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Guitars For Sale - A Buyers' Market

Guitars for sale are offered by most everyone today. This is unlike the past where the number of players was limited and the aspiring or professional guitarists did not have the luxury to choose from a...

breathtaking array of electric guitars or acoustic guitars.

There is a guitar for sale wherever you look and the guitar industry is in an overdrive. They seem to unleash a new model of the electric guitar or the acoustic virtually every day.

Guitar salesmen are everywhere

Guitars For Sale On Every Web Street Corner

The guitar is not only being hawked offline, but online too. All major guitar makers, be they Martin, Gibson or Fender, have set up hi-tech websites to reach out to the guitar buyer. These sites also showcase their guitar accessories like strings, straps, cases and picks.

The net also plays host to huge guitar marts that sell all types of guitar. The guitars are arranged in different categories.

These sales categories can be based on the kinds of guitars being sold like acoustic, classical, bass or electric guitars; they can be based on the price of guitars; they can be based on guitar brands like Epiphone Guitars, Martin Guitars, Fender Guitars or Gibson Guitars. They can also be based on guitars suitable for beginners and for professionals.

Specialists who build guitars as per the specifications laid down by the customer have set up guitar sales sites. There are also dealers who sell used and collectors' guitars, not to mention the large number of individuals who want to dispose off their old guitars. Their favorite is Ebay.

Cheap Guitars - Notes That Jar

There are two categories of cheap guitars. The first cheap guitar is due to the use of cheap material and the second is second-hand guitars.

There is no harm in buying used guitars, because some of them may have been made of the best quality wood, and are being sold cheap.

This is especially true of an acoustic guitar. They do not use electrical accessories that need to be replaced. Also, as any good guitarist will tell you, the sound of acoustic guitars improves with age.

Cheap Guitars May Be A False Economy

However, guitars that are made of cheap quality material should be avoided. Even beginners should avoid these guitars, especially if their sound does not please them.

You may find that tuning these guitars is impossible because they have the wrong frets or they will find the sound box made of two or three pieces of wood gummed together that produces jarring, instead of pleasing, resonations.

It is unfortunate that some guitar makers have switched to the assembly line system of making guitars. These guitars may be cheap but they suffer from several defects. They also use cheaper paints and cheaper lacquers that affect the final finish of the guitar.

Another problem is the hardware used. Compromises on the quality of strings, tuners, bridges, pick ups or pick guards greatly affect the sound quality. Some guitar players change the body parts hoping that this will improve the guitar quality.

They may also succeed, but remember the time and money spent on improving the guitar. It is quite possible that a cheap one after all the improvements may cost more than a new guitar.

Guitarists should also go for a hard case instead of a soft case. This helps to preserve a guitar longer. The same applies to guitar strings and all electric parts.

Always remember, whether cheap or not, any guitar should be chosen on quality and not price.

How To Buy Cheap Guitars

Contrary to popular opinion, cheap guitars are not always of poor quality. A budget guitar could also produce good music provided it is in the hands of an able guitarist. There are many ways to pick up a pocket-friendly Spanish, or classical guitar with good strings.

A cheap guitar is the best way to start on the guitar and then graduate to the better ones if you are on a budget. The make, material, age and strings decide the cost of guitar and you can easily get a good acoustic or nylon string guitar for less than $100, which could be good for a budding guitarist.

Which Guitars Are Better Value?

The steel string, custom-made and electric guitars are expensive and on the contrary classical, mass production and nylon string guitars are the economical ones. As a beginner, you need not burn a hole in your pocket to buy an expensive guitar by Fender or Gibson. Instead, you should lay your hands on a good cheap acoustic guitar, which is portable and has no hassles of insurance or handling.

It is not necessarily that the guitars made by reputed manufacturers like Fender, Gibson or Martin are only choice for guitars and other inexpensive or low-priced guitars are worthless. Many guitarists are producing wonderful music with cheaper guitars.

While searching for cheap or low-cost guitars try to find guitar shops that would let you play it before you buy. Another alternative for buying a cheap or economical guitar is to find a used guitar of good condition.

Search online or at the guitar sellers in your locality and you may find some good used models of good brands at the cost of low-cost new guitars.

