repeater

Effects Pedal


From familiar phaser and vibe sounds to resonant random step filtering, warm delays and hitherto unheard intermediate settings, the Dweller is...

Gretsch G9100-L Long Soprano Ukulele

Soprano Ukulele


17 Frets, Includes gigbag

Ortega RFU10SE



Soprano size, 16 Frets, Open machine heads, Sapele headstock veneer, Ortega MagusUke electronics with integrated tuner, Including Ortega gig bag

Eden EC 8

Transistor Combo for Electric Bass


1 Channel, Closed housing construction