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Behringer SX3040 V2

Stereo Exciter / Bass Processor


Gives the overall sound more transparency, space and depth, Separate knobs per channel for Tune, Harmonics and Mix on the Exciter section, Separate...

Behringer SU9920

Sound ProcessorThe SONIC ULTRAMIZER SU9920 gives your music the extra dimension you've always wanted. This processor is the ultimate sound enhancement tool for home recording studios, DJ setups, keyboard racks, webcasting, 5.1 and hi-fi systems.


More clarity, dimension and depth for dramatic sound enhancement, Natural treble by enriching overtones and more precise, punchy bass by phase...

SPL Stereo Vitalizer Mk2-T

Stereo Vitalizer MK2-T Modell 9739


Tube version of the Vitalizer bestseller, -20 dB - 2 dB Drive, 2 Bass sounds (tight and soft), Stereo expander, Clip LED, Ground / lift switch,...

BBE Sonic Maximizer 882i

Maximizer Signal ProcessorThe BBE Sonic Maximizer is actually already a classic, it is a studio effect, which is mostly used to "refresh" the stereo sum. This makes sense for live PA as well as studio applications.


Sound enhancement, The Maximizer performs a phase correction between three frequency bands to compensate for phase and amplitude distortions in the...

SPL Transient Designer 4

4-Channel Dynamic Processor


With new Differential Envelope Technology, Envelopes independent of the input level, Adjustable attack (+/- 15 dB) and sustain (+/- 24 dB), Ideal...

Elysia karacter

Stereo Saturator


100% Discrete Class A topology, Modulation and remote control of Drive and Mix by external control voltages, Dual Mono / Stereo Link, Integrated...

Elysia nvelope

Stereo Impulse Shaper


Discrete class-A topology, Full-range mode, Dual band mode, EQ mode, Mixed mode, Dual mono / Stereo link, Auto gain, Stepped potentiometer,...

SPL PSD 4000

Psychoacoustics Processor


Hi-Fi Vitalizer for adapting audio signals to human hearing, Adjustable bass, mid-range and treble section, EQ frequency range 20 Hz-22 kHz, Stereo...

SPL Tube Vitalizer

Tube Vitalizer Model 9530


Tube-based Vitalizer, Bass and HiFreq RC and LC filters, 2-band compressor, "Limit" mode in the tube section, Sym. XLR and jack ins outs

Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Magnetismus 2



Stereo device, VCA-compressor, Adjustable threshold, Ratio, Timing adjustable in a wide range, Compression indicator as LED chain, Intensity and...