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Q-Parts Dome Potiknob Abalone CR

Potentiometer Knob


Dome size, With natural Abalone inlays

Pyramid 306/100 Silver Medium/Heavy

String Set for Acoustic Guitar


Medium / Heavy, The four bass strings wound with silver-plated copper wire provide a very brilliant, balanced, lovely and round tone

bam Hoodie 8002 XLN Black

Cover for the Bam 8002 XL case


Almost no extra weight for the case, Water repellent, Made of nylon and non-woven fabric, Possible to dry clean

Harley Benton Parts FRLocking Nut Cap Set BK

Locking Nut Cap


Suitable for all FR-Style tremolos, Pack of 3

DR Strings Jazz Tite Fit 12-52

String Set For Electric Guitar


Round core, Made in USA

GHS Big Core Nickelrockers 10,5/48

String Set For Electric Guitar


Nickel round wound, Thicker string core (Big Core), Made in USA

Fender Player Series J-Bass PF SRD LH

Electric Bass


Left hand model, Maple neck, Pau Ferro fretboard, Matte neck finish, 20 Frets, 2 Volume knobs and 1 tone knob, Standard open gear machine heads

Adamas 1717NU

String Set for Steel-String Guitar


Coated Nuova version, Solid brass ball-end, With E6 and A5, core and coil with identical diameter, High-End premium phosphor bronze, Ultra-thin...

Daddario EJ65S

String Set For Ukulele


2 Channels, Channel 1 Volume, Channel 2 Gain, Volume, Voice, Treble, Bass, FX Level, FX Select controls, Channel Select button, Tap Tempo button, 4...

GHS Balanced Nickels 044-106

Strings for electric bass


Medium, 30" Short scale, Pure nickel, Roundwound, Round string core, Made in USA

Dunlop EVH Black/Yellow Stripes Tin 6

Pick set in metal tin


Set of 6 Dunlop Max-Grip nylon picks, Medium size, Rounded tip, Rounded edges, Black EVH graphic with yellow stripes on each pick, Black EVH metal...

PRS ACC-4104 Jack Socket Chrome



2 Channels, Channel 1 Volume, Channel 2 Gain, Volume, Voice, Treble, Bass, FX Level, FX Select controls, Channel Select button, Tap Tempo button, 4...

Rockboard Case for RockBoard TRES 3.1

ABS case


Suitable for RockBoard TRES 3.1 p[edalboard, Robust, lightweight ABS shell, Reinforcements at all edges, Inner lining made of compressed EPS foam,...

Harley Benton Hu Frame Curved Top Cream BR

Frame for Humbuckers


For arched tops, High - Suitable for bridge position

Rockboard Case for RockBoard QUAD 4.2

ABS case


Suitable for RockBoard QUAD 4.2 pedalboard, Robust, lightweight ABS shell, Reinforcements at all edges, Inner lining made of compressed EPS foam,...

Maxpic Thumb Pick S Cream

Thumb Pick


2 Channels, Channel 1 Volume, Channel 2 Gain, Volume, Voice, Treble, Bass, FX Level, FX Select controls, Channel Select button, Tap Tempo button, 4...

Rockbag 9/12V Cable Coax/Battery Clip



With a coaxial plug and a battery cable on the other side, Length approx. 50 cm

Hal Leonard First 50 Songs Ukulele

Songbook for Ukulele


50 songs arranged for ukulele in GCEA mood, With Melodies, lyrics and chords, Average difficulty, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (Green Day),...

Hal Leonard Grace VanderWaal Ukulele

Songbook for Ukulele


Songbook for vocals and ukulele, By Grace Vanderwaal - Winner of 'America's Got Talent', All 12 songs of her debut album plus 'I Don't Know My...

DAngelico Deluxe EXL-1 MC LH

Electric guitar


Lefthand / lefthand model, Top made of laminated spruce wood, Back and sides in laminated maple, 5-Fold binding, 3-Piece maple/walnut/maple neck,...

Beard Guitars Deco Phonic 27 RN/PU VS

Roundneck Resonator Guitar


Vintage look and sound with Paul Beard's own structural improvements, Ivoroid point fretboard inlays, 19 Frets, Neck-body transition on the 12th...

Dunlop 6300 Small Accu-Fret Tube



Small, Hard, 12% Nickel silver, Bendable for curved fretboards

Markbass Multiamp Bag

Carry bag


For DV Mark Multiamp 316,865

Baton Rouge RR71S/12 Brushed Nickel



19 Nickel-silver frets, Neck-body transition at the 12th fret, T-Bridge maple bridge, Antique style machine heads, Includes case

Rockboard Effects Pedal Bag No. 14

Gig Bag


For multi-effects, looper switchers and other floor equipment, Robust water-resistant RokTex surface material, 10 mm padding, Black nylon internal...

Genzler Bass Array BA-410-3 Cover

Case for Bass Speaker


Heavy-duty padded cover for Bass Array BA12-3 speaker

Fender Squier SA-105CE BK Bundle

Fender Squier SA-105CE BK


Steel-String Guitar, Dreadnought, With Cutaway, 20 Frets, Lacquered maple bridge with compensated saddle, Die-cast machine heads, Fishman Isys-T...

