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Klark Teknik 76-KT

Transistors-Compressor / Limiter


With class A line level amplifiers and MIDAS transformers, Completely discrete signal path, Extremely fast attack from 20 to 800 microseconds,...

Klark Teknik KT-2A

Classic Tubular Compressor / Leveling Amplifier


Completely discrete signal path, High quality 12AX7, 12BH7 and EL84 tubes, Specially developed MIDAS input and output transformers, XLR connectors,...

SSL Fusion

Analog Stereo Master Processor


Includes 5 new circuits for signal processing and tone colouring in one device, Switchable insert, Input and output level controls, Switchable...

DBX 166 XS

Compressor / Gate / Limiter


Variable attack and release times, Excellent dynamic control, Side chain insert (6.3 mm jack), Stereo or dual mono operation possible

Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Crème

VCA compressor with Pultec style EQ


Stereo device, Placement of the EQ and compressor in the mix can also be switched, Low-cut filter in the side-chain, Balanced XLR inputs and...

Empirical Labs EL8X-S Distressor

Stereo distressor pair


Includes British Mode and Image Link functions, Includes 2 separate mono-channel devices that can be connected to each other via the image-link...

FMR Audio RNC 1773

2 - Channel Compressor


Stereo or mono, Unbalanced inputs, Weight 0.9 kg, Incl. Power supply

UnderToneAudio UnFairchild 670M II

Tube amplifier


Replica of the famous 670 but with added additional features, Cinemag replica of the original transformers in the audio path, Adjustable attack and...

Behringer MDX2600 V2

Dynamic Processor


Compressor, expander, limiter, 2-Channel, Tube simulator, Side chain, Stereo link, Gain Reduction and in / out-level metering via LED chains, Peak...

Heritage Audio Successor

Stereo Bus Compressor


Analog bus and master compressor with transformer-coupled inputs and outputs, Vintage sound character through 1073-inspired amplifier circuit with...

Behringer MDX4600 Multicom Pro-XL V2

Behringer MDX4600 Multicom Pro-XL V2


4-Channel expander / gate / compressor / peak limiter of the reference class with dynamic enhancer and low-contour filter, Servo-balanced inputs...

Tube-Tech Cl 1B

Tube-Tech CL 1B High-End Mono Compressor


VU-meter for input monitoring, Output and Gain Reduction, One tube each on the input and output levels, Clickless in / out switch, Balanced XLR...

Warm Audio WA76

Limiting Amplifier


Replica of a classic 1176 Revision D, Discrete signal path, Cinemag input and output transformer, Class A line level output amplifier, Less than...

FMR Audio RNLA 7239

Really Nice Levelling Amplifier


Very good sounding 2-channel compressor (usable as stereo or mono), Specially suited for vocals, basses, guitars and stereo sum, 6.0 msec attack,...

Rupert Neve Designs Portico II Master Buss

2 Channel Compressor


Stereo link or 2x mono, 75V Technology, Variable gain of -6 dB up to +20 dB, Extremely flexible dual mono or stereo compressor, Adjustable parallel...

Elysia Alpha Compressor

2-Channel mastering compressor


100% discrete Class-A technology, Integrated M/S matrix, Feed forward & feedback switchable, Auto fast for attack and release, Audio filter,...

API Audio 2500

Stereo Bus Compressor


API 2520 Op amp, Selectable ratio, attack and release times, Patented high pass filter before RMS detector path, With variable link between the...

Warm Audio WA-2A

1-Channel tube opto-compressor / limiter


100% discrete signal path, CineMag input transformer, CineMag output transformer, Kenetek opto attenuator, Integrated power adapter, Stereo-link...

Elysia xpressor

Stereo compressor


Brilliant audio quality and transparent basic sound, Clearly structured operation, Discrete Class-A topology, Auto Fast Attack, Switchable release...

Empirical Labs EL8 X Distressor



1 Channel classic knee compressor, Tube saturation, Opto simulation, XLR inputs and outputs

Tegeler Audio Manufaktur VTRC Recording Channel

Recording Channel


Tube device (4 triodes), Class-A circuit, True 48V phantom power, Phase switch, High-impedance instrument input (100 kOhm), Character changeable...

Manley Variable MU Compressor/Limiter

Stereo Compressor / Limiter


True tube compression in the style of the legendary 670s Fairchild, Dual Triode 5670 compression in Manley design, Best-selling tube-type...

Tube-Tech LCA2B

High-end 2-channel tube compressor / limiter


Both channels can be separately adjusted, Bypass circuits are separate for compressor and limiter

AMS Neve 33609 Limiter / Compressor

Stereo Limiter / Compressor


Comprehensive limiting and compression capabilities for music recording, mastering, post-production and broadcast applications, Hand-wired Neve...

