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Millenium MPS-850 E-Drum Set

Complete Electric Drum Set


550 Voices, 30 Preset kits, 20 User kits, 100 Songs, 2 User Songs, Quick Record, Metronome, Equaliser for each kit, Pitch, Reverb, Compressor, 6...

Roland TM-2 Trigger Module

Trigger Module


Compact trigger module for drummers with acoustical drumsets wanting to extend their kit with electronical sounds, Over 100 internal sounds, SDHC...

Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad

Sampling Pad


9 Pads, 4 GB internal memory, 3 Multi FX, Large, backlit LCD display, Easy capturing and assignment of audio data through Multi-Pad Sampling, USB...

Roland KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal

Electric Kick Drum Pedal


With reverse-action trigger mechanism, Low noise production when played, Flexible, adaptable and can be used in combination with a second pedal,...

Roland PDX-100 10" V-Drum Pad

E Drum Pad


10" Two-zone V-drum mesh head pad, 10" Hoops, Extremely stable lugs, Precise and sensitive triggering between head and rim

Millenium E-Drum Multi-Clamp

Multi Clamp with Mounting Plate


Suitable for most E-Drum modules and percussion pads, such as the SPD-SX, SPD-30, TD30

Millenium MPS-200 Mono Cymbal Pad

Electric Drum Cymbal Pad


Round 12" model, Mono model, Rubber surface, Asymmetrical weight distribution, making unwanted turning impossible, Cable included

Roland RT-30HR Dual Trigger

Stereo Acoustic Drum Trigger


Dual sensor system (centre/rim) with light fibreglass body, Compatible with all Roland TD modules, TM-2 module and percussion pads, Side mounted...

Millenium MPS-850 08" Mesh Head Kick Pad

Kick Pad


Double-ply mesh head, Without a pedal

Millenium MPS-400 Stereo Cymbal Pad

Stereo Cymbal Pad


Can be used as a ride cymbal with a contact surface, Can also be used as a crash cymbal with a stop surface edge, Hand cymbals, After a "crash"...

Roland CY-12C 12" V-Cymbal Crash

12" V-Cymbal Crash


Two-zone pad with choke function

DDrum DDTI Trigger Interface

Trigger-To-Midi Interface


10 Stereo trigger inputs for single or dual zone triggers, 20 Programmable presets for storing and loading different setups, Simple operation for...

Roland TD-17KVX E-Drum Set

Electric Drum Set


With Roland TD-17 drum module, 310 Sounds, 50 Preset kits, 50 User kits, Quick Record, Coach function, WAV samples can be imported via SD/HC card,...

Roland BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad

Compact Single Trigger Pad


Curved shape for mounting on a V-Pad or acoustic drum, Quick and easy to mount, Attachments for standard rod-type mounts included, Compatible with...

Millenium E-Drum Kick Bass Pad

Electric Drum Bass Drum Pad


Mono pad, Extremely stable bass drum pad, Incl. cable, Bass drum pedal not included

Roland TDM-10 V-Drum Matte

V-Drum Mat


Robust, sound-absorbing drum mat, Optimised for Roland V-Drum Set, Prevents sliding around of the drum set and protects the floor from scratches,...

Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad SE

Sampling pad


Special Edition, 9 Playing surfaces, 16 GB of internal memory, 3 Multi FX, USB, Easy recording and assignment of audio data through Multi Pad...

Millenium Hi-Hat Controller

Hi-Hat Controller


The electronic hi-hat pedal allows the opening and closing of the "Hi-Hat", Hi-Hat "closed sound" - hi-hat "open sound", With a switch, so it will...

Roland PD-8 V-Drum Stereo Rubber Pad

Stereo Electric Drum Pad


Rubber pads, With dual trigger for center / rimshot

Millenium MPS-150 E-Drum Set

E-Drum Set


Ideal E-Drum beginner set, MPS-150 Sound module, With complete rack tripod system and cabling, 1x Crash Pad with stop function, 1x Ride Pad, 1x...

Roland RT-30H Single Trigger

Acoustic Drum Trigger


Single sensor system with light fibreglass body, Compatible with all Roland TD modules, TM-2 module and percussion pads, Side mounted trigger...

Alesis Samplepad Pro

Percussion Electric Drum Pad


With built-in sounds, Expansion of additional sounds via SD card slot possible, 10 Ready-to-play kits with more than 200 drum sounds and bass...