Behringer UM300

Effect Pedal


Ultra Metal Distortion, For extreme hard rock or heavy metal sounds, Dense, tube-like distortion sound with an endless sustain, Separate distortion...

Fender Champion 50 XL

Electric Guitar Combo


2 Channels, Channel 1 Volume, Channel 2 Gain, Volume, Voice, Treble, Bass, FX Level, FX Select controls, Channel Select button, Tap Tempo button, 4...

Boss BD-2w Blues Driver

Effect for Electric Guitar


Overdrive, Waza Craft series, Analog circuits, Stand and custom modes

Marshall MG30GFX

Combo amplifier for electric guitar


4 channels (storable and retrievable via optional footswitch), 3-band tone control, Digital effects, Headphone jack with speaker simulation, MP3 /...

Gretsch G2622T RB Streamliner

Electric Guitar


Pearloid Big Block fretboard inlays, Fretboard binding, 22 Medium frets, 1 x Volume, 1 x tone, 1 x master tone and 1 x master volume control,...

Gretsch G2420 AB Streamliner

Electric Guitar


Pearloid hump fretboard inlays, Fretboard binding, 22 Medium frets, 1 x Volume, 1 x tone, 1 x master tone and 1 x master volume control, Chromatic...

Artec A50D

Acoustic Guitar Combo


2 Channels, 3 - band EQ per channel, XLR input with phantom power, Aux input, Input for footswitch, DSP effects (reverb chorus delay), Adjustable...


Left-Handed Electric Guitar


V-Style, Heavy Guitar, Mahogany body, 3-Piece maple neck, Thin U neck shape, Macassar ebony fretboard, 24 XJ frets, 350 mm (13.8") fretboard...

Artec Singer Starter Set 2

Artec A50D


Acoustic Guitar Combo, 2 Channels, 3 - band EQ per channel, XLR input with phantom power, Aux input, Input for footswitch, DSP effects (reverb...

Strandberg Boden Fusion Honey

Electric Guitar


Chambered alder body, Solid AAAA maple top with maple beams, 'Roasted' maple neck, Pau Ferro Fretboard, Scale 635 - 647 mm, 24 Stainless steel...

Takamine EF261S-AN

Steel-String Guitar


With cutaway, Preamp CT4B-II with built-in tuner, Incl. case

PRS PRS SE 277 FR Fire Red

Baritone Electric Guitar


Binding on the body, 22 Frets, 3-Way toggle switch, Includes a PRS SE gig bag

La Mancha Zafiro S

Classical Guitar 4/4


Spanish neck-body-connection, Bindings maple, Golden Deluxe machine heads with black buttons

K&M 17670 Guitarstand Memphis Pro

Guitar Stand


"Memphis Pro" model, With patented, flexible support system whereby the brackets clamp the guitar neck upon loading and release it automatically...

Fender Vintera 60s Jaguar Mod SBL

Electric Guitar


Vintera Series, Lead circuit/Rhythm circuit switch on the upper horn, Includes a deluxe gig bag

Tone King Gremlin TRQ

Tubes Combo for E-Guitar


1 Channel, Offers turned up Blackface or Tweed guitars sound at a reduced volume, Lead and rhythm input, which can be bridged with A/B/Y foot...

Harley Benton JB-75 SB Vintage Series Set 3

Harley Benton HB-80B


Combo Amplifier for Electric Bass, TEC Circuit (Tube Emulating Circuit), Gain control, Integrated compressor with LED display, Boost function,...

Fender SQ CV 70s Jazz Bass MN 3TS

Electric bass


Classic Vibe Series, Black dot fingerboard inlays, Fretboard radius 241.3 mm (9.5"), 20 Narrow tall frets, Bone nut, Three-ply black pickguard, 2...

Pedaltrain Classic 1 TC

Board for Effect Pedals


Made of high quality aircraft aluminium, Lightweight and very robust, Includes professional, industrial quality self-adhesive Velcro tape to ensure...

Gator GPT-Black Pedalboard with Bag

Pedal board


With pedal board bag, For floor effects units, Velcro fastening, Incl. 600 Denier nylon bag in black

Mooer EchoVerb

Effects Pedal


Delay and reverb, Digital operation, True Bypass, Tap tempo function, Controls for Level / Mix, Time / Tone and FB / Decay, Toggle switch to select...

Gator G-BUS-8 Multi Power Supply

Multi power adapter for effect devices


Heavy-duty aluminum housing, 4 Mounting holes for mounting to Gator Pedal Totes, Gig Box series or other boards, 8 Outputs of 9 V (DC), 3 Outputs...