Summit Audio TLA-100 A

Tube leveling amplifier


1-channel, With side-chain and link connector for coupling several units, 3 level adjustable attack and decay, Analog VU meter, Bypass / Link...

Manley Variable MU Mastering

Stereo Compressor / Limiter


Complete tube, MANLEY input & output transformer with nickel lamination in mu-metal housing, Sym. Inputs and Outputs (600 Ohm), ALL-TUBE circuits...

Dangerous Music Compressor

VCA compressor


Selectable stereo operation or dual mono, Compression without any distortion even at 20 dB gain reduction, Better stereo imaging thanks to dual...


2-Channel tube opto-compressor


Adjustable threshold, Ratio and Attack, + 4dBu/-10 dBu mode switchable, Backlit VU meter, LED meter for peak hold, Balanced XLR and 6.3 mm inputs...

IGS Audio Tubecore 3U

Stereo Mastering Compressor


Based on a typical vari-mu solution, Fully symmetric transformer, Switchable high-pass filter in the sidechain, Parallel compression (MIX button),...

WES Audio Beta 76

1-Channel 1176 Compressor


True Bypass, SC high-pass filter - 60, 90, 150 Hz, Signal to noise ratio SNR> 83 dB, Enhanced link function

Bettermaker Mastering Compressor


Variable attack and release times, Excellent dynamic control, Side chain insert (6.3 mm jack), Stereo or dual mono operation possible

Dave Hill Designs Titan

Dynamics Processor


Analogue 1-channel compressor / limiter, Colour LCD display, Analogue device with digital control, DSP Sidechain, VCA Colour for tone colour...

Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Vari Tube Compressor VTC



Can be used in stereo or dual mono, Class-A circuit, All tube signal path, Potentiometers with increment markings, Transformer balanced input and...

Manley NuMU

Dual channel compressor / limiter


Variable Mu tube input stage, HIP function raises soft dynamics without squashing louder passages, 2 transformer balanced XLR inputs, 2...

DBX 266 XS

Stereo compressor gate


With integrated power supply, With the patented OverEasy compression technology, AutoDynamic attack and release controls, XLR in / outs, -10 / + 4...

Tube-Tech SMC2B

Stereo multiband master compressor


Three Compressor bands per channel, Variable X-over networks between the bands, Adjustable Ratio, Threshold, Attack, Release and Output per band,...


2-Channel Compressor / Limiter Expander / Gate


Link function for stereo operation, LED Gain Reduction Display, Attack / Release adjustable (Auto / Manual), Hard / Soft Knee adjustable, LED Level...

Drawmer 1968 MK II

2-Channel tube compressor


BIG circuit implementable via sidechain, Soft-knee compressors with variable threshold, attack, release, and output gain, Stereo link or dual mono...

SSL XLogic Stereo Compressor

Stereo Compressor


Classic SSL G Series centre compressor with a super analog design

IGS Audio Multicore

Multi-band compressor


3-Band, Analog VCA compression, Carnhill input and output transformers, Input impedance 10 kohm, Bypass switch

Samson S-Com 4

4-Channel Compressor / Expander / Gate


2 x Linkable units, Balanced XLR output and jack, Individual threshold and ratio for each channel

Drawmer DL241 XLR

Dual compressor / limiter with gate


XLR input / output

UK Sound 276 FET Compressor


Variable attack and release times, Excellent dynamic control, Side chain insert (6.3 mm jack), Stereo or dual mono operation possible

Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Schwerkraftmaschine

Stereo Vari-Mu Compressor


Controlled via DAW plug-in (AU, VST, AAX), or an integrated web server via browser remote and servo-motor potentiometers, Display, Digital...

Golden Age Project Comp-2A

Vintage-style single channel tube compressor / limiter


Transformer balanced input and output, Gain and peak reduction controls, VU meter for displaying gain reduction and output volume, Bypass switch,...

SPL 9629 De-Esser

De-Esser model 9629


2-channel De-esser, XLR / Jack In / Out, Auto Threshold, Very good sound quality, 19 "/ 1U

Black Lion Audio Seventeen

Mono Compressor


FET Compressor based on a legendary model, Optimized circuit with new output transformer, Extended functionality with variable high-pass filter in...

Chandler Limited Germanium Compressor 19" MP

Germanium compressor 19" - Matched pair


2 mono compressors that us an FET gain reduction element, Wet / Dry control for mixing a compressed signal with the original signal, Comp curve...

Drawmer 1976


Variable attack and release times, Excellent dynamic control, Side chain insert (6.3 mm jack), Stereo or dual mono operation possible

Golden Age Project Comp-3A

1-Channel vintage-style compressor


Transformer balanced input and output, Classic T4-style electro-optical attenuator for gain control with program-dependent attack and release time,...