Roland CY-13R 13" V-Cymbal Ride

13" V-Cymbal Ride Pad


Experience acoustic-like ride cymbal performance with this electric cymbal pad, The enlarged bow area and a natural swing motion enhance the...

Roland VH-11 V Drum Hi-Hat Pad

Hi-Hat Pad


Consists of one floating cymbal pad, Mounted on a fixed base plate, Can be mounted on conventional hi-hat stands, and provides a similar playing...

Pearl Mimic Pro

Drum module


120 GB solid state hard drive, 60 pre-installed Steven Slate Drums 5 drum sounds, 24 bit multi-layer samples, Burr Brown converter, WAV / AIFF...

Roland TD-50 Drum Module

Drum Module


100 Drum kits, Prismatic Sound Modelling Technology, Plays WAV samples from an SD card, USB 10-channel audio output for easy multi-track recording...

Roland TD-17 Drum Module

Drum Module


310 Sounds, 50 Preset kits, 50 User kits, Quick Record, Coach function, WAV samples can be imported via SD / HC card, Bluetooth 4.2 transceiver for...

Roland KD-120BK 12" V-Drum Kick

Bass Drum Kick


Black version, Fast, natural kick drum triggering, Works even with double pedals, Pedal not included!

Millenium MPS-750 E-Drum Mesh Set

E-Drum Mesh Set


Drum module with 20 preset kits and 20 user kits, 697 Sounds, 55 Songs, 4-Band EQ, Faders for controlling the volume of pads, the effects or...

ATV Electrorganic aFrame

Electronic Percussion Instrument


The "Adaptive Timbre Technology" allows the detection of shocks, pressure and friction on the skin as well as on the wooden frame through a...

Millenium 14" Stereo Cymbal Pad MPS-600

Stereo Cymbal Pad


Can be used as ride cymbal with cymbal top surface as playing region or as a crash cymbal with cymbal edge as playing region, or can be assigned...

On Trigger Bass Drum Trigger Jack

Bass Drum Trigger


Compatible with all pedals with baseplate, Glued to the bottom plate with integrated adhesive strips, Adjustable sensor pressure, Replacement...

Roland PDX-12 12" V-Drum Pad

Two Zone Mesh Head Pad


Plastic hoops in lightweight design identical to metal hoops, Can also be mounted on snare stands

Roland KD-10 Kick Pad

Bass drum pad


5" Large mesh head, Quiet construction thanks to rubebr cover and cushion, Good playing feel

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit

Electronic Drum Set


Tom and snare pad equipped with mesh batter heads, Nitro drum module with 385 sounds, 25 Preset kits, 15 User kits, 60 Songs, Metronome, 1/4" Mono...

ATV Electrorganic aFrame Bundle

ATV Electrorganic aFrame


Electronic Percussion Instrument, The "Adaptive Timbre Technology" allows the detection of shocks, pressure and friction on the skin as well as on...

Roland VH-10 12" V-Drum Hi-Hat Pad

12" Hi-Hat pad


2-Zone pad, Consists of a 12" hi-hat pad and motion sensor, Can be mounted to a traditional hi-hat stand, thus creating a more realistic feel in...

Roland PDX-8 10" V-Drum Pad

10” V-Drum Mesh Head Drum Pad


10" Hoops, Extremely stable lugs, Precise and sensitive triggering between head and rim

Roland FD-8 Hi-Hat Control. Actuator

Hi-Hat Controller Actuator


Suitable for FD-6, 7 & 8, HD-1, TD-1

Sensory Percussion 4 Pack Sensor + Software

Drum Trigger


4x 10 Zone drum sensors including software licence, Multiple samples can be stacked on a pad using the built-in sampler, User sample import...

Roland TD-1DMK V-Drum Set

E-Drum Set


Entry-level model into the world of Roland V-Drums, TD-1 Drum module with 15 drum kits, 15 Songs, 10 Coaching functions, Metronome, 3.5mm Stereo...

Alesis Strike MultiPad

Percussion Pad with Sampler and Looper


9 Velocity-sensitive pads, Over 8000 (6 GB) preinstalled sounds and samples, 32 GB Storage, 4.3" Colour display, Samples can be recorded via USB,...