Fender Vintera 70s Jazz Bass AN

Electric Bass


Vintera Series, Includes a deluxe gig bag

Walrus Audio Phoenix

Power supply


2300 mA, Includes 15x 2.1 mm DC cables & 2x 2.5 mm to 2.1 mm DC cables with reverse polarity, 1x 9 V (switchable to 18 V - 100 mA)

Harley Benton HBW-20

Bass combo


Equipped with 8” speaker, 3-Band EQ, Headphone output, AUX input (RCA), Fold out bracket for tilting the combo

Bare Knuckle The Juggernaut Set F OB

Humbucker Pickup for Electric Guitar


For Progressive Rock & Metal, Thrash, Death Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Hard Rock, Metalcore and Extreme Metal styles

Mooer Candy Footswitch Topper Mix

Cap Set for Foot Switch


Increases the diameter of foot switches for easier accessibility, Fits on standard foot switch with approximately 10 mm diameter, Set consisting of...

Schecter Case Synyster



For Electric Guitar, Suitable only for Schecter Synyster, Avenger and Revenger

Electro Harmonix Bad Stone

Effects Unit for Electric Guitar


Phaser, Legendary 1970 "Bad Stone" sound, With enhancements for today's guitarist, With auto / manual switch, Robust die-cast housing, True bypass,...

EMG SA/SA/81 Black

Active pickup set for electric guitar


2 x Model SA single coils in neck and center position, 1 x Model 81 bridge humbucker, Classic EMG 81 humbucker in combination with two Alnico V...

Temple Audio Design Pedal Plate Large

Metal Plate with Double-Sided Adhesive Tape


Quick-release pedal attachment system, 4 Bolts for fixing to the board, Includes screws, Made in Canada

Minotaur Bass Strap FS Suede Camel

Suede Bass Strap


Padded, Handmade in Europe

Pickboy Carbon Nylon Pick M Set 0,88

Carbon nylon picks


12 Pack, Hemp leaf logo

Risa Soprano Ukulele Single Cut TS

Electric Ukulele


Soprano size, 19 Frets, 1 Volume control, 1 Tone control, 3-way toggle switch, Gig bag included

Yamaha TRBX 505 TBN

5-String Electric Bass


5-String bolt-on maple/mahogany neck, 24 Frets, 3-Band electronics with controls for volume, balance, bass, mids, Treble and active-/passive switch

Ernie Ball PolyLock Strap BK

Locking Strap for Electric Guitar & Bass


2 Channels, Channel 1 Volume, Channel 2 Gain, Volume, Voice, Treble, Bass, FX Level, FX Select controls, Channel Select button, Tap Tempo button, 4...

Harley Benton Classic Guitar Soundhole Strap

Guitar strap


For connecting to the soundhole

Marleaux Bass Comfort Strap XL

Flexible Bass Strap



Ibanez SR2605-CBB Premium

Electric Bass


5-String, Abalone fretboard inlays, Luminescent fret edge marks, 24 Medium steel frets with premium fret edge treatment, Ibanez Custom electronics...

Planet Waves PWPW1

Strings For Guitars


Suitable for all guitar machine heads

Vox Pathfinder 10 Bass

Bass Combo


The ideal exercise and recording combo with a distinctive sound Vox, Controller for drive, Treble, Bass, Volume, Bright switch, Headphone / line...

Daddario NW052 Single String

Single String


For electric guitars, Nickel round wound, With steel core

Line6 M5 Stompbox

Ground Effect


Stereo I / O, Tap tempo, Built-in tuner, MIDI In / Out, Input for optional expression pedal, Incl. power supply

Korg AW-LT100G

Chromatic Tuner for Guitar


With handy clip, Compact, lightweight and extremely accurate, LC-Display, Shuttle switch

Markbass Little Marcus 500

Amp Head for Bass


Marcus Miller Signature Model, Pre/Post EQ line out switch

Kokio Palau Mahagoni Tenor

Tenor Ukulele


18 Frets, Dots inlays, Catalpa bridge, Includes gigbag

Gretsch G9120 Std. Tenor Ukulele

Tenor Ukulele


Mahogany body, Two-piece mahogany body, Ovangkol fretboard, 19 Frets, Ovangkol bridge, Grover machine heads, Incl. gig bag

Trace Elliot Multipedal TRANSIT-B

Bass Preamp


Backlit controls, Passive/ active switch, Pre-shape switch for classic trace sound, 5-Band EQ, Drive effect, Dual band compressor, Mute/ tune...