Fredenstein V.A.S. Comp

Analog 1-channel FET compressor


Fully discrete OPA2 operational amplifier, American output transformer, 2x 12-Digit LED display for level reduction and output level, Adjustable...

Golden Age Project COMP-3A Jr

1-Channel Vintage-Style Compressor


Transfomer-balanced input and output, Gain control with classic opto-coupler, Gain reduction and gain makeup controls, 7-Digit LED display of gain...

ART Dual PWM Limiter

2-Channel dynamic processor


Stereo link function of the channels, Adjustable attack and release, Bypass switch per channel, Gain reduction LED

FMR Audio PBC-6A

Mono compressor


"Silk" and "Thick" mode, Balanced XLR input and output, Side chain, Link connection, Hi-pass filter, Feedback drive, Variable knee, LED chain,...

A-Designs Audio HM2 Compressor Nail

2-Channel Compressor


Hybrid solid state / tubes construction, Extensive possibilities for sound enhancement and dramatic dynamics processing, Automatic control mode...

Drawmer DS201

Dual Noise Gate


HP and TP filters, "Key List" option, Stereo Mode, Envelope control, Balanced inputs and outputs

Summit Audio TLA-50 Valve Compressor

1-Channel tube compressor


With side-chain and link socket for coupling several units, Attack and decay, adjustable in 3-stages, VU meter, Bypass / Link switch on the front...

Drawmer MXPRO-30

2-Channel Gate / Compressor / Limiter


2-Channel, Balanced +4 dB XLR, Unbalanced -10 dB jack

Empirical Labs Fatso - EL7X

2-channel analog tape simulation and optimizer


With Classic Knee compression, Link connection for additional EL7X, Sidechain input per channel

Golden Age Project Comp-554

Single-channel vintage style compressor in 500 module format


Discrete built-in signal path, Transformer balanced input and output, Class-A circuit, Controls for attack, release, threshold, ratio and gain,...

Drawmer DL441

4-Channel compressor/limiter


"Auto compressor" mode, Hard and soft knee modes, Auto attack and release, Hardware bypass function, Balanced XLR inputs and outputs

JDK Audio R22 Dual Channel Compressor

2-channel compressor


Developed by API-Audio with patented compressor circuit and "THRUST" circuit for the sensitive high-frequency component, Also ideal for the master...

Rupert Neve Designs Portico 5043

2 Channel Compressor / Limiter


Variable attack and release times, Excellent dynamic control, Side chain insert (6.3 mm jack), Stereo or dual mono operation possible

Amptweaker DeFizzerator

EQ Effects Pedal


Passive 1-band EQ, For a more balanced sound from amplifiers and speakers, Low input impedance - use after buffers or pedals with buffered bypass...

UK Sound 176 FET Compressor


Variable attack and release times, Excellent dynamic control, Side chain insert (6.3 mm jack), Stereo or dual mono operation possible

Chandler Limited RS124 Compressor

1-Channel tube compressor


Switches for input, output, attack and recovery, VU meter, Cascadable with a second RS124 for stereo operation via a 6.3 mm jack connection, XLR...

Golden Age Project Comp-554 Plus

Single-channel Vintage Style Compressor in 500-module format


Discretely constructed signal path, Carnhill input and output transformers, Class-A circuit, Controls for Attack, Release, Threshold, Ratio and...

Black Lion Audio Bluey Limiter


Variable attack and release times, Excellent dynamic control, Side chain insert (6.3 mm jack), Stereo or dual mono operation possible

Chandler Limited TG1

Stereo compressor / limiter


Completely discreetly designed circuit design of the legendary EMI TG12413 limiter, Trafosym I / O, Warm sound, Comparable to Fairchild 670,...

SPL Iron black

2-channel mastering compressor


Variable bias tube compressor, Parallel connection of two different tubes, Selection and pairing of the tubes with Iron developed PC-based...

SPL Kultube 2049

Stereo compressor


With discrete Class A gain components, Switchable optimisation of attack and release times, depending on the input signal, Adjustable tube...

Elysia mpressor

Elysia Compressor


2 Channel compressor / limiter, 100% Discreet Class-A technology, Auto Fast, Anti Log, Negative ratios, Audio filter, External side chain, Gain...

Drawmer DL 241

Dual compressor/limiter with gate


Automatic attack/release, Peak limiter, Balanced +4 / -10dB jack inputs and outputs

SPL Iron red

2-Channel mastering compressor


Variable bias tube compressor, Parallel dual tube circuit, Selection and pairing of the tubes carried out with the Weigl RoeTest, Specially...

Drawmer DS404

Quad noise gate


Professional 4 channel filter gate, Balanced XLR input / output, Hard / Soft gating, KEY LISTEN threshold, Release from 10 ms up to 5 s