Millenium DM-30 Drum Monitor

Electric Drum Monitor


10” 2-Way coaxial loudspeaker, Line input, Two separate volume knobs for line in and electric drums, 3-Band EQ

Roland PM-100 Personal Drum Monitor

Active Monitor Box for E-Drums


For home and stage use, 2-Way monitor, 10" Custom Woofer and Höchtöner, 1x 6.3 mm stereo jack V-drum input, 1x 6.3mm or 3.5mm stereo line input,...

Roland TD-50DP Digital Upgrade Pack

Roland TD-50P Digital Upgrade Pack


Allows the upgrade of (not only) Roland E-Drums up to date, Digital snare pad Roland PD-140DS, Digital Ride Cymbal Pad Roland CY-18DR, USB...

Roland TM-1 Trigger Module

Trigger Module


Perfect for hybrid drumming, 30 Integrated sounds, 30 User samples, 15 Kits, 2 Integrated footswitches for triggering sounds, kit changes and mute,...

Roland CY-5

V Drum Hi-Hat Pad


Large playing surface, The appropriate attachment hole is not in the centre, Always in an optimal playing position

Millenium MPS-850 10" Mesh Head Pad

Mesh Head Pad


Stereo, Two-layer mesh head, Includes rack clamp, L-Rod and 2.5 m jack cable

DDrum Hybrid Kit Satin Black Set

DDrum Hybrid Kit Satin Black


Drum Set, Complete acoustic drum kit equipped with DDrum Acoustic Pro Triggers, Drum shells with connector via integrated XLR outputs to electric...

Roland TDM-20 V-Drum Mat GR

V-Drum Mat


Robust, sound absorbing drum mat, Optimized for Roland V-Drum Set, Prevents sliding around of the drum set and protects the floor from scratches,...

Millenium MPS-300 Mono Cymbal Pad

Cymbal Pad for Electric Drums


Mono model, Cable and cymbal arm included

Roland V-Drum Cable 2m

Connection Cable


Roland V-Drum Cable, Stereo cable for connecting electric drum pads with a drum module, 6.3 mm jack male to 6.3 mm angular jack male

Yamaha KU100 Silent Kick Pedal

Electric Drum Pedal


Special construction to minimalize impact sound, Incl. stereo audio cable

Millenium MPS-450 E-Drum Set

E-Drum Complete Set


408 Voices, 30 Preset kits, 10 User kits, 80 Songs, 5 User Songs, Metronome, Includes drum rack, pedal, power supply, cabling and sticks

Roland FD-9 Hi-Hat Controller Pedal

Silent Hi-Hat Controller Pedal for Electric Drum Sets


Equipped with a patented, impact sound-reducing mechanism, Allows open, semi-open and closed playing, Compatible with all TD series, and SPD-30 and...

DDrum Acoustic Pro Trigger Set

Drum Trigger Det


For a five-piece drum set, Compatible with most drum modules, Consists of 1x bass drum trigger, 1x snare drum trigger, and 3x tom tom triggers, The...

Zildjian Gen16 Buffed Bronze DS Box S

Gen16 Cymbal Set


Buffed bronze finish, Digital cymbal processor, Direct source pickups

Roland TD9/TD11/TD15/TD25 Multicore

Multicore CableSuitable for the following Roland E-Drum sets:


TD-9, TD-11, TD-15, TD-17, TD-25, TD-25

Millenium MPS-850 08" Mesh Head Pad

Mesh Head Pad


Stereo, Two-layer mesh head, Includes rack clamp, L-Rod and 2.5 m jack cable

Roland PD-128S-BC V-Drum Mesh Snare

E-Drum Snare Pad


V-Drum Mesh Head 12 "Snare Pad, Special newly developed rim sensor, perfectly matched with the TD-30 drum sound module, Stereo head and rim...

Roland KD-A22 Kick Drum Converter

Kick drum converter


For use with 22" bass drums, Batter head with built-in kick pad, 22" metal hoops and shock absorber, Can be installed into any 22" bass drum...

Millenium MPS-150X E-Drum Mesh Set

E-drum Mesh Set


For beginners, Including drum rack and cabling, 40 Songs, Metronome tempo 30-280, Integrated reverb, 2x 6.3mm Mono jack outputs, 3.5 mm Stereo...

2box DrumIt Three

E-drum module


Supports a variety of pads from different manufacturers, 3-zone snare drum pads as well as up to three (3x) 3-zone cymbal pads, 4 GB storage space...

Roland FD-8 V-Drum Hi-Hat Controller

V-Drum Hi-Hat ControllerUltra-Sensitive Hi-Hat control. The hi-hat sounds even more realistic, with smooth transitions between open and closed playing modes, thanks to Roland's new FD-8 Hi-Hat controller.


Realistic Hi-Hat, Smooth transitions between open and closed, New look

Yamaha EAD10 Drum Module

Electronic Acoustic Drum Module and Sensor


757 sounds, 50 preset scenes, 200 user scenes, 32MB of space for your own WAV samples, 11 reverb effects, Metronome, 3x 6.3 mm stereo jack trigger...

Roland CY-15R

V-Cymbal Ride


Ride cymbal with authentic mass inertia similar to that of an acoustic ride cymbal, Can be used as a ride or crash cymbal, Simultaneous triple...

Sensory Percussion Starter Pack Sensor + Software

Drum Trigger


10 Zone drum sensor including software licence, Multiple samples can be stacked on a pad using the built-in sampler, User sample import possible,...

Roland PD-128-BC V-Drum Mesh

E-Drum Pad


V-Drum Mesh Head 12" Pad, Special newly developed Rim Sensor with the TD-30 Drum Sound Module perfectly transmits playing dynamics and harmony,...

Millenium MD-90 Mobile Drum

Mobile Drum Set


7 Velocity sensitive drum pads, 265 Percussion/ drum sounds, 45 Predefined drum kit presets, 5 Free programmable user kits, 100 Stored preset songs...

Roland HPD-20 Handsonic Pad

Electronic Percussion Pad


SuperNatural sound generating with 850 integrated sounds, Sound/ loops memory for importing 500 custom sounds, Built-in multi effects processor...

Roland CY-8 V-Drum Stereo Cymbal Pad

V-Drum Stereo Cymbal PadThe CY-8 cymbals provide a swinging suspension with excellent response, separate playing surface/rim triggering and choke capability, as well as a new appearance similar to that of an acoustic cymbal.


Rubber model, Swinging suspension, Surface / Rim play separation, Triggering / Choke capability, Dome / Edge sounds, Includes cymbal screw, felt...

Roland TM-6 Pro Drum Trigger Module

Trigger Module


For acoustic drummers who want to extend the sound possibilities of their drums with electronic sounds, 500 one-shot sounds, 268 V-Drum sounds, 80...

Triggera Intrigg Internal Drum Trigger

Built-in trigger for acoustic drums


Stereo, Is attached to the screws of a bracket, 6.3mm Stereo jack output, Compatible with Roland, Alesis and Millenium modules

Yamaha DTX-Multi 12 Drum Pad Bundle

Yamaha DTX-Multi 12


Professional All-In-One Multipad, 12 Dynamic pads (stick, hand, & finger mode), 5 external inputs, 200 user and 50 preset drum kits, 64 MB Wave...

Roland KD-7 Kick-Controller

Kick Trigger Unit for Roland Drum System


Can be combined with practical any pedal, Realistic play feel due to velocity sensitivity, Also for trigger interfaces of other manufacturers,...

Electronic Drums Have Innovations For Every Type Of Music

Electronic drums give the chance to explore a vast world of innovative drumming. Put simply, electronic drum kits can generate all sorts of guitar, bass, horns, vocals and weird sounds.

The electronic is an essential for rap music and enhances virtually every kind of music. The pick and revibration of drum can also be controlled and modulated to suit every performance.

Electronics can actually mimic even a drum to such perfection that very few can notice the difference, including top drummers.

Electronic Drums Have Become The Norm

Even in recording studios, the sound recordists are quite comfortable with the electronic, as these drums require only a proper plug in. The synthetic sounds of electronic sets have become acceptable to almost every style of music.

Drummers should look at Yamaha, Tama, Pearl, and Gretsch electronic kits. A complete set of drums will typically come portable with four drum pads, one hi-hat pad, two cymbal pads, a hi-hat pedal, a sound module, and a bass trigger or pad. In electronic form, the drum pads are made of rubber and thicker plastics with no hollow body.

These drums are so portable that Joey Fatone of NSYNC carries his electric drum kit with him for drum jamming before an actual concert and drum de-stressing after a performance.

Most drum kits will even come with high quality headphones that shut off all outside noises. While the world sleeps in peace, you can drum your electronics in perfect bliss as loud as your ears